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(FLV) Butterscotch

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
Buy From: bcv gremlin

Flavor Profile: Not set yet

Used in 480 recipes at an average of 1.444%.


40 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A nice full flavor gourmet banana mousse topped with a rich caramel when you choose to go without the addition of Rich Cinnamon.
I've been in love with FLV Vanilla Custard recently, Begrudgingly much more so than with CAP V1, Although it is still awesome.

FLV Rich cinnamon is optional to those who really enjoy it, But not required for this recipe.
Add one drop per 30ml for just a light touch of delicious cinnamon richness.

WF Banana Puree
A nice creamy banana at this percentage.

TFA Banana Cream
At this low percentage it provides a little banana backup to the WF Banana Puree.

FLV Butterscotch/WF Caramel Butter
Work excellent together to create the dark "topping" to the profile.

FLV Vanilla Custard
As begrudgingly reluctant as I am to admit this, I believe FLV is stealing my interest from CAP v1 these days.

LA Cheesecake
Works great as an enhancer to custards.

TFA Brown Sugar
Just a hint of richness to the caramel topping.


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Dropping this in lieu of cornbread approaching hype/passé status . . . I've been working on this since September and feel it is where it needs to be. This is buttery cornbread custard. The AP and Cereal 27 mixed with OOO Corn Bread really pushes this toward the authentic cornbread. It helps with the fluffy grain aspect that is the hallmark of the cornbread that has become the staple of the Southern table. The CAP Cake Batter helps to pull this in the sweet cornbread direction. The Custard/Creme Brulee/Devon Cream combination creates the thick rich custard that is enhanced by the crumb and crust of the cornbread. Butterscotch Ripple/Butterscotch brings the custard and cornbread to the butterscotch-y, caramel-y level that I was going for.

Give this at least a week to steep, and it blossoms into a sweet, buttery, cornbread custard. I annihilated 30mL of this and am waiting on the next batch to steep.

As always, I mixed this at 60vg/40pg and, then, let it age for a week. This is what I was looking for in a cornbread vape.

Edit: So, in coming back to read this with sober eyes . . . I realize that the use of "in lieu of" is used incorrectly (sigh . . . celebrating a snow day and typing do not mix). I'm not changing it as a lesson to myself. I guess I was thinking "for fear that," but it came out all wrong. Must remember to self-edit before hitting save.

Listening to Pavement's Cream of Gold off the album Terror Twilight when I started thinking about this recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM4PdlXq3wo . . . for real, listen to some Pavement (aside from Sonic Youth, the only band I never got to see that I would kill to see).

This recipe is an homage to the DIYorDie Discord. From the well-deserved love for Fear's Cardinal to daily (he thought, to himself, hourly . . . tongue-in-cheek) discussion of burl wood by JJ'S_WHOLESALE, the Discord is a place where newcomers (like myself) can rub elbows with the heavy hitters of DIY. A place where someone who just placed their first order for concentrates can get advice from mavens like Kopel, ID10-T, JennJarvis, mlNikon, ConcreteRiver, etc (I really could go on at length naming mixers that frequent the Discord). It's an important tool for mixers of any level, in my opinion.

This is, to me, all things golden. It's a smooth, rich, oaky RY4 . . . creamy dollops of butterscotch and caramel drenched tobacco dripping on fresh, glowing coils.

Oak Milk brings a caramel milk to the, already, rich caramel of Holy Holy Grail RY4. These are further enhanced by the buttery creaminess of Butterscotch Ripple paired with FLV's Butterscotch. Vanilla Ruyan blends into the mix . . . a, hinted-at, smoked vanilla custard. Red Oak brings a woodsy, casked touch. The tobacco is an equally-weighted marriage of Red Burley and Native Tobacco. Cream of Gold is dessert tobacco to the core.

Mixed at a 60vg/40pg mix and aged for 3 days . . . I enjoyed it SNV, and even more aged a few days. I feel like this is ready to be released (or it could be the slight drunkenness of an educator that recently received news of another snow day).

Finally, after some time, figured out that CAP Fruit Circles matches these two apples perfectly..but it was still a bit short. It needed some sweetness and rich cream. In the end, it comes out as a high percentage, but it becomes really rich and nice right after the shake, or even a few weeks in the closet.

Pistachio pudding fo yo azz.

Oh, pistachio. It's astonishing to me how much this flavor works in vape form. Specifically TFA's variation. It does a whole bunch of different things in a mix. Its sweet, kinda buttery, perfectly nutty, but can be rather thin. It needs help but not too much, depending on what you're going for.

I know, I know...it's also been an extremely played out flavor. Used time and time again but there obviously is a reason for it. The one nut that can be both sweet and rather savory, at least in the nuttier sense of the word. TFA's version cleary went for the former, but they did a really good job emulating it. A friend of mine who loves my other pistachio recipe Dillinger's Dairy, wanted something similar minus the tobacco aspect. I didn't want to just take out that part and hand him the same thing, so instead we decided on a pudding. Anyways without further rambling, for your vaping pleasure, is that concoction.

TFA Pistachio - This was going to be the top note no matter what. You're basically already at the pistachio pudding level when you use this flavor. I tried to add in other pistachio flavors and even use other ones to get a better level of realism but it wasn't necessary. Here, you have all the sweet 'stachio elements you need so I only needed to work on the pudding base.

FA Oba Oba - Actually, this was added to give that pistachio an even deeper candied element and boy does it do that. I never realized how much I liked this flavor when using it for that very reason. It also seems to help with the sweet pudding-like mouthfeel. Try to add this into any hard candy recipes or anything with like a candy shell or a sugary glaze. It has that very same sweet flavor. Some say it's likened to a marshmallow flavor but that's really only if you take it any higher.

TPA Vanilla Swirl - This here is one piece of my pudding base. Simple, yet elegant. Vanilla Swirl is the perfect flavor for a cream dessert. It's not too heavy, very sweet, and the vanilla is not too dark nor overpowering. It stays in its place as a base note which was exactly what I wanted.

FA Fresh Cream - A nice light dairy cream to punch up the...well dairy aspect of a pudding. The nice thing about this flavor is it blankets anything in a smooth, subtle mouthfeel without adding way too much flavor to anything. It does have its own tiny bit of sweetness but its hardly noticeable with other sweeter flavors.

CAP Super Sweet - This is actually not optional. At least, I wouldn't try it without it. This is pushing the candied side of the pistachio flavor forward and making the creams into a real commercial pudding. Without it, you can't really shake and vape until everything steeps together. If you had to replace it, I guess I would use (maybe) 1.5% Oba Oba instead of 1% and make sure you steeped it for the full 4-5 days.

FLV Butterscotch - Ah, the finishing touch. I am telling you, any sort of pistachio dessert will be pumped up to 11 if you add even a small touch of any caramel or butterscotch. This particular one is perfectly smooth and ties in with the pudding. There isn't an overpowering butterscotch flavor to it either. It's there but it simply sat with the pistachio sweetness and connected itself and the pudding together as one. The DAAP in this flavor is just a bonus ;-)

P.S. If you don't have Butterscotch, try to use FLV Caramel but you're missing out.

So, put this away for a few days and enjoy(5 days at best). Keep on mixin' on! Hit me up on DIYorDIE's discord if you have any questions!

Decided to remix Waynes Article Recipe on Chocolate Milk during Live Mixing for #remixmonth.
Inspired by: ENYAWREKLAW


Note/disclaimer : I know this is my fourth published recipe in recent weeks, but my time to play with flavors and mixes is limited. I teach elementary school and leading up to and being on break this past week have afforded me a little more wiggle room. These mashups/remixes are thoughts I've had while not having time to mix new recipes (usually on the car ride to and from work). Also, my second remix of Cardinal . . . the perfect RY4. I'm still tinkering with some original mixes: a pear/custard cornbread tart and a blueberry-basil/almond pie. I just have more tweaking to do.


Another mash up with some remixing . . . Twisted Obsidian by ENYAWREKLAW (obsidian is black) and Cardinal by Fear (cardinals become Popes).

The name can be seen as commonplace, as it's another name for the head of the Jesuits (or Praepositus Generalis). Conversely, it can be read more ominously referring to St. Malachy's 12th century prophesy that said there would be 112 more Popes, with the last one being the “black Pope,” ushering us toward the end times. Regardless of how you read it, I just enjoyed the play on the original recipe names . . . and the picture is actually Saint Ignatius of Loyola (the first Black Pope of the Jesuits).

Twisted Obsidian: FLV Cookie at 3%; changed up the graham cracker, dropping GC Clear (1.5%) in favor of FLV Graham Cracker (0.75%) and CAP Graham Cracker (1%) . . I like the hint of cinnamon I get from CAP and the additional texture from the FLV; dropped FA Butterscotch for FLV Butterscotch (1%), which I think goes well with the cream, custard, and caramel of the RY4; omitted the RY4 Double (3%) for the superior Holy Grail Ry4 at 4%; dropped CAP VC (0.5%) to amp up the creamy custard aspect with INW Custard at 1.5% and Devon Cream at 1% (automatic custard mixed with the marriage of cream and vanilla).

Cardinal: I used the Holy Grail RY4 as a replacement for RY4 Double in Twisted Obsidian, dropping the original percentage from 8 to 4. It also plays real well with the Custard, Devon Cream, and Butterscotch. I dropped the FLV Red Burley from 0.75% to 0.5%, and omitted FLV Kentucky Blend in favor of FLV Native Tobacco and brought the percentage up to 0.5. Red Burley is great with just about anything you throw it at, and I really dig the slightly spicier note of the Native.

I'm calling it a shake and vape even though I mixed it up yesterday while watching football and waited until today to try it. I mixed it 60vg/40pg. Another dessert vape . . . creamy, caramel custard with some spicy notes of tobacco and cookie.

I created this for the DMC cinnamon challenge, but this recipe is delicious with or with out the cinnamon. This is a bright juicy pear coated with a creamy butterscotch, caramel, and cinnamon. Enjoy

The pear is comprised with the FA pear for the juiciness, the INW pear for the bite and texture, and the TPA quince to make it pop. The coating is created by the FLV butterscotch teamed with the DC and rich cinnamon.


This is supposed to be a graham cracker cookie covered in butterscotch and sprinkled with candied almonds.. Sounds good right??? I am sorry about the price tag on some of these concentrates this mix uses quite a few pricey flavors $$$$.I will say the reason I used these flavors is because they are absolutely delicious. Flavorah cookie is probably my favorite cookie flavor available to me and I have a lot of cookie flavors.. A 15ml bottle goes a long way because you can use it at low percentages and still have a great cookie. Anyway enough justifying the use of expensive flavors and on to my description.

The graham cracker cookie:
The main star is Flavorah graham cracker. I used flavor west graham cracker to help with the body of the graham cracker. To me at this point it almost seems like a moist graham cracker if you will and I wanted a crispy graham cracker cookie so I added just a little of flavorah cookie but that little bit goes a long way in making the graham cracker crispy and cookie like. I then added Capella sugar cookie and do I really need a reason I could take a shower in capella sugar cookie it smells and tastes so good but using capella sugar cookie adds a two day minimum steep because its made with alcohol. So now I have the graham cookie but I wan this graham cookie dusted with cinnamon sugar so I used flavorah pastry Zest and .15 % of rich cinnamon. If you don't like cinnamon then just don't use it the pastry zest does good jib by itself but I like it with a little extra cinnamon!!! I also added TFA brown sugar to complete the dusting of my graham cookie. Now let's make the crust so it can be dusted and crusted!!!!

The toppings:
Well on top of this graham cookie dusted with cinnamon sugar there is a layer of smooth butterscotch that is made with a combination of flavor west butterscotch which adds an almost hardened candy type of butterscotch taste and feel. The second butterscotch is flavorah butterscotch this isn't candy like at all its a smooth creamy butterscotch. When the two atr mixed you get the best of both worlds and a great butterscotch topping. Then sprinkled on top of this delicious masterpiece is so!e candied almonds that I made with a combination of flavor art almond and flavor art marzipan at a low percentages. The flavor west butterscotch also helps pull off the candied almond affect.

Anyway I think this recipe is amazing like I said drop the rich cinnamon if you don't like cinnamon heavy recipes then just don't use it because this shit is delicious anyway you shake it and after a minimal steep I can't wait to see how this blends after a long steep. Either way I am loveing it now. All I can say is Graham Wow!!!!!!

I used .35% flavorah sweetness in this mix. Sweetness is a sweetener you can use it or not use it its up to you and what you want....

Mixed this up for the DIY Mixers crew Salted Carmel Chocolate Custard challenge.

The custard base is made from INW custard, TPA vanilla custard, and crembrulee. I wanted a heavy yet creamy base for the other flavors to blend into. This combo works great. The crembrulee adds to the caramel. The FW Salted caramel and flv butterscotch make a nice bright carmel and even gives the hint of the salted note. I used flv milk chocolate because it blends well with the custard and does not have an over powering chocolate with no off notes. The sweet coconut low works to enhance everything and give a nice sweetness.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 90 / 100 Solo: 3.0% Mix: 2.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 40 / 100

I like this butterscotch a lot, to me it reminds me of a mix between a butterscotch candy and a butterscotch drizzle. You get a nice deep buttery note to give it good body, a dark caramelesque sweetness, and a bit of an astringent bite to it which I find helps cut through some of the more thick or dense vapes. It's not quite as creamy as I would like a butterscotch, but makes for a great butterscotch, caramel, or sweet-buttery accent to a mix. It really benefits from another cream or creamier butterscotch/caramel, in particular FW Butterscotch Ripple for a super decadent butterscotch.

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