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(FLV) Blueberry Muffin

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery dessert fruit

Used in 315 recipes at an average of 2.981%.


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classic British scone smeared with a bright strawberry Jam and finished off with a light vanilla whipped cream.

Created by myself, Nevans.

You can now get the one-shot at chefs flavours.


Very smooth blueberry flavor with hints of cake notes from the muffin.. The Boysenberry will give a slight sharpness to the blueberry as an enhancement..
The Italian Cream with the Vanilla Pudding for added creaminess for the mouth feel.
This was also created for a MTL set up with single coil Fused Clapton Ni80

2 26g Ni 80, Clapton with 36g Ni 80. 6 wrap coil used at 45W

Developed to boost the incredible flavor from FLV Blueberry Muffin, with a dense and buttery bakery base with notes of vanilla and a brighter and sweeter jammy blueberry top note.

The blueberries: FLV Blueberry muffin is the star! I've used FA bilberry to boost the other blueberries and FW blueberry to give a candy note. FA nonna's cake got citrus notes that helps the blueberries to shine.
The muffin base: I've used FA zeppola at 3% to get the bready note and 1.5% from FA nonna's cake to get something between cake and bready kind of donut. With the help of CAP sugar cookie & TFA bavarian cream the muffin base got more dense.

You can use CAP Sugar cookie v1 if you don't have the v2.

This is just as the recipe says a Blueberry Custard with a Coconut back. This is good at 3 days but I prefer it at the 10 day mark, it gives the flavors time to relax. I also prefer to vape this at a lower wattage because it really lets the flavors play off of one another.

Blueberry, Blueberry Muffin, Boysenberry - This makes up a very nice and sweet blueberry flavor with a small amount of crust.

Sweet Coconut - This is one of the better coconut flavors out, you want to keep it low or it will dominate the entire recipe.

Vanilla Custard, Cream - This makes an extremely light and creamy custard sauce.

Sweetness - This one could be left out all together but I enjoy this vape very sweet for some reason.

Mixed this up for Flavor pro's year of mixing weekly challenge.

Chewbacca is a unlikley hero, but he is loyal strong and always there. Just like a chewy granola bar. It is reliable and always comes through in a pinch. This is a blueberry chewy granola. The flv granola is the the main granola note combined with the cereal 27 to add a touch of ap. The blueberry muffin and FWblue berry combine to make the blueberry note. The honey comb and super sweet combine for the sticky sweetness. The vanilla swirl and jelly candy combine to give it the chewy texture.


A nice blueberry muffin using FLV only. Enjoy!! Give it 24 hours steep to mellow or good off the scale.

Blueberry bread pudding!!!! You may want to boost the blueberry but for me it hits all the check points and is delicious!!! Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do. There's a touch of cinnamon and a slight butterscotchy note as well. The vanilla custard is used for the egg aspect along with a touch of vanilla. This is totally vapable on day 3 but it really holds its own after 5 days of steeping. Enjoy!!!


This is my blueberry trifle!! I am very pleased with how this recipe turned out. I really like this recipe and I hope you do too!!!!There are many types of trifles this one is layered with blueberries, vanilla pudding, whipped cream and pound cake. How can you go wrong???

The blueberry:
I love this blueberry combination I have been developing a few recipes lately and this combination of flavor west blueberry and Flavorah blueberry muffin is the perfect blueberry for me. I love it.

The pudding and whipped cream:
Obviously I used Flavorah vanilla pudding for the pudding. For the whipped cream I used a combination of Bavarian cream by tfa and vanilla cream extra by wonder flavours. The Bavarian cream helps the vanilla pudding a bit as well.

The pound cake:
I used Flavorah pound cake and real flavors sc sugar cookie. I will say it again real flavors sugar cookie is awesome with or in any cake. It brings out a fluffy cakey goodness like no other.. If you don't have or haven't used it you should be using it and or getting some.

Sorry for the brief description I have been so busy at work with broken frozen plumbing pipes I can't see straight and I am surprised I wrote anything.😉 I really liked this on day 3 but its slightly better by day 5 but anyway I really enjoy this and thought you would too. So her it is my blueberry trifle.

Flavorah sweetness is just my choice of sweetener use whatever brand you prefer or none at all totally your call!!!

A blueberry cinnamon roll / Danish with lemon frosting.

Hope you enjoy,


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