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(FLV) Coffee

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
Buy From: bcv

Used in 47 recipes at an average of 0.679%.


3 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is a cream coffee moose with a thin layer of cookie crisp bottom and a little bit of chocolate shavings on top and a chocolate cookie bottom. Using Cap vanilla custard FLV pudding I build the moose/pudding type base. FA Cappuccino bring a sweet creamy coffee note and flv coffee adds a slight bitter coffee bean note. I used VTA Coffee milk froth to accent the cream note in the coffee part of the mix. Sugar cookie adds just a touch of a bakery note for the bottom layer of the pudding. I layered in just a little bit of Fa Chocolate glazed doughnut to add cocoa notes and the Cookie Crisp at the bottom in the moose/pudding mix & representing the few chocolate shavings on the top. Finally I added a touch of sour wizard to the mix because I like to add that sour note to chocolate in order to make it pop. The sour Wizard is optional but it lends for a good accent to this mix and sour Wizard can be used at a higher % optionally to 0.50% and the sour note can be subbed with LA Tart and Sour if you don’t have FA sour Wizard. Tart and Sour has a different component as far as sour notes go but at this % it’s there as an enhancer rather than as a flavor note.
I recommend 5 day steep but it’s pretty good with an overnight sit.


The RF Coffee is the one I have been looking for. Not too authentic and not too fake. Flv pumps it up a bit and the Fresh Cream, Whipped Marshmallow, VCV! and VBIC round out the drink with cream vanilla goodness. The Sugar Cookie adds some body and depth and binds the coffee, cream and RY4 together. I have been trying to make a decent coffee vape for a few friends for awhile now and I think its pretty on point! Sweeten to taste.

Just a simple and durty coffee.
It gets some of those butterscotch notes and a slight bit of carm.
But yeah, its a basic very vapeable coffee.

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