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I've always had this strawberry cantaloupe and never got around to using it. I decided to just compliment it with what it already has and invited wild melon into the party. The sweetness isnt needed but this vape is a great semi floral, authentic but yet unique recipe.

I really dig it

I bring you another recipe created during our live stream this last Sunday. Every week @lediybr and @madmixer create a new recipe together.

We present you with a Kiwi Lemonade with a touch of Cantaloupe. This is the second version and we were very satisfied with the results. A complex vape with unique notes and a combination of textures. Without further ado, here are the notes!

LA Lemonade e VT Sour Lemon
These two make up the lemonade base, LA having a more base note and that lemonade drink texture. VT comes into play on the top note along with the other fruits while enhancing the lemon notes.

FLV Cantaloupe
Don't be fooled by the percentage used, this is a very strong flavor and it brings the natural notes of a cantaloupe. We really had to tone down the first recipe's percentage because of its strength.

FW Kiwi e FA Kiwi
FA Kiwi was used since we wanted to take this recipe towards a natural fruit mix, it is also a base flavor that contributes to the juiciness of the mix. FW Kiwi comes into play for its acidic top notes.

WF African Horned Cucumber
Last but not least important, this is a very authentic and unique flavor. It brings all types of notes into the recipe such as citric, tropical, sweetness, as well as a creamy yet juicy texture. This is a very complex flavor and it sits really well in the mix giving it a singular taste, enhancing the tropical notes of the Cantaloupe as well as the sour notes of the lemon, also contributing to the natural essence of this recipe. Without this flavor, this wouldn't be as attractive as it is.

Super Sweet is here to help pop all the wonderful notes found in the recipe. If you mix this and like it, please rate and comment on it. Enjoy!


A remix of Caribbean Clouds UFOhm Encounter. Sweet, juicy, and strange.

A strawberry lemonade. You won’t like it. Seriously bro; just walk away.

Melon bubble gum. FLV sweetness isn’t a must just my preferred at the moment. You can use your favorite sweetener or none at all. Taste good off the shake but a couple day steep is recommended.

Please rate and review you mix.

Something to remind me during these cold winterperiode that summer is halfway 2020 ;-)
Happy New Year to all!

Please remember that this recipe is been made to my liking.
As a mixer you should taste the recipe and adjust the quantity of aromas and sweetness to your liking. I just provide the necessary building blocks.


This is a Honeydew infused green tea milk, with boba (tapioca pearls).

I know, I know "dam bro that's a lot of flavors"
Now that I have said that for you, each one plays an essential role in the glory of this recipe. I created the Mango base with FLV Apricot, Mango, Cantaloupe and DF Mango. Then used it to replace the Strawberries in Wayne's final version of his Boosted remix. After tweaking the percentages I balanced it out perfectly and with a 7 day steep she is delicious. Just mix the shit and enjoy. Thanks KRUCIAL.


I like water Malone, but i wanted to see if I could improve upon it. Flavorah is great, but I’ve never made a successful full FLV recipe and they happen to have some flavors that really pop in the fruit line.

Wayne already showcases this in his water Malone recipe with wild melon and watermelon, I added cantaloupe and green apple. I add ws-32 to my water Malone at around 1%, to keep it FLV I went with cool menthol, possibly the strongest menthol on the market. It’s useful because it doesn’t mute, and you really only need a drop or two per 30-60ml. Feel free to skip the menthol or sub your own.

Personally, I think it’s great. Try it?


A bright, clean and complex mix of kiwi, melon and dark berries. A fully flavored recipe that’s perfect for the coming warmer months.

Kilanca is delicious. Like a lot of the nicotine river concentrates, it’s not terribly concentrated. I start around 10% with it, for this recipe we went to 12. Don’t freak out, it’s how these flavorings work. Try it.

The nicotine river concentrates are overall really good, but they’re weak and require some help to get the point across.

In this case I accentuate kilanca’s profile with a little wild melon and cantaloupe from Flavorah.

I use Bull City’s 30% ws-23 because it’s the fucking best. Works great in this recipe.

Finally, some super sweet cos that’s how I roll.

Enjoy. It’s very very good.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 85 / 100 Solo: 1.5% Mix: 0.75% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 65 / 100

This flavoring offers a really nice cantaloupe flavor that's almost creamy. Very smooth flavor, semi sweet, nice cantaloupe. It's perfectly ripe; I don't detect any of the green parts close to the rind, or rind itself. It does get a little sharp on the throat if used too high. In trying this at a single flavor at 2% and in a mix at 1%, those seem like good places to start with it. The throat was a little sharper than I would like at both of those %s, so if you want to avoid a sharp throat, I might suggest bringing them a touch lower (1.5% & 0.75% respectively).
One thing that's interesting about this flavoring is how well it accents fruit and cream mixes, particularly "orange" fruits (mango, apricot, peach, etc.). It does a great job at bringing a non-citrus "orange" accent to a mix that is smooth and velvety. Experimentations with Mango Lassi found the cantaloupe to round out the mango nicely while also lending some additional creaminess that it needed without any unwanted dairy notes (used @ 0.5%).

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