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(FLV) Cinnamon Crunch

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Used in 665 recipes at an average of 2.007%.


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This is a perfect caramel bread pudding in my opinion. Its an all Flavorah recipe so in my opinion the steep time is much less because of it being all Flavorah flavors. I think its good to vape after it settles overnight and is at its best after 3 days. If you like bread pudding then I dare to say you will love this. Not to mention all of these flavors are good highly concentrated flavors that are all worth having in your arsenal.

A cinnamon crunch cereal type recipe. Not too original but really tasty.

More of the taste of the cereal after they've been left in the bowl for a while.


This is a delicious tobacco vape.
The Hangsen is a must have.

Best after two weeks.

Up in Vienna is a simple creamy coffee with Cinnamon accents.
Up was an interesting coffee flavoring i liked from the beginning.

I chose to layer some Booster on top of UP to give it a tad bit of a darker coffee feel.
Also with the cereal grainy notes in UP i thought some Cinnamon Crunch by FLV would do well with Cinnamon and cereal.

If i had FA condensed milk or had an idea of what it tasted like i probably would have chosen it over Purilum condensed milk.
I wanted to start off with a sweetened base so i layered with some PUR Condensed milk and Vienna cream to add a rich, thick slight vanilla cream with some fresh cream to fill it out.
Please let me know what you think. i'm happy where it stands =)
Enjoy! Kame

This recipe was inspired by a IHOP commercial. What do you know it vapes good too. I think this tastes just like I imagined the ones from the commercial to taste. I do suggest a minimum of a 7 day steep due to the super concentrates being made with alcohol. I feel it needs time for the alcohol to evaporate off. But after the steep this tastes great. Enjoy!!!!

I have yet too try my hand at a cinnamon crunch yet guys but I'm gonna give it a shot and I would love feedback if you guys like this and give it a star or thumbs up

This was an experiment to use FLV Cinnamon crunch and combine the cereal with custard. It takes a while to steep but its so worth it. Development notes: Steeped for 4 weeks, very good cinnamon flavor and some sugar cookie. Custard Flavor is a little light at 4.5%. Raised Custard to 6.25% . Lowering Cinnamon Crunch to 2.5% to bring out more sugar cookie, raising sugar cookie from 2% to 3%.

This is my peach cobbler recipe. I was inspired by steam room vaping's not your grandma's peach recipe. I am trying to make my flavor notes easier and better and more to the point. This is just the peach cobbler you will have to add your favorite whipped cream base or ice cream base if you want that aspect. I just found this recipe tasted so damn good without adding any whipped cream or ice cream that I didn't add it into this recipe but it does taste amazing with a ice cream or whipped cream base added on top.

The peachy filling:
Juicy Peach by TFA = 2.5% White Peach by FA =1.5%
Cactus by INW =.25% Added to make the peach juicier and I strongly believe this flavor is necessary. it enhances this recipe so much and also makes it unlike an peach cobbler on the market.

The Cinnamon crumbly Goodness:
Cinnamon Crunch by FLV =2.5% Yellow Cake CAP =2%
Brown Sugar TFA =.50% Biscuit =.50%

I just felt this recipe needed to be posted just the way it is because me and my wife absolutely love this recipe I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. This recipe changes with a longer steep I am told whenever I make it for my house we end up killing a 120ml bottle by day 7 LOL. I AM LUCKY TO EVEN GET TO DAY 5. ENJOY!!!!!!!

What started as a coffee cake steeped into a well-balanced, full, novelty coffee.

Consider it a graham cracker, or perhaps sugar cookie latte.


Reminds me of a blue berry scone with sweet cinnamon

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 75 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 4.5% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 85 / 100

sweet and syrupy with a nice cereal flavor very light on the cinnamon

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