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A bold passion fruit & vanilla martini.

Based on the (im)famous Pornstar Martini created by Douglas Ankrah of the famous Lab Bar in London with some local (South African) roots. The cocktail was apparently inspired by a drink Ankrah tried at a “louche gentlemen’s club” called Mavericks while visiting Cape Town in South Africa in 2002.
Ankrah wanted to create a drink that was “bold, sexy and playful”. “The drink is very evocative and tantalizing. He called it Pornstar because he thought it was something that a pornstar would drink!

Passion Fruit
FA Passion remains the king of passion fruit despite various johnny-come-lately's. It is simply pure, unadulterated passion fruit bliss.
VT Yellow Passion bolsters FA but adding a touch of body & oomph to the passion fruit layer without distraction.

Like FA Passion, INW Shisha Vanilla reigns supreme in this highly contested flavour category. I have NEVER pushed it this high but needed it to punch through the astringency of the passion fruit. At 2.5% it delivers a delightful vanilla layer, complimenting the passion fruit beautifully.

Citrus soda is used sparklingly to replicate the delicate martini vibe.

Sweeten & cool to taste.

This was originally intended to be a Mixers Club submission for February 2021 - Duets. I ended up submitting something different, but I've continued to mix this one up since and wanted to share it. This is a duet comprised of :

Berts Soda Base by Staybert https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/156816#berts_soda_base_by_staybert


Green Bastard by YippYo https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/153649#green_bastard_by_yippyo

I'm really enjoying this one and I hope you do as well. All credit goes to Staybert and YippYo.

A black and blue recipe ive been enjoying.
The main body comes from LB blue razz, at this % theres all we need from this and buddied up with some hibiscus just helps lift it up and brightens the flavour i feel.
Multiple darker berries help to turn the blue into black as such whilst keeping a little of that artificial fruitiness with blackcurrent and boysenberry.
Cactus and citrus soda are just enough to keep it juicy and keep it bright and beverage like.
Could benefit from ws23 if thats your thing.

Don't let the simplicity of this recipe throw you off. It's packed with lemon/lime flavor. I strongly believe that sometimes K.I.S.S. really works and hope you enjoy this refreshing vape!

This is my take on the Tahitian treat soda......grew up drinking tons of this stuff. It all started when I tried the Beetlejuice flavor and this soda immediately popped into my head. So I mixed up some Beetlejuice and citrus soda and then realized that the fruit punch was not dark enough so I added some forest fruit to darken it a little. This gave me what I was looking for as far as fruit blend but it was missing something. So I added a little country apple to brighten things up a bit. The Apple helped out a lot and with a little added sweetener it was pretty close to my vision.

Tested on a entheon/hadeon 3mm SS316 3*28x38 tri core fused Clapton, 6 wraps @ 40w

  • Taste like apples with a little effervescence.

    I made the apple by combining flv red apple for the body, inw anton apple for the top note, and jf fuji to fill it out a little more. Flv sour apple adds a little tartness. And flv citrus soda adds the effervescence note.
    It may only have 7% flavoring with 0.5% cap super sweet. But don't let that steer you away, it packs plenty of flavor!

Kumquat, Blood Orange, Pineapple, Soda

Made on Live Mixing: 1/22/21



This recipe was reviewed by Nachef, as one of the best recipes of the #DevelopedFLV contest by Flavorah. Here is what Nachef said about it:

»...it is the best cola vape I've ever tried, not only for its accuracy, but also because how satisfying it is compared to other recipes on the same profile and the hard work and dedication it takes to balance this flavors to bend them into something totally different.«
»...it blew my mind.«
»It feels very full, very well balanced and flavourful«
»...this is amazing!«

MaxSavage said:

»It's a crazy recipe dude..I really like it.«
»I love how much it changed flv root beer. Honestly I'm gonna have to make more because it's a total mind fuck.«

VIVA La COLA was also reviewed at the »Midweek Critique« of DIYORDIE.
Here is what Wayne said about it:

»Wow, this is pretty good...«
»...I think this is excellent«
»...its pretty fucking accurate...«
»It tastes great... I’m not getting any offnotes“
„These are the type of recipes, I want more submitted like this.“

ID10-T said:

»I've torn through almost 50ml in the past three days and loved it. Seriously, it's really, really good.«
»... I don't regret giving it a try, in fact I might make some more, which is something I rarely do.«

It wasn't my intention to create an accurate Cola eJuice. My main goal was to create something special with Flavorahs root beer. I made some experiments with different and unusual FLV flavor combinations. Root beer and citrus soda was a very interesting combination and I remembered that one day I made a note, that root beer might fit very well with an orange flavor. I tried Blood Orange and it was a wonderful addition, but by adding »Rich Cinnamon«, I finally reached the next and final level of my mix. Honestly I didn’t expect the root beer turning in this direction, but at the end, I‘m more than happy with the result and I hope you‘ll enjoy it as much as I do.

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We wanted to create something a bit different for Halloween, not just a candy bar, but still sticking to a Halloween theme. So, here it is, DEVELOPED's Halloween Monster Drink! See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/Nqaueb80ROo .

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This is a simple grape candy. Grape is one of my white whales. For a single flavor, it's not all that easy to get right. FLV Grape is very bright and punchy and would make it into a grape candy, all flavorah challenge or not. I might adjust the candy roll, but I'm not sure yet. Please feel free to leave any feedback :)

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