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(FLV) Coconut

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Inspiration for this recipe struck after working on a pumpkin pie ice cream. Looking into it tropical eggnog, it is actually a thing!!! In Puerto Rico it's called Coquito After looking at a few recipes decided this was something I needed it my life. and trust me when I say you need it yours. Smooth creamy eggnog with a coconut kick, what's not to love?

FLV eggnog- this is hands-down the best eggnog flavoring I have tasted to date. smooth and creamy custard, with nutmeg and cinnamon. An obvious choice for a solid base to this recipe.

FA custard - wanted to add an extra layer of custard without the spices. I tried several different variations including, CAP vanilla custard, and FLV custard, flavourart custard was my favorite. CAP vanilla custard ended up muting all of the spice notes, but was still very tasty. FLV custard was also very tasty but didn't add any complexity into the recipe.

Coconuts - all three of these flavorings have their strengths and weaknesses. The combination of these three, at these percentages, highlights all of their strengths. To be honest you could probably get away with just using one (my favorite was sweet coconut at 3%.) That said this combination is far more complex, and was definitely my favorite.

FA Jamaican special- frankly how can you have eggnog without rum? And when looking at rum flavorings if a Jamaican special, also known as Jamaican rum is definitely at the top shelf. This concentrate has a great rum flavor, that pairs up perfectly with the eggnog. I was hoping it would bring a little warmth to the recipe unfortunately, that is not the case you could always try a little TFA Kentucky bourbon, it does bring a level of warm but can't get past the off notes.

FA marshmallow - does a few things here, for us helps soften the harsh notes, the nutmeg can have as a shake and vape, along with adding a fluffy texture, and adds an extra level of sweetness.

When I was blueprinting this recipe before doing any research on the topic I had banana in the mix. After researching and tasting a reference. Decided to keep this traditional, oddly enough the combination of eggnog and coconut does give me a banana flavor, and TFA Banana Foster would fit in here very very well.

Criticism and feedback, are much appreciated. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy.


A pina colada swisher. A mash up of "If you like Pina Coladas" by ID10-T and my swisher base from 25 bucks.


Biko is a Filipino rice cake made of sticky rice, coconut cream, coconut milk, and brown sugar. Some recipes include butter; which is always a welcomed addition in the recipe, but not required. This is a traditional Filipino sweet and sticky rice cake that was often eaten during the holidays or during parties when I was small.

For this recipe, I wanted to capture this rich, delicious, and very much loved dessert my mother would make for us.

It is very tasty right away but 1 week steep would be optimal.

♥️ I hope you enjoy it ♥️

★Q & A

• Question: Is this very sweet?
• Answer: Yes. On a sweetness scale: 1 (not sweet) - 5 (very sweet). I would rank it a 4.5.

If you do not prefer added sweeteners like Super Sweet - feel free to substitute with Meringue. Or feel free to leave the sweetener out. It is nice & sweet on its own.

• Question: Can I mix at a higher VG ratio?
• Answer: Sure thing. 70/30, 80/20, whichever you prefer. However I would increase the steeping time. Approx. 1.5 - 2 weeks.

Photo Credit: Maria K


This is a nice light coconut cream pie flavor. Perfect for a nice light dessert vape. This could Definetely be used as a Stone to add fruits to as well. I simply love it just as is.
FLV Coconut - Brings that Authentic cocunut flavor and really make it taste top notch.
TFA Coconut Candy - This adds a nice cocunut sweetness to the recipe bringing it to more of that dessert type flavor.
Graham Cracker Clear and inw biscuit -combine to bring the flaky Crust of a pie to the recipe.
Vanilla Swirl TFA - brings a solid vanilla flavor that works well in various bakery recipes.
Shisha vanilla - this Adds a nice light sweet Vanilla flavor to add to the goodness of vanilla Swirl.
TFA Butter- just brings a little buttery note to the flaky Crust to make it feel like a true bakery pie fresh out of the oven.
FA Cream Fresh adds that nice dairy note as well as the whipped cream topping that you experience in a real Cocunut cream pie.
Cap Supersweet- this is optional, but I think it just gives the recipe a much needed sweetness to make it that much better. Mixed at 70/30. Steep 7 days for best results .


So the coconut, custard, van pudding is a base ive been using for several months whenever i wanted to make a fruit pudding (especially tropicals). Much sucess has come when ive add banana, soursop, and mango to this pudding. Add your favorite fruit. Ive been sitting on this one for a while and it wasnt until recently that some1 mentioned how accurate of a pudding that base is on it own. Flv van pudding does a wonderful job here and Imo is a great flavor to lay down for other stuff to sit on. Ive tried hard to take it down lower just because i use this concentrate often (especially in golden oreo pudding)
This is not a coconut pudding. You can not use flv sweet coconut. Flv coconut is a great thickening agent used in low amounts.
Pudding is thick no? The custard beefs up that flv van pudding.

For it to stand out as a straight vanilla pudding i needed to up the vanilla. Shisa vanilla is no secret that vanilla creaminess it can add to a mix. Holy vanilla while good just kinda messed with my delicate pudding.

Ive tried this recipe with a few diff bav creams cuz before flv van pudding came into my life bav crean was the only thing that came close to pudding for me. Tpa bav cream was my 2nd favorite version and fw bav cream was my least favorite. Which was surprising since that tends to be my favorite of the bunch (fw). If you dont have jf bav cream just mix it with TFAs, if details in a flavor matter to you mix it with jf bav cream :)
Puddings are kinda like my thing irl, im always on my fat kid shit.
Swiss miss creamy vanilla is my favorite kinda pudding. Second to my my mother's rice pudding <3


Cavendish: This was a surprise to me. This is a slightly spiced pipe tobacco. I get hints of cherry, and it is also slightly sweet. This used, even at .2%, gives a nice complexity and almost fills the empty spots that shade/cured needs. It also adds some complexity to the mix

Shade: I was turned on to shade due to the good "cigar wrapper leaf flavor". Thank you @fear!!!! This has a few notes to it, which don't come through in this mix as much due to the lime/coconut pairing. It gives some complexity to the mix but also helps build the cigar.

Cured: This is a good cigar type tobacco. A good base to build on

Lime Wedge: Toned down compared to lime. You get a tad more twang, more natural lime flavor with a slight bit of rind. The rind is hidden so only the natural lime flavor comes through. Pairs with coconut very well.

Coconut: used over sweet coconut because I wasn't looking for a super sweet tobacco. This coconut is also a little more natural. Similar to the lightly sweetened meat in the coconut, almost slightly toasted. It pairs well with the natural lime wedge.

The lime has a tendency to fade. I recommend this to be vaped within a week. If you are gonna let it steep add another .2 or .4 of it and then let it sit for a while, as the line will be over powering in the beginning.


Another Flavorah only recipe

This was inspired by LaLa's Guanabana yogurt smoothie drink and https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/14191#batido_de_guanabana_by_deejay_mills . If you haven't tried that recipe, you should. It's fantastic and a recipe I always go back to! This was one of the easiest all FLV recipes for me. Their tropical flavors are some of the best and this recipe just fell into place. The guanabana in this smoothie is rather subtle, but it blends into the creams and yogurt very well. I get more pineapple and coconut than anything else.

Give this at least 7 days. The cream and coconut will blend with the yogurt and soften some of the sharpness. Once that happens, the Guanabana and other fruit pulls to the front, leaving you with a nice creamy exhale

Guanabana - This flavor is and has been one of my favorites for the last year. So much going on. You get a cross between mango and pineapple with an almost banana cream back note. I needed to use this a bit higher to cut through the cream and yogurt.

Soursop - Soursop brings some of the same qualities as guanabana but is a touch darker/ muskier with hints of coconut. There is also some tartness that kind of reminds me of a Granny Smith apple.

Greek Yogurt - This is obviously the yogurt part. I know this isn't everybody's cup of tea. But, when used properly, you can bring out a very deep creaminess with just a touch of that "twang" to know this is a yogurt.

Pineapple - I added this just to give a touch more tropical feel to the overall profile. I get a sweet pineapple juice from this one. But it has very deep and darker feel, that seems to play well with creams.

Cream - This is here to help the Greek Yogurt from becoming too sour and bring this into more of a smoothie. It's a very neutral cream that is adding a lot of the texture.

Coconut - One of the best coconut flavors on the market. This is not only adding a touch of coconut, but also adding to the overall creaminess/ mouthfeel. It's super strong! I used it at about 1 drop per 20ml.

Sweetness - Reading the label of this smoothie drink, it says they use Stevia leafs as the sweetening agent. FLV Sweetness is made with Stevia. So this was an obvious choice. This seems to get sweeter the longer you let it steep. This has been my go-to sweetener lately. Not only do I think it plays better with creamy vapes, it also won't gunk your coils.

Optional - Maybe the idea of a warm yogurt vape doesn't appeal to you. Try adding .5% FLV Ice or the cooling agent of your choice.

I wanted to make something different and out of my comfort zone. So I thought this might be a good recipe to try. I have always loved a nice Blueberry hibiscus tea, but don't care for a tea vape. So I decided to make a nice smoothie out of this.
FW Blueberry- The best and most Authentic Blueberry that I have Found and brings a nice sweet Blueberry flavor.

FLV Hibiscus - This is the Best Hibiscus I've tried and it tastes so good mixed with Blueberry. It has nice Floral notes but not too overpowering at .75%.

FA Black Currant- I can't say enough Good things About this flavor. It pairs well in so many recipes and brings a nice spicy tart finish to any recipe while providing a unique Flavor.

Cap Golden Pineapple- I Just love This flavor as it taste like fresh canned Dole pineapples. This pairs really well with the cocunut and the Black Currant really making the flavor just a bit more astringent.

Flv Coconut - This is the Best Cocunut Flavor it's so good and authentic and goes great in this mix.

Cap Vanilla Whipped Cream- This makes it creamy and brings in a light Vanilla note and makes it a nice blended Smoothie.

Cap Supersweet is optional but adds the perfect amount of sweetness to this recipe.

This Recipe also pairs well with a nice mint bringing a cooling effect. I reccomend either Cap Cool Mint or Polar Blast at a .5%.

Best after a 5 day steep. Mixed at 60/4oPG.

Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy.


This goes against my usual mixing style where I love to take a reference from real life and recreate it into vape form. Guanabana or soursop seems to have some medicinal benefits. Never actually had soursop pudding but it is a thing apparently.

If there was a medicine that cured a spectrum of illnesses this is what I'd like it to taste like

I am a pot user, and I strongly believe in its medical properties. I use thc and cbd to treat pain, mild insomnia and hypertension. My wife also uses CBD to treat her anxiety and I must say that it seems to have helped more then her prescription junk.

FLV Soursop very much like their guanabana but to me has an earthy muskiness to it. The way I see it is, Guanabana is like a finished commercial product of guanabana and soursop is ripping a guanabana off a tree in Puerto Rico and eating it. Guanabana is very acidic heavy which is where the "sour" comes from. Earthy plus acidic brings me to next ingredient.

FLV Yakima Hops, this flavor reminds me a lot of the terpenes that I come across in my THC use. Citrusy, piney and earthy all my favorite characteristics of some medical herb. In vape form it lends a refreshing and interesting mouthfeel. This ingredient is great with tropical fruits IMO.

The tiny amount of coconut plus custard and pudding is what makes up the cream/pudding base.

Honeysuckle was added to this recipe early on because it was the only thing i had close to floral. Turns out I dropped down the % and it instead acts as an "enhancer" to that tropical fruit.

Im interested to see if anyone enjoys this like I do
Concrete River named me "Lord of the Custard Apples" thats when I realized maybe I should throw this on ATF.

A pine-lime meringue pie
Cheesecake and sugar cookie make the base with the meringue to add a texture. Pineapple and lime together make a good pairing with a touch of coconut for a creaminess and help with the tartness. A little cream just to finish it off.

As a shake and vape it is ok.
After a day it will sit quite nicely
A week the creams will have blended and make for a nice vape.
70/30 mix

Thoughts welcome.

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