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(FLV) Boysenberry

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So I don’t really care for tobacco flavors but I wanted to create one that I could enjoy occasionally so I came up with this nice light fruity mix and tobacco with a nice amount of vanilla richness to it. This is totally delicious after a 5 day steep. I enjoy it very much as my morning g vape with coffee in these hot summer Months

In honor of Waynes flavor review and accompanying recipe of LB Blue Raspberry(and also due to finally receiving my own bottle of the same a couple of weeks ago after my supplier had it listed as out of stock for damn near a whole year!) I figured I would share a quick and tasty recipe I've been enjoying the past few days.

I won't go in depth too much with the flavor notes. LB Blue Raspberry is the star of the recipe along with a few complimentary friends.:

INW Raspberry Malina: boosts those top candy raspberry notes to really make LB Blue Raz pop.

FLV Boysenberry: adds another dimension of candy "blue" and is an all around amazing flavor.

SC Green Apple: I have tasted green apple in many a blue raspberry candy/slush/popsicle and for good reason, as apple is a great friend of the raspberry and it really completes that candy blue raz profile and adds a unique flair to the recipe. By the way this flavor should NOT be subbed for other green apples unless you love the taste of acetone...it is awesome and if you don't have it I highly recommend picking it up.

WS-23 because summer

Sugar daddy sweetener because it's the best damn sweetener out there albeit a bit on the weak side so 1% is not that crazy for a candy profile such as this. Of course you can alter to suit your taste.

There you have it, a damn satisfying blue raz that is simple and extremely tasty. Hope you all enjoy!

This seems like a really complex recipe but in all honesty, if you don't have some of the berries in here you could likely just omit them or sub and you'd still get something really tasty. That being said, I feel the juicy lemon is pretty crucial as it adds a touch of tart undertone and gives the frozen yogurt taste as well as deepening the fruit notes, though Im sure almost any realistic lemon would suffice. Using this FroYo base, Ive made some pretty eclectic combinations, some of which I'll post at some point.

I kinda suck at writing detailed notes and don't much have the time to do so which is why to date, I've got so many recipes but so little posted lol.

I used a combo of raspberries to get an authentic berry taste and a touch of cactus to give it some juiciness. To me, boysenberry has that kinda fresh squished berry taste that I was looking for and is an awesome flavor with so much use. You wouldn't regret buying it. Saskatoon berry is another really interesting flavor that I like very much, its rather reminiscent of dewberry.

Add whichever sweetener you like but I prefer sugar Daddy between 1-2%, it has a more realistic and non chemical sugar taste and is easier on the coils than regular sucralose.

Chill! You can add whichever cooling if you like, IF you like it frosty.

Doesn't really need a steep but I do find the yogurt comes in nicer after the 2nd or 3rd day.

Please comment & rate if you do mix it up, not enough people do this here and its important for mixers to get feedback as a way of saying thank you for their hard work! :) ENJOY!

Please DO NOT repost this to any other sites in any format, I have my reasons for only posting on ATF

This is a summer version of my, Bleeding Berry Cobbler, https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/66359 one of my all day vapes. I wanted to take the profile, and lighten it up for summer.

To achieve this, I lowered the FW Wild Berry Cobbler to remove some of the heavier pastry notes it gives as the flavor is increased. I also removed the FLV Sweet dough, which can give a cinnamon pastry taste. I added LB Vanilla Ice Cream and HS French Ice Ice Cream.

Overall, this is now a nice Wild Berry Ice Cream combination, a flavor profile I love.

Enjoy the bauty of life inside and out.

Please give your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Thank you.
😘Love and peace

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This is just as the recipe says a Blueberry Custard with a Coconut back. This is good at 3 days but I prefer it at the 10 day mark, it gives the flavors time to relax. I also prefer to vape this at a lower wattage because it really lets the flavors play off of one another.

Blueberry, Blueberry Muffin, Boysenberry - This makes up a very nice and sweet blueberry flavor with a small amount of crust.

Sweet Coconut - This is one of the better coconut flavors out, you want to keep it low or it will dominate the entire recipe.

Vanilla Custard, Cream - This makes an extremely light and creamy custard sauce.

Sweetness - This one could be left out all together but I enjoy this vape very sweet for some reason.

If you like Head Bangin' Boogie by Charlie's Chalk Dust you might wonna give this one a try.

It's a blueberry popsicle with a raspberry note to it.
Most of the time INW Raspberry is a bully in a recipe, not this time.
I tried to mix it a lower percentages but 1% seems to be right to me.
The INW Raspberry and FLV Boysenberry are just what FW blueberry needed to pop in this mix.
Tart and Sour is optional, but IMO it helps CAP Lemon Lime a bit. If you don't use it you might wonna bump up the Lemon Lime a percent.
Super Sweet is optional.

I'm mixing for a few years now. Most of my mixes are based on premium juice profiles.
My recipes are remixes and not clones. In my attempts to remix these juices I'm always trying to make
it as good as, or even better than the commercial juice without the loads of sweetener these companies throw in.

Give it a try and enjoy ....................................

Wow! FW Blackberry is fantastic! So sweet and accurate. I wish I was around when Wayne was doing the blue recipes. This tastes like if a blueberry and a blackberry made sweet love, had a baby, then drowned him or her in a bowl of vanilla ice cream. I was struggling with FW Blueberry for a bit, but I think I found its buddy FW Blackberry!

I know this is a busy recipe and trust me I tried to simplify it but I just did not get my intended result with less ingredients.

To me the picture represents a healthy version of a rice crispy treat. To make the HoneyO's part I chose a combination of TFA honey circles because it has an delicate honey and Cheerio note, and accented the wheat notes with some FA Breakfast cereal. The picture has what looks like nuts cranberries and some other berry. For theruit note I used a combination of FLV cranberry and FLV boysenberry and pushed the red berry note with a little FA Raspberry. Cap toasted almond and Kinako Soy for the nut in lieu of peanuts because i find that peanut butter extracts can easily overpower and add a cream note that I was trying to avoid. Please note that it is important to use Cap Toasted almond because TFA version would be a bit too dry for this and a little more bitter. I used marzipan as an accent to the almond and as a sweetening agent for the cereal. Vanilla swirl and meringue stand in as the marshmallow and honey for two reason. First off Honey to me has a terrible outer vapor odor that I do not enjoy and would be hard to balance in a short amount of time without a long steep and because in an actual cereal treat you wouldn’t actually taste the marshmallow but rather it’s used to keep the cereal together with its sugary goodness. FLV Sweet dough provides some brown sugar, caramel and gooey notes in the recipe, and acts as a binder between the cereal and the creams.

Sweetener Recommendation: Brown Sugar instead of any other sweetener because it simply works in this. But If you have an extreme sweet tooth throw in some FW sweetener 1% lol

If you love The Prophet by Illusion, check this one out.

TPA Dragonfruit and FW Blueberry both at 4% are the main notes in here.
I'm pretty sure I can taste INW Cactus in the original so .7% INW Cactus and round off the sharp edges with .5% TPA Marshmallow.
FLV Boysenberry at .5% to bend the Blueberry into a little darker blueberry to give it a little bit more depth.
CAP Sweet Strawberry at 1% takes the Dragonfruit to another level.
VT Jam It and TPA Whipped cream both at .5% to blend all the flavors together.
.5% CAP Supersweet is optional.

I'm mixing for a few years now. Most of my mixes are based on premium juice profiles.
My recipes are remixes and not clones. In my attempts to remix these juices I'm always trying to make
it as good as, or even better than the commercial juice without the loads of sweetener these companies throw in.

Give it a try and enjoy ........................


This is a wonderful spring time adv! The flavors work really well together!! The top note being watermelon and all the wonderful flavors work really well to hit all the note in your mouth! Give it a try! You'll love it. You can also add a drop of your favorite lime per 30cc to give it an extra boost. No sweetener is necessary because it has a beautiful fruit flavor that is sweet enough. The more i vape this the more i love it!! It's so wonderful that you have to give it a try for sure!!! You won't be disappointed at all 💞

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