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(FLV) Coconut

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Used in 526 recipes at an average of 0.404%.


51 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

I wanted to make something different and out of my comfort zone. So I thought this might be a good recipe to try. I have always loved a nice Blueberry hibiscus tea, but don't care for a tea vape. So I decided to make a nice smoothie out of this.
FW Blueberry- The best and most Authentic Blueberry that I have Found and brings a nice sweet Blueberry flavor.

FLV Hibiscus - This is the Best Hibiscus I've tried and it tastes so good mixed with Blueberry. It has nice Floral notes but not too overpowering at .75%.

FA Black Currant- I can't say enough Good things About this flavor. It pairs well in so many recipes and brings a nice spicy tart finish to any recipe while providing a unique Flavor.

Cap Golden Pineapple- I Just love This flavor as it taste like fresh canned Dole pineapples. This pairs really well with the cocunut and the Black Currant really making the flavor just a bit more astringent.

Flv Coconut - This is the Best Cocunut Flavor it's so good and authentic and goes great in this mix.

Cap Vanilla Whipped Cream- This makes it creamy and brings in a light Vanilla note and makes it a nice blended Smoothie.

Cap Supersweet is optional but adds the perfect amount of sweetness to this recipe.

This Recipe also pairs well with a nice mint bringing a cooling effect. I reccomend either Cap Cool Mint or Polar Blast at a .5%.

Best after a 5 day steep. Mixed at 60/4oPG.

Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy.


This goes against my usual mixing style where I love to take a reference from real life and recreate it into vape form. Guanabana or soursop seems to have some medicinal benefits. Never actually had soursop pudding but it is a thing apparently.

If there was a medicine that cured a spectrum of illnesses this is what I'd like it to taste like

I am a pot user, and I strongly believe in its medical properties. I use thc and cbd to treat pain, mild insomnia and hypertension. My wife also uses CBD to treat her anxiety and I must say that it seems to have helped more then her prescription junk.

FLV Soursop very much like their guanabana but to me has an earthy muskiness to it. The way I see it is, Guanabana is like a finished commercial product of guanabana and soursop is ripping a guanabana off a tree in Puerto Rico and eating it. Guanabana is very acidic heavy which is where the "sour" comes from. Earthy plus acidic brings me to next ingredient.

FLV Yakima Hops, this flavor reminds me a lot of the terpenes that I come across in my THC use. Citrusy, piney and earthy all my favorite characteristics of some medical herb. In vape form it lends a refreshing and interesting mouthfeel. This ingredient is great with tropical fruits IMO.

The tiny amount of coconut plus custard and pudding is what makes up the cream/pudding base.

Honeysuckle was added to this recipe early on because it was the only thing i had close to floral. Turns out I dropped down the % and it instead acts as an "enhancer" to that tropical fruit.

Im interested to see if anyone enjoys this like I do
Concrete River named me "Lord of the Custard Apples" thats when I realized maybe I should throw this on ATF.

A pine-lime meringue pie
Cheesecake and sugar cookie make the base with the meringue to add a texture. Pineapple and lime together make a good pairing with a touch of coconut for a creaminess and help with the tartness. A little cream just to finish it off.

As a shake and vape it is ok.
After a day it will sit quite nicely
A week the creams will have blended and make for a nice vape.
70/30 mix

Thoughts welcome.


This mix was an accident really. I feel it is pretty straight forward enough and notes aren't my strong suit so I think I will just leave it at that for now. I will be writing notes for this soon. I just really wanted to share it.

Another tropical vape for you all. This one is similar to a Lava Flow which is coconut, strawberry, banana, and pineapple.

This is a mix that will be full of in-your-face-flavor so keep that in mind before ordering/mixing.

Hangsen Pineapple I find to be the best pineapple for this mix. INW Pineapple may work here but other pineapples I've tried just don't cut it for a tropical mix.

Feel free to sub FLV Coconut with 1% TFA Coconut Extra or use whatever coconut you like.

As usual, don't add heat or 'air out' these mixes for best taste. This one is certified shake 'n' vape, better with time.


Delicious buttery coconut cookie macaroon. Im tired of releasing recipes with coconut in it but this is too good not to share. Let it sit for at least 3 days and you are left with a banging coconut cookie type vape.

I started this one almost a year ago and I held this back for a few months until this September because I always though it's not ready, but to hell with it. I enjoy it and my friends enjoy it.

I give you BB-8, the recipe that tries very hard to be a mango lassi and tastes like the feeling you get when you watch BB-8 roll around in The Force Awakens.

Coconut/Cream/Yogurt - Lactones/cold cream/yogurt. CAP Creamy yogurt didn't have enough tang to not be Yoplait, so Greek Yogurt is there to support. It's still not very tangy but it's not supposed to be.

Mango/Sweet Mango/Dragon Fruit - percentages from /u/bigted209's "The Mango!". I lieu of INW Mango, I tried INW Dragon Fruit and that filled the top note tropical hole which TPA and CAP mangos leave behind. Nice.

Cardamom - Gotta have that cardamom. /u/CheebaSteeba says it's overpowering even at 0.0something. Someone somewhere said that that could be because of INW Mango. If you're scared of cardamom, omit it or try at ridiculously low percentages. You? You like it at 0.25% or lower.

Sweetener (Kinda optional) - TPA Sweetener is 5% sucralose, 5% maltol, and it does fit in here, because there's nothing fruity/sugary sweet in here otherwise. CAP Sweet Mango is sweet, but it's only that over-ripe thick sweetness. You need a bit of sugar. Maltol can give a bit of jammy sweetness, which doesn't bother me but I could live without it. Can be replaced with your favorite sweetener. I'm guessing CAP Super Sweet at 0.25-0.5 would be perfect.

I like numbers.


My moms best dessert. Coconut custard dessert sitting on sweet caramel.


Super simple vanilla custard. FLV Coconut is not mandatory.

coconut cream pie. duh.

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