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I love /u/Taclite 's All-TFA Bourbon Ice Cream, from the December 2016 Monthly Recipe Thread on /r/DIY_ejuice. It's 8% VBIC, 3% Kentucky Bourbon, 2% Toasted Marshmallow, 1% Brown Sugar. If you like TFA VBIC and are patient, I highly recommend trying it. However, that stuff requires a three-week steep to be good and a month to be amazing. And pepper tasters can't enjoy it. A straight sub for TFA VBIC using CAP or FW just isn't the same. So I tried making my own faster-steeping, pepper taster-friendly, version.

LB VIC + HS VIC is my favorite replacement for TFA VBIC if I want to make something for the pepper people. LB is a just a bit too light and fluffy by itself but a lil touch of HS makes it so rich and satisfying.

TFA KB + TM, if you haven't tried these two together, catch up, please. See Coop's Kiwi Bourbon recipe for details. The way that toasty thick sweetness melts into the bourbon is sexual.

JF Dulce De Leche - There's the brown sugar flavor that Bourbon basically begs for, without the long wait. The problem with vaping Taclite's recipe without the long steep is that TFA Brown Sugar at 1%. Taste it too soon, it's like the brown sugar is very angry and punishes you for your impatience. But if you just use less, it won't reach the eventual perfection of month-old Taclite BIC. This JF DDL, on the other hand, settles into the cream just as fast as the bourbons do. And if you overdrip a bit when mixing, no big deal. Can't say that for TFA Brown Sugar, an extra 0.15% of that could be catastrophic.

FLV Bourbon - Even at just 0.5%, this is the real star here. It's not as sweet corny sour mash flavored as TFA's (but also not as watered down), it doesn't have the alcoholic bite of FA Whiskey (which isn't a bourbon anyway), and it's not as well-rounded as RF SC's bourbon (but it doesn't need a steep to not be gross and then promptly fade out like that one either). What it does is absolutely nail that oak barrel aged thing like nobody's business. This flavor might not make you want to ditch other liquor flavors, but it'll certainly make you think twice about reaching for TFA Red Oak or FA Oakwood.

This recipe (and the one that inspired it) goes so well with a cup of coffee in the morning, it's ridiculous.

Some softened pears coated in scorched sugar, drenched in delicious caramel sauce.

The pears can boost a bit, but with a steep, those other notes will mellow out a bit. The FA Apricot will help a bit.

FLV Bourbon helps create the burnt sugar note when paired with the Toasted Marshmallow.

This is my bourbon burnt sugar ice cream. For a more authentic ice cream you may want to add some form of a cooling agent because as is its more of a melted ice cream which is good for me because I like to melt my ice cream a bit and stir it up.

Bourbon Burnt Sugar:
Flavorah Bourbon is a perfect bourbon flavor. I haven't ever tried any other bourbon flavors so I don't know about substitute's. I started at 1% Bourbon which was good but it was just a little better at .75% Bourbon. The burnt sugar I made using brown sugar by tfa at .25% and higher amounts of toasted marshmallow by tfa and crème brulee by inawera. I pushed both to 2.5% to really bring out the toasted notes in both and it worked. The crème brulee also helps bring that eggy note that artisan ice cream and its also quite creamy at this percentage also. I was worried about the ethyl maltol in the toasted marshmallow but it seems to blend the flavors together. Meringue by flavor art at 1% also adds a sugary type of note to the mix.

The ice cream a.k.a. "melted cream":
I used Vanilla bean ice cream by tfa at 4% and then I used 2% French ice cream by hangsen I find these two ice cream flavor's work really well together. I also used 1% of sweet cream by Flavorah this helps bind and smooth out the two ice cream flavors.

Use it if you want and don't use it if you want your choice!!!
Me I only use one sweetener lately and that is Flavorah sweetness I normally only have to use .25 % for the perfect a amount of sweetness for me. I don't know what it is about Flavorah's sweetness that I like so much but its good and a 15ml bottle will last you quite a long time.

STEEP TIME= 10-14 days

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