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I should have listened to Max Savage and just replaced the raspberry to SSA in their original version. This is vapeable and gets better after a couple of days. I like the raspberry but I'd like the white chocolate to be upfront. This did give me some inspiration. I will rework this with regular chocolate for that gas station chocolate jelly ring mix.

AKA Fat Cat
This is my remix of Tart 76'. The only thing I wanted was a darker berry note so I added 0.5% of Black Current and increased the boysenberry to 1.0%.


In this mixing session of You Vote, We Mix, Blueberry Cobbler won the vote. We tried a few different versions, but this one was the best. The blueberry in FLV Blueberry Muffin with FLV Boysenberry makes for a pretty accurate natural type blueberry while adding a bit of a bakery note from the muffin. But most of the bakery comes from the buttery bakery in WF Crumble Topping and the JF Yellow cake. The WF Lemon Squares might seem a bit out of place here, but any time you are creating a blueberry recipe, it's a good idea to use some kind of lemon to boost the brightness of the blueberries. We used the WF Lemon Squares at a low percentage just for the lemon note because of the smoothness of that lemon. The FA Custard Premium was what took this from a good mix to a great mix. It adds a thickness, smoothness, and helps tone down the lemon just a bit.

Make sure you let this steep for a few days. The lemon note will subside and the blueberry will increase from the FLV Blueberry Muffin.
See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/esUQEy_b-q4 .

Steep time: 5 days

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A good friend took me out for breakfast where I found 'Chicken on a Waffle' on the menu. It was served with a sliced Jalapeno and Cheddar garnish. So, having only the Waffle flavor in stock, and a vivid imagination, this recipe was born. I found that it's actually a thing, as I was able to find a supporting photo to accompany, here. The Chicken Waffle was excellent, by the way! Give this recipe a try...Use your own fave fruit, even.

Flavorah's blue raz is absolutely amazing so I input it into my blue raz lemonade that i was a little tired of and after tweaking the recipe a bit I ended up with a vape that i cannot put down, and haven't for a couple weeks now. This one does need a couple days to come together, it's not bad off the shake but really shows up after 2-3 days steep.

Submitted as a mix for MC May 2021 - Florals

It started as an attempt to try cap licorice and come up with a recipe. At first I had from previous experiments flv boysenberry and inw shisha raspberry combo which I liked so I smashed some licorice in there. It needed some wetness hence fa pear, though after that I wanted dome cactus hints but decided to leave pear too as it is a nice combo. It was already somewhat vapable and I didn’t hate it but I wanted more. So I added vt bilberry ripe and it was a success. It started to taste good. After some time while finishing the samples I realized that it needs tea back note in there so the fa black tea came the last and added fullness to this recipe. It turned out very well.

Note: adding ws-23 works in this recipe but personally I like it without coolant

Iced Blue Raspberry/Boysenberry

Not my usual profile but a nice change up. LB Blue Raspberry is pretty killer by itself but adding a bit of FW Razzleberry really pushes that candied raspberry flavor. Adding some FLV Boysenberry juices up the mix while providing an additional dark berry accent. I mixed this without WS23 at first and while it had good flavor it leaned a bit syrupy after a few pulls. Adding coolant allowed me to keep that intense flavor but cut some of the heaviness out of it. Feel free to add/reduce the sweeetness but this is a candy profile so 0.15% super sweet fit nicely. Let this steep 24 hrs then enjoy!

Mixed live on Fresh03. This is a Mango, Berry, Peach Smoothie with a touch of Ginger.

Loads of dark berries in a creamy, sweet base. Yum.

Berry blend with a light spearminty finish. Kinda like a cool berries. I'm not really a fruit vaper but, this is suprisingly good. Adjust sweetner to liking.

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