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A Delicious Creamy Blue Raspberry Coconut with hints of Ginger. Enjoy!

This isn't CC but it's actually not to bad if your into this sort of thing. The creme de menthe and acia really mellows out after about 7 days.

Flavorah's blue raz is absolutely amazing so I input it into my blue raz lemonade that i was a little tired of and after tweaking the recipe a bit I ended up with a vape that i cannot put down, and haven't for a couple weeks now. This one does need a couple days to come together, it's not bad off the shake but really shows up after 2-3 days steep.

Sour with a little bit of sweet, or sweet with a little bit of sour. This blue raspberry recipe is a flavor that is refreshing and different. Capturing that special blue raspberry taste that contains all of that sweet and sour, sugary and tart, goodness!

This recipe was created on our LIVE Interactive Mixing Podcast. We picked the profile and the viewers picked the flavorings, and they didn't let us down!

With this session of Interactive Mixing, the viewers helped us build a pretty damn good Blue Raspberry Bubble Gum. There's many ways to add to this profile to make it your own, but the combination of MB American Bubble Gum and WF Marshmallow (Gooey) as the base, and the LB Blue Raspberry/FLV Blue Raz as the top note, make for a fantastic Blue Raz Bubble Gum. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/EZBG-Z3t8M0 .

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Simply sweet and cool ADV for the upcoming warmer weather ahead Wonder flavors sour ball candy will really make this recipe pop and any other fruits you toss it into.....


Flavorah blue raz.. worth the hype? Abso-fuckin-lutely

3 different blue raspberry’s form to make the blue raspberry base and then I just chuck my taffy base on top, I know, sour ball candy isn’t necessarily a blue raspberry but it is to me and you know What I say goes 😉 give this 32 seconds to steep, or let the bubbles fade and you’re good to go.

Sweetener subjective but this is a candy profile after all, Don’t be a chicken.


This recipe is pretty basic for me. After hearing @id10-t refer to the new FLV Blue Raz as the best Blue Raz I knew I needed it. I vaped about 2 ml's of it and this idea hit me. Although it is a VERY good blue raz, its incomplete. I think the combo of FLV Sour Apple + WF Sourball candy is a pretty killer tart candy base and that's the purpose it plays in here. I want the tart, but not the apple. I originally didn't have the WF Sour Blue Raz Candy in this and it was very good, but I felt it was missing something. I wanted MOAR blue raz, this was the added touch as it not only helped the tart but rounded out the blue raz. Enjoy

The sun is shining and chins should be dripping with delicious popsicles. My quick take on a classic.

Description & Setup

Flavorah sent me out their new flavours to test out, and the second I opened up the Blue Razz and took a whiff I already had an image in my mind, which only solidified after testing it. This recipe is a sweet and delectable Blue Razz Bubblegum, and it comes through very nicely in MTL / Pod Vapes.


FLV Blue Raz - The main star of the show, I find this to be a very nice and sweet Blue Razz, and just that. It isn't a Blue Razz Slush, or Candy, just Blue Razz, which makes it insanely easy to work with.

CAP Bubblegum - My main go-to bubblegum for fruit-candy flavours. It mixes so well into the fruits and candies, that it's almost like the flavour was purely made to be combined with other things.

VT Boysenberry - This juices up the Blue Razz a bit, and gives it a more gooey-ish feel that I attribute to bubblegum.

CAP Super Sweet - This is just to bring a bit more sweetness to the mix, as with most of my mixes its completely optional.

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