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(FLV) Boysenberry

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Used in 351 recipes at an average of 2.175%.


29 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Don't let the small percentages fool you.. Boysenberry and Fuji Apple are potent enough flavors that they still shine in this recipe. The Bavarian Cream as well as the Marshmallows smooth out the vape where the Oba Oba gives a slight extra Vanilla to the mix.. This is a recipe play off of a recipe I had on ELR that I have tweaked and Played with for a little while.. This vape is in my daily rotation of vapes juices. This recipe has been looked at by a few in the past as it was called ( Cloudy Fruit Juice 1.2% flavor ) but I changed the name when I added to the recipe.

EDIT: I bumped up the FLV Boysenberry to .75% and now it is a very very nice mix also steep for 2 weeks minimum.

Something was off with my first version so i went back to the drawing board and took my time to redo the hole thing.
I never had a real NY Cheesecake so i can't say anything about the authenticity but i like it the way it is.
The Vanilla Whipped Cream, Vanilla Custard and Marshmallow are helping with the body and mouthfeel, Dairy/Milk helps the dairy/cheese part of the Cheesecake and the Boysenberry helps the Blueberry to pop and be a bit more prominent in the mix.

It does need a 2 weeks steep!
If you like it, please leave a rating.

Remember those candy sticks you diped in the candy power. Well this is the blue power. All comments welcome. Enjoy.

Freshly tested on Fresh03 saturday mixing with friends, not sure how it will steep out, but the percentages may need adjusting as it steeps. I will update it if I change the percentages.

Named by Ryan Owens -- Thanks A Bunch for the name!

CAP Sugar Cookie / INW Biscuit / TPA Brown Sugar - The crumble. I tried with a mix of INW Biscuit and FA Cookie at a few different percentages but It just wouldn't play nice ... enter Sugar Cookie. With the Brown Sugar, Biscuit and Sugar Cookie it adds that sweet pastry crumble that ended up being the best combo for the mix.

FLV Boysenberry / TPA Blackberry - A sweet and tart combination that makes up the sweet filling in the crumble. I went through a few different berries to mix with the Boysenberry. I tried FA Raspberry, FA Forrest Fruits, INW Raspberry then I tried TFA Blackberry and found a good match.

The FA Blackcurrant is just there to give the filling a bit of jam like feeling and stickiness. The FA Blood Orange is really subtle and is there only to add a bit of orange zest to the mix.

You won't taste the Crumble part until at least day 2. Let this rest for 3-5 days.

After trying several cheesecake vapes I had to try and make my own. I occasionally bake a mean new york chessecake topped with fresh & cooked blueberries and a drizzle of strawberry sauce. After adjusting the recipe for a while I'm quite satisfied with the result.

This recipe needs at least 2 weeks steep time to come together and be super delicious.

Any comments, suggestions and additions are highly appreciated.
Have fun!

This is something I came up with on the fly about two weeks ago. It was so good to me I thought why not share it.
These flavors work well together to create a nice flaky cream torte. Steep 3 days. Mixed at 60/40. I add .5 Supersweet but it’s optional for you. I like it Sweet. Feedback is appreciated .

A very light biscuit
(Slightly spicy)
With jam/jelly on top... dominated by orange.
This is the simplest description I can give.

●The Dough :
Acetyl Pyrazine, Graham Cracker, Apple Pie, Waffle (Belgian)

●The Jelly:
Boysenberry, Brown Sugar, Caramel Candy, Strawberry Taffy

●The Blender:
Bavarian Cream

●The Secret Weapon:


It will be 9 years October 16th, that I suffered a brain hemorrhage. Long story short, I almost died, the bleeding in the brain caused a massive stroke, I was only 37. I required brain surgery to save my life, I am a survivor, a fighter, and a warrior. To celebrate my 9 year birthday at life, I have created a recipe representing that day. Perhaps a little morbid? Bizarre? Strange? but what better way to celebrate life in October!

This is a beautiful berry cobbler topped with whipped cream. Imagine it is cut open and the bilberries, blueberries, and tons of red strawberries come oozing out. The beautiful dessert that was cut open to bleed out will never be the same again. It will have another purpose. It's beauty will be felt in taste rather than appearance. That is what I hope to convey in this recepie, the beauty of taste. What once was, still is, only different.
Cobbler/crust:.FW wild berry cobbler, Flv Sweet Dough
The sweet Dough keeps the cobbler from being too crusty. That is not what we are going for here. I want a soft doughy cobbler. With slght crust on top.

Filling:. FLV Boysenberry, JF Strawberry Harvest, and FLV Raspberry
The berries inside are rich and tart and blend very well together. The raspberry helps the strawberry and boysenberry flavors to be a bit brighter.

Sweeten to your preference, I found, 1 drop of Capella Super Sweet per 10ml did the trick perfectly.

This is topped with whipped cream, of course you could use your favorite ice cream.

Enjoy the bauty of life inside and out.

Please give your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Thank you.
😘Love and peace

Here we have a Berry cheesecake ! CAP New York Cheesecake and TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust make up the cheesecake flavor. CAP Sweet Cream Helps add a little creaminess to the cheesecake and helps make the berries stick to that cheesecake ! FLV Berry Blend and FLV Boysenberry help create the perfect Berries for the cheesecake ! CAP Super sweet just helps add a little sweetness and helps boost those berries ! Go mix it up leave your feedback !!!! Thanks SK !!!!!

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