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(FLV) Carrot

By: Flavorah (FLV)

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The pineapple will be up front until the cake steeps in. The carrot blends with the pineapple to give you a sweet juicy carrot in a spiced nut cake with cream cheese frosting.

So I’m a big time morning smoothie person and I make the best orange cream smoothies in the world by combining orange juice, carrots some milk or heavy whipping cream and what ever random fruit I have around. When I use heavy whipping cream in my real life smoothies I use a 1/2 Tsp of TFA Bavarian cream to sweeten it up and give it a heavy vanilla note.
Made my smoothie into a vape blend using the imaginary fruits I had laying around, peaches, apricot and a few over ripened raspberries. Then I topped the smoothie off with a little Milkshake and Bav Cream for a sweet vanilla creamy finish. I also added some sweetener because a very sweet smoothie is my favorite. I didn’t add WS23 or Polar Blast to mimic the ice I use in the blender in the written recipe but I did add it to the one I’m vaping as an after thought and because I enjoy cool vapes but it’s very good thick and creamy without it too. So it’s up to you if you want to add 0.25% polar Blast.

This bunny is crushing ass, slamming scotch and going all in just in time for Easter baby. Now that I have that out of my system, I myself don't enjoy many tobacco recipes but I am digging this one more than most i have tried. It is ever so slightly sweet and nutty with stronger notes of vanilla and caramel. Then all brought together with an earthy authentic tobacco finish. If you fancy yourself a tobacco person or just enjoy tobacco recipes then please mix it up and let me know what you think.

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WOW! Spot On Even After A Day!

A sweet and juicy combination of carrot, pineapple, and mango. Nice and refreshing.


Back with a vengeance! I've been playing around with a realistic carrot cake mix for a while now. This mix replaces my initial release, that was far from a final recipe. This mix is feeling very polished now. The two aspects that are very difficult in this profile are the carrot, and the icing. The carrot needs to taste well incorporated, whilst the icing needs to be distinct and slightly separated.

The idea of vaping carrot is hideous, and on it's own it lives up to just that... It's weird and confusing. My original mix used only Vt's carrot, but using it as the only carrot ingredient was't working. Just upping the percentage on parano carrot just tasted unpleasant. Adding a small amount of Flavorah carrot boosts it perfectly. Then i layered it in with a fluffy cake base that makes it very familiar and incising. Fa labyrinth, Fw yellow cake (because it's just awesome), and Tfa vanilla cupcake are such a good combination. If i wasn't going to add a icing element, vanilla cupcake wouldn't have made it in here, but it's perfect for this mix. Labyrinth is a different choice to the norm, but i believe it's one of the key ingredients entirely necessary to tie the carrots and the cake together. To date, i'm yet to find a icing/frosting concentrate that can do what Lorann's cream cheese icing can, that's why its here. So now I've linked the carrot to the cake, and the cake to the icing, and the reason i'm happy with this recipe. the only subs for ingredients would be Capella cinnamon danish swirl for Vt cinnamon doughnut. And Capella super sweet for Vt sweet mate. There are no other subs for a reason, I've tried them... Enjoy!

It's orange Jello with shredded carrot and pineapple tidbits in it. Kickin it 1950s housewife style with this one.

This one's a bit of a childhood nostalgia trip for me. I've seen culinary recipes for this posted as "pineapple carrot orange gelatin salad" and "sunshine salad," but in my family, it has always been known semi-affectionately as "Granny's Carrot Crap." It's more common to see this made with lemon Jello, but my Granny uses the orange Jello and I'm still fond of the pairing of orange and carrot in food. Try some fresh orange zest on honey-roasted baby carrots, for example.

FLV Carrot tastes great, but it's 100% a raw carrot. Good luck turning that into a cooked carrot. Not saying it can't be done, but it won't be easy. And putting that into some kind of carrot cake profile? No.

Here, I just embrace the rawness. I like it raw.

CAP Golden Pineapple is pineapple tidbits. INW Shisha Orange was cooperative when it came to being turned into orange Jello, unlike a couple of other oranges I tried. It's not a very realistic orange. It's been described as an "Italian soda syrup" orange and that description works for me. A little bit of CAP Jelly Candy gives it that gelatinous flavor and TFA Whipped Cream fills it out, rounds it off, and holds it all together. Don't sub CAP Super Sweet or some other all-sucralose sweetener for the TFA Sweetener. The maltol in it is part of the Jello. If I had to recommend a 1:1 substitution to someone who doesn't have TFA Sweetener, I'd suggest TFA Strawberry Ripe over a different sweetener.


So, @Shyndo and I were talking. It came into conversation that I would do something fun with one of his recipes. This recipe is a remix of his Cantrips:


In Cantrips, he pairs Honeysuckle with flavors that bolster that Honeysuckle up, making it a little more prominent in the vape; that was how I felt about it. It had good flavor pairings. My take on this, isn't to bolster the honeysuckle to the top and leave it there, but to pair it with items that play well with it, for more of a slight Honeysuckle forward vape, with support flavors to add a wild complexity.

Sweet and creamy carrot pudding with caramel and ginger topped with Pistachio.

FLV - Vanilla Pudding/FLV - Cream/TPA - Butter: This is the base that gives this mix a nice, creamy feel. The vanilla pudding is there for a hint of texture, the cream brings everything together and adds a cream note; butter gives that richness you would expect from something that has reduced down into a thick, creamy pudding consistency.

TPA - Pistachio: This is the topping, adds a nutty quality that mixes well with the creams and the brown sugar/caramel.

TPA -Brown Sugar/TPA - Caramel (Orig): The sugary sauce. Adds a deep, complex sweetness. The caramel adds a hint of smokiness, gives the carrot pudding a feel of being cooked and reduced to a heavenly dessert.

CAP - Gingerbread: This is used more for the ginger note than anything. This gives a great baked ginger feel to anything that has a "cooked" quality, and fits right in here.

FLV - Carrot: This here is the star of the show. This is a shockingly accurate peel/grated carrot. Very bright and you can taste the shavings. The challenge here was making this fresh carrot feel baked. I feel that I achieved that with this mix. It tastes like it has been cooked down, but still retains a slight bite to the carrot.

All in all, this was fun to make, and it tastes amazing. If you are looking to get out of your comfort zone, hit this up and let me know how you liked it! I suggest at least a 3-5 day steep for the butter/caramel/sugar to settle down. This really shines after a week. Personally i let it sit 2 weeks and fell more in love. It tastes like it gets richer over time.

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