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(FLV) Blueberry Muffin

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Blueberry bread pudding!!!! You may want to boost the blueberry but for me it hits all the check points and is delicious!!! Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do. There's a touch of cinnamon and a slight butterscotchy note as well. The vanilla custard is used for the egg aspect along with a touch of vanilla. This is totally vapable on day 3 but it really holds its own after 5 days of steeping. Enjoy!!!


This is my blueberry trifle!! I am very pleased with how this recipe turned out. I really like this recipe and I hope you do too!!!!There are many types of trifles this one is layered with blueberries, vanilla pudding, whipped cream and pound cake. How can you go wrong???

The blueberry:
I love this blueberry combination I have been developing a few recipes lately and this combination of flavor west blueberry and Flavorah blueberry muffin is the perfect blueberry for me. I love it.

The pudding and whipped cream:
Obviously I used Flavorah vanilla pudding for the pudding. For the whipped cream I used a combination of Bavarian cream by tfa and vanilla cream extra by wonder flavours. The Bavarian cream helps the vanilla pudding a bit as well.

The pound cake:
I used Flavorah pound cake and real flavors sc sugar cookie. I will say it again real flavors sugar cookie is awesome with or in any cake. It brings out a fluffy cakey goodness like no other.. If you don't have or haven't used it you should be using it and or getting some.

Sorry for the brief description I have been so busy at work with broken frozen plumbing pipes I can't see straight and I am surprised I wrote anything.😉 I really liked this on day 3 but its slightly better by day 5 but anyway I really enjoy this and thought you would too. So her it is my blueberry trifle.

Flavorah sweetness is just my choice of sweetener use whatever brand you prefer or none at all totally your call!!!

A blueberry cinnamon roll / Danish with lemon frosting.

Hope you enjoy,


The blueberry ugly. A fried blueberry fritter covered in sugar and condensed milk icing. I loved these as a kid and this flavor brings back a lot of memories.


This was the recipe I made when concrete river and id10-t had there mix off. The rules were 5 ingredient all flavorah including sweeteners. I wasn't in a competition so I cheated and used a 6th ingredient being sweetness which is a sweetener of coarse and is purely by taste if you don't want to use it don't. It will be good with or without sweetener. This recipe is pretty good to me it tastes like frosted blueberry cake bites. This was just a quick good 5 ingredient all Flavorah recipe good after a shake but better after a 4 day steep.
Shout out to: Trevorxgage and his recipe Blueberry sweet rolls. He also did this challenge and came up with a recipe similar to this recipe go check it out Blueberry sweet rolls is the name.

The ingredients:
Blueberry muffin flv- I really like the baked blueberry flavor in this concentrate but the muffin is pretty much non existent. It is also a pretty weak flavor overall but with that being said like it so I went up to 5% with it and I get a good baked blueberry flavor. This concentrate would be so much better if it lost the spice notes and just kept the baked blueberry flavor.

Pound cake/cupcake batter flv- this makes up the cake portion of the recipe and it does it well.

Frosting/vanilla pudding flv- the vanilla pudding works with the frosting but it also helps the cake it mellows the cake notes and softens the frosting and binds them both together.

After hearing about the competition the mix life crew did between Dave and Rick with a FLV only recipe, I got inspired to try to create my own recipe within the same parameters.

It would have been easy to do a simple tropical fruit or a tobacco, so I decided to go with a bakery instead.
Have you ever seen those Taste Kake sweet rolls in the stores? Well they have seasonal flavors too, and one of their summer flavors is Blueberry sweet rolls.
The are more or less a cinnamon roll, but instead of cinnamon they have some sort of blueberry filling in them. It's not just blueberries baked in and it's not a blueberry jam, it's weird actually, but in a good way.

FLV Blueberry muffin is really the main base of the flavor, it has some bakery notes to it and a great bakery blueberry, but alone it's nothing like the sweet roll

FLV Sweet dough is the real base to the dough, chewy, very slightly yeast risen dough with brown sugar/caramel notes to sweeten it and give it a hint of being baked. 1.25% sounds like a lot especially if you've used any of FLV other dough flavors, but this one is much lighter and more forgiving than the others.

FLV Blueberry is a weird fuckin' blueberry, but it's good. It's very 'purple' tasting, but it's a good way to bend other flavors. It really fills in some blueberry notes other blueberry flavor miss, so while it's poor solo it's great in a mix. In this case if you ever try the sweet rolls you instantly taste the 'purple' blueberry flavor in them, to the point with the first bite I had of one I thought of FLV blueberry instantly. With the two FLV blueberry flavors the blueberry is dead on to the sweet roll.
FLV Frosting is the icing the covers the sweet roll, it's a heavy vanilla glaze the covers them, and this fit right in on the profile. Not super intrusive in the mix, but adds sweetness and vanilla notes here and there

FLV cupcake batter works to thicken the entire vape up, give it some grease and cheap doughy cake vibe vs some fancy, high end fresh baked roll. It also up's the sweetness of the entire thing without the need to add sweetener.

It's end being super addictive and for a FLV only recipe it came together incredibly well.


Yes this has lots of flavors! Yes this has expensive flavors! But guess what it is damn good. If you want a delicious blueberry pie then look no further.

Fresh Baked Blueberry pie filling:
Blueberry muffin by Flavorah is the main link its a perfect cooked blueberry but it is a weaker of Flavorah flavors. That's why I had to go up to 3.5% with it and it still needed some extra blueberry love. So I used 2.5% of flavor west blueberry and 1% capella blueberry. I know it seems like a lot but its really not. Then I added 1.5% of lemon Sicily to brighten up the blueberries.

The Pie Crust:
Apple pie by flavor art at 2% adds a good pie crust without adding any apple flavor. I then used .75% of Flavorah cookie which is one of there more expensive flavors but for this pie crust it was the best match I tried flavor art cookie and it was good but not as good the Flavorah cookie gave it more of a cooked pie crust with a crispy edge if that makes any sense. I added .50% brown sugar and butter by tfa and .10% of Flavorah rich cinnamon to add that buttery cinnamon sugary goodness!! Rich cinnamon is expensive but if you don't have it you should have it because its the best cinnamon flavor and a 15ml bottle may last you 10 years if you keep it in a refrigerator lol. The cupcake batter is more of an additive it helps the pie crust out and I think it also helps bind all the parts of this recipe together. I used 1% shisha vanilla because it works great in bakery flavor's and it just works.

I used .25% Flavorah sweetness because in my opinion its just a really good clean strong sweetener!!! But you can use whatever your favorite sweetener is and or no sweetener at all. The use of sweetener is a personal choice through and through.

Steep Time:
This may vary person to person for me its perfect after an overnight rest but it definitely will get better and better with time. It seems like a lot of flavors but its really two parts the crust and the filling. The number of flavors just helps layer these two main parts into a delicious Blueberry Pie!!!! Mix up a bigger batch you won't be disappointed!!! Or at least I hope not lol....

My take on a fresh baked Blueberry Muffin. This is the first version of this recipe and I feel it came out absolutely wonderful! Feel free to tweak to your liking! I am a fairly new mixer (4 months) so if you enjoy this recipe please rate and share with your friends!

Steep Time: Is good right away but even better if left at least 24hrs. For full out flavor steep 5-10 days.

FLV Blueberry Muffin and FA Bilberry are the stars of the mix and adds a wonderful slightly cooked Blueberry flavor to the mix. FA Bilberry adds a dark blueberry flavor and helps keep the blueberry from washing out through the steep.

Tpa Blueberry Extra is used to add backbone to the blueberry in flv Blueberry muffin and round out the blueberry a touch.

FW Blueberry Graham Waffle is used to add even more Blueberry goodness and also to add a bit of baked flavor to the bready notes.

Tpa Brown sugar is used to add to that dark bready baked profile I was looking for and is just excellent in bakeries in general!

FW Yellow Cake is the main bread body for the muffin

CAP cake Batter is used to add more of a cakey mouthfeel and texture to the mix

FA Cookie is used to complete and round out the muffin body and is an excellent playmate with FLV Blueberry Muffin

CAP Golden Butter is there because who eats a fresh baked Blueberry muffin without butter!?

CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream is used to add a touch of creaminess to the entire mix and just works.

CAP Super Sweet is used at 3/4 of a percent to sweeten the mix. I prefer sweet juices but you can omit this one if you want.

Time to unwrap a delicious blueberry tootsie pop!

All it took was one whiff of my 10% diluted bottle of FLV Milk Chocolate to realize how badly I needed to make a tootsie pop recipe. At first glance HS Blueberry seems to be the star of the show, but it is quickly stolen by the lingering,chocolaty exhale. Maybe you are a tootsie pop fan, or you just have a thing for owls stealing candy from little kids. Who am I to judge?

HS Blueberry: This blueberry is the star of the show. HS Blueberry is just strong blueberry candy to me. Not much floral or realism to mention. Just the blue hard candy you would expect on the outside of the center of a tootsie pop.

FLV Blueberry Muffin: I know. It seems like an odd choice since this is not a bakery. This blueberry lies somewhere in the spectrum between that purple huckleberry pancake syrup and the more realistic ripe blueberries. It lends a bit of juiciness to the main blueberry. Like when you've been holding that sucker in your cheek for awhile and finally slurp down that dissolved candy. It also seems to take a slight edge off of HS Blueberry. It forms that bridge between sucker and chocolate.

FLV Milk Chocolate: This flavoring is amazing. In its full strength it has a somewhat pleasant aroma with an odd note in the background. Once you make a 10% dilution it smells EXACTLY like a Tootsie Roll. This flavoring acts as the back note just as the blueberry candy begins to leave your tongue.

I entered the % value at 2% only so that the calculator would give you the weight of dilution to use. Please DO NOT make this recipe with the non-diluted FLV Milk Chocolate at that percentage. If you want to get close without diluting just use .25%(roughly 1 drop)

Give this one a 3 day steep for the blueberry to mellow out and the milk chocolate to shrine through a bit.



"Blue balls" was obviously taken so here we have "Lack-a-nookie".

After vaping Smurf Soup for so long I decided to revisit the blueberry profile....

FW Blueberry
Smurf Soup was formulated with TFA Blueberry Wild, Also a weaker flavor, But it had a very bright and slightly tangy vibe to it. I wanted something deeper and more syrupy.

FLV Blueberry Muffin
No muffin notes with this one, Inaccurate name. Used for deeper ripe notes but it also provides a level of salivation when you vape it. Quite strange, But very pleasant.

FA Bilberry
Deep dark berry. Yum. 'Nuff said.

TFA Dulce De Leche
Sweet milk with berries? Yes please!

TFA Marshmallow
Sweetness, Mouthfeel, Fills the gap between cream and fruits.

FA Vienna Cream
Richness, Creaminess, A nice hint of vanilla to contrast the blueberry.

Flavor Notes