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A good "Beer Base" with the addition of a slightly sour "Blood Orange". Aroma explodes with Hops and does not stop! Hops in the beginning, middle and end. Hopped as much as a double IPA but perfectly balanced with a touch of wheat. Say no to the bland beer of the past and welcome the future of flavor!

Rocky’s Bomb = Blood Orange Mango Brut… BOOM !
An Updated version of my original Bomb recipe, this time using all FLAVORAH flavors.
My original was Blood Orange Mango Brandy… this mix is more of a summertime vape and it's delicious!
The Sweet Coconut adds just a bit of a tropical vibe 👌

“Rocky Toony Original”

Enjoy 🤙

Lively, spirited, and complex, Misty Mountain Hops IPA is the latest crafted beer and a labor of love. Slightly Sour, sassy, and unpredictable — but then again, nothing worth doing comes easy. Light in body with a lush Blood Orange note and a crisp finish. Brewed with Lemongrass, Blood Orange and My IPA/Beer Base of Yakima Hops, Beer FA and Wheat! ...Enjoy!!


One move to mate, Sacrifice your Queen and it's !CheckMate..just Mix and Vape. This Mandarine White Chocolate Cream lightly drizzled with Butterscotch taste great off the shake, but thickens as the days go on and its full potential is a two week steep. Enjoy!!

Wanted to expand a little bit on the popular Strawberry and Coconut profile.


Vanilla custard meets cheesecake filling on a crispy wafer base topped with a mix of bright apricots and juicy passionfruit to make for a thick, satisfying, juicy vape



This recipe was reviewed by Nachef, as one of the best recipes of the #DevelopedFLV contest by Flavorah. Here is what Nachef said about it:

»...it is the best cola vape I've ever tried, not only for its accuracy, but also because how satisfying it is compared to other recipes on the same profile and the hard work and dedication it takes to balance this flavors to bend them into something totally different.«
»...it blew my mind.«
»It feels very full, very well balanced and flavourful«
»...this is amazing!«

MaxSavage said:

»It's a crazy recipe dude..I really like it.«
»I love how much it changed flv root beer. Honestly I'm gonna have to make more because it's a total mind fuck.«

VIVA La COLA was also reviewed at the »Midweek Critique« of DIYORDIE.
Here is what Wayne said about it:

»Wow, this is pretty good...«
»...I think this is excellent«
»...its pretty fucking accurate...«
»It tastes great... I’m not getting any offnotes“
„These are the type of recipes, I want more submitted like this.“

ID10-T said:

»I've torn through almost 50ml in the past three days and loved it. Seriously, it's really, really good.«
»... I don't regret giving it a try, in fact I might make some more, which is something I rarely do.«

It wasn't my intention to create an accurate Cola eJuice. My main goal was to create something special with Flavorahs root beer. I made some experiments with different and unusual FLV flavor combinations. Root beer and citrus soda was a very interesting combination and I remembered that one day I made a note, that root beer might fit very well with an orange flavor. I tried Blood Orange and it was a wonderful addition, but by adding »Rich Cinnamon«, I finally reached the next and final level of my mix. Honestly I didn’t expect the root beer turning in this direction, but at the end, I‘m more than happy with the result and I hope you‘ll enjoy it as much as I do.

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Andromeda is my newest installment of my Fruit from the Stars line of e-liquid. The flavor profile is an exotic blend of deep, bold lychee, mouth watering guava, and juicy, tangy orange. These three are all balanced beautifully with lychee being right up front. The guava carries all the flavors underneath. The orange is that heavenly bridge between the lychee and guava that just REALLY seals the deal on this whole thing. I hope you guys find this as addicting as I do!

And please remember to give me constructive criticism if you have any issues with the recipe :)

This Maybe-A-Sangria. Im not sure because I've never tried sangria, but damn this stuff is tasty, fruity, and ADDICTING. I haven't tried it yet, but adding some WS-23 or some koolada might make it even tastier. I don't think many people like to drink their wine warm.


Full-bodied wheat-driven, malty taste with a soft fruity sweetness from the blood orange, balanced by a slightly yeasty taste.

Yellow ‘clear’ liquid.

Fresh, slightly acidic and thick mouthfeel

Citrus and orange, fruity with an undertone of yeast

- This is my beer base. I pushed the wheat as far as I could to get the whole wheat experience and paired with fried dough, which to me is pure beer and Yakima hops I get a full bodied wheat beer with the very notable yeasty flavor.

- This is my blood orange top note. 1.75% Blood orange was just the right amount to let you taste the blood orange on the inhale but still makes room for the beer to come out. The Pink guava gives some body and depth to the orange.

- This is kinda a addictive in this mix. It works as the “sour”. It helps sale the blood orange as a actual blood orange infused into the beer and if gives the kinda feeling of carbonation.

On a fresh drip you get a lot of blood orange and while vaping it, it becomes more beer than orange. So if you like the orange flavor more, drip less but often 🙂

I am very pleased with how this turned out, and it really showcases how much I love to work with Flavorah flavorings. I hope to see some more beer building flavorings from them soon 🤞😊😉

Tested on a Hadaly, fused Clapton 0.95 and 35-40 watts.

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