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(FLV) Blueberry

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Used in 256 recipes at an average of 1.621%.


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Tasteful blueberry soda mix with a touch of zen.

"ripe wild blueberries
nestled under tall fir trees
sweet tart juice bursts forth"
(by Christi Michaels MoonFlower)

Building blocks:
FLV Blueberry for its very aromatic flavor.
RF Blueberries & Cream (SC) for the mellow blueberry touch.
TPA Blueberry Extra, for the extra umph.
FA Lime Tahiti (CP) to lift the mix with a little touch of lime, It's not very sour but just enough.
FA Violet for the flowerish component of this mix.
FA Zen Garden for the mysterious touch.
RF Soda Base (SC) for a fresh sparkling sensation.

CAP SS at taste, i didn't needed it, just sweet enough for my taste :-)

Inhale: aromatic blueberry, cream and violet
Exhale: a complex flavor of blueberries and soda sentation with herbs.

Steep: 3 days is a good start, perfect after 5 days.


I finally found the Blueberry used in Smoke Crossroads Blueberry Custard. I spent loads of money on this juice before I started into DIY so cloning it has been a definite to do for me and now I am ready to share it with the community and just in time for diyordie remix month.

My first attempts at this recipe involved dam near every blueberry concentrate available from Flavor West to Delosi and they weren't even close. The moment I smelled Flavorah Blueberry I knew I had found the one. So the rest of the recipe was to me was straight forward and after bouncing around a few percentages I landed on this. Capella Vanilla Custard V1 at 3% with Flavorah Blueberry at 3% and Capella Super Sweet at .50%, after a 1 week steep this is the best clone. I truly believe that I could not get closer.

Now if you are like me after DIYing for a while and going back to your local B&M and picking up your old go to commercial juice for the purpose of cloning, you are no longer blown away by the flavor of that liquid. This in my opinion is because the DIY recipes that you have been creating/mixing and vaping are a lot more in depth. This in my opinion really shows that DIY recipes are more a labor of love and people who DIY really care about the flavor that they want their recipes to display. We are not worried about profit margins and deadlines and at the end of the day to us it is all about the flavor and experience.

So I took the recipe that I wanted to clone, cloned that bitch and then remixed it with love. This is that recipe. I stayed with FLV Blueberry at 3% as it is the main note to build around and at that percentage it stands out of the creams wonderfully. Now for the love custard eww bahahahaha. The CAP Vanilla Custard V1 in the reference was far to sharp and almost pungent but it was the concentrate that I needed, so kept it and massaged it into the the custard that I wanted. I reduced the percentage by half and added TPA Vanilla Swirl to round off the sharp vanilla note from the CAP. Then I added the FLV Cream to bring back that custardy thickness. I still needed to sweeten the mix as a whole and CAP Super Sweet at .30% was just right. There you go people mix the clone if you want to but I suggest mixing the remix, I recommend an 80/20 mix and both will need a full week of steeping. I hope you enjoy and leave some feedback as it is always appreciated. If you have had the reference liquid I would love to hear what you think. Thanks Krucial.


Watch the red planet turning into a blue heaven. Bakery and blueberry lovers delight.
A very rich and fluffy blueberry cake with a sweet almond marzipan layer, topped with cream cheese icing and meringue .

Building blocks:
(CAP) Amaretto (a little) to push the (FA) Marzipan and give the mix a delicious liquor'ish taste.

(FLV) Blueberry, (TPA) Blueberry Extra and (TPA) Elderberry are perfectly paired for a deep and more intense flavour. (FLV) Blueberry infuses in a very aromatic way the cake mix while the (TPA) Elderberry enhance the berry boost upwards.

(CAP) Yellow Cake is light, and fluffy got some vanilla to it and is less dense than its competitors which why it's sit perfectly in this recipe. (oh yes, can be subbed by JF Yellow Cake which is light as well but is a little buttery in comparison)

(FA) Meringue and (LA) Cream Cheese Icing provides the sweet topping and very noticeable in the exhale

A lot of aromas been used, they all play a role this recipe, in fact each vape on your tank/dripper gives you a new sensation.
first, close your eyes and enjoy this fantastic vape.
Inhale: rich blueberry and marzipan.
exhale: cake and toppings with that lovely amaretto breeze over more blueberries.

Needs 24 hour for the berries to settle but 5 days steep or more makes this a .... vape.


A fruity fun punch recipe just in time for spring weather

FLV Tropical Punch makes up the majority of this juice. It's weaker for FLV, so at 4% it's just enough to give a full bodied fruit punch juice type flavor, but the "fruit" is a little vague so we're adding some friends to help it stand out a bit.

LA Watermelon Clear comes next, adding some sweet, semi candied back notes to the juice, helping both the mixed fruit profile and giving some life to the nectar/syrup body of the juice.

INW Cherries boosts the cherry ntoes I get from FLV Tropical Punch. Any higher than .5 results in instant robotussin flavor, but it balances nicely.

FLV Blueberry is the last fruit additive, giving some depth the the watermelon and mixed fruit.

INW Cactus is here at .25% to stay hidden while still adding some juicy mouthfeel

FLV Guava adds a nice tart finishing note to offer balance to the ultra sweet and syrupy juice.

This is a very simple easy candy mix. It is an almost exact match of the taste of the peach berry flavor from the Berry Blast style of Mike and ike candy. Its a very self explanatory three flavors. I don't use any sweetener in this mix but feel free to add some if this isn't sweet enough for you. I feel it is plenty sweet as is but sweetness is subjective. This is pretty good as a shake and Vape but after sitting for 12 hours the throat hit which is present directly after mixing settles down and pretty much disappeares.

Peaches, berries, & cream. Can sub FA whipped with TFA, but diacetylnom

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