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A few weeks ago I came home in the evening. I was soooo hungry. In the refrigerator I found my favorite vanilla pudding. I topped it with hazelnuts and peanuts and was very happy about the taste experience. A sweet cream vanilla pudding with a nutty tartness. So I decided to create a recipe based on that idea.

The (CNV) Vanilla Pudding is an excellent flavor. It is supported by the (CAP) Vanilla Custard and (FA) Cream Fresh. The (CAP) Vanilla Custard adds a little depth on it and the (FA) Cream Fresh adds the whip.
For The Hazelnut Note, I opted for a mix of (FA) Hazelnut and (FW) Hazelnut. (FA) Hazelnut is an authentic but dry hazelnut. To balance that out, I used (FW) Hazelnut. For an extra nuttiness I‘ve added (TPA) AP at 0.5% . Additionally I took the (FLV) Beer Nuts on top.
(You can add 0.3% Super Sweet if you want - I like it without)
The recipe nailed it. Very tasty!

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It’s the end of the month and you‘re waiting for your paycheck. The fridge is almost empty, whats left are a frew dry crackers, a blob of peanut butter and strawberry jam. Just enough for a poor man's dinner.

Feel free to add some sweetener...

It's as if all of THE best pancake toppings have come to partay. Up in here? Up in here! And whoops! They forgot to invite the pancakes. How deliciously evil! But don't worry because there's some Ben & Jerry's-type shit going on right here, so I should probably describe it like this:

Vanilla & banana flavoured ice-cream rippled with Pure Canadian maple syrup swirls and gobs of chunky peanut butter etc. etc..

Originally mixed at 80:20 VG:PG / 3mg Nic / PUR Super Sweet @ 0.50%

Tested on the usual dotRDA, single coil, 3.0 ⌀, 4/5w, Badazd's 28G SFQ Wire (SS316L) @ 0.19 Ω / 70.0w

This recipe came about after a week or so toying with pancake mixes with most featuring FLV Maple Bar. I love the depth and authenticity of this flavour, to me it conveys pure maple syrup vs. a 'maple-flavoured' syrup. I'm a fan of maple syrup and banana on pancakes, so naturally, a maple/banana mix was on the cards. Something about this flavour though had me wanting to mix something salty into it. My mind went to maple and bacon pancakes, like the Americans do so well, I tried it once, and indeed it was good. I also wanted to make a maple/nut bar of some kind. I was in the mood for experimenting though and thought I would try it out with some FLV Beer Nuts after reading about the flavour on r/DIY_eJuice and how it worked so well in Gruber Grape (shame on me for having still not tried that yet! But, I'm poor!)

How's about some pure and proper maple syrup slathered over some lightly salted beer nuts and fried banana? Even better, throw some ice cream on there. Now we're talking.

Recipe Notes
Beer Nuts is used very low at 0.10% - It's all that is needed. Make a 10 - 20% dilution or use the 'wipe a half-drop on the inside neck of the mix bottle' method like I used. Use your best judgement to determine which end of that scale you'll tip by asking yourself, how much do I really like nuts?

To all of my followers - Thanks for the support - I like every one of all nineteen of you. I'm still working on that pancake recipe but here's a delightful creation for you try in the meantime.

Head over to ELR if you want to see the progression of my mixing career in recipe form or want to know somewhat more about me.
Link: https://bit.ly/3ddJKsl

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I wanted to create a light tobacco flavour, low on ash and a bit nutty. For the tobacco part, I chose Red Burly with a bit of Kentucky Blend, as they're a tasteful combination.

My choice for the nutty part was Flavorahs Beer Nuts. It´s a very potent, authentic, almost a little salty, light roasted peanut flavour which blends very well into the tobacco.

Milk & Honey at a low percentage adds some dark sweetness.

Hope you'll enjoy the mix as much as I do.

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Some might say that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, others refuse to acknowledge that. What I believe to be indisputable however, is that Die Hard’s antagonist Hans Gruber planned nearly every detail of his heist perfectly. What detail did Gruber fail to account for? Lunch.

When you’re hungry, you’re distracted, and when you’re distracted you make mistakes. Gruber was no exception. Underestimating John McClane might be something we all chalked up to hubris. Then again, it could just as easily have been that Gruber was trying to expedite things as his stomach protested the long day at Nakatomi Plaza. Gruber needed to pack himself a lunch, and what is the single most American lunch he could have packed to further solidify his claim that he was a hostage and not, in fact, the leader of the criminals who had stormed the plaza? Peanut butter and jelly. That’s right. I submit that the key to preventing the Die Hard franchise from making it past the first installment was little more than a quaint sandwich that could have helped sell Gruber’s claim that he was an american, and further prevented him from making non-trivial mistakes that cost him his escape in the end. This… is that sandwich.

So lets break down the actual recipe, yeah?

Okay, so there are 3 things I was absolutely certain of going into this one: PB DX, Concord Grape w/ Stevia, and INW Grape(s) would be core to success here.

I was absolutely certain from the minute that I tasted CAP Concord Grape that the Concord grape and Grape(s) would be enough to sell grape jam authentically. A light touch of FW Sweetener really helps push the sugary sweet jam aspect and separate it from the other two elements.

Peanut Butter:
TFA's Peanut Butter DX is still, in my opinion, the gold standard for Peanut Butter flavors, and in this case it needed a little help from FW Hazelnut to help it remain present, and FLV Beer nuts to add a touch of salt and to help it stand up separately from the jam and bread.

Plain ass white bread, this should be simple, right? This was honestly where I struggled more than anything else. I came to the conclusion that WF Croissant would be too dry and flakey on its own, a little too authentic to an actual croissant. So I needed to make it a little chewier, a little gummy. FLV Starch base brings the croissant back down from its high horse and turns it into a much more authentic bread rather than pastry.

I'm calling for a 7 day steep, but I can't say I feel it needs the extra time, if you're impatient it's good right off the shake but it should fully come into its own in the course of a week.


A tobacco recipe with creamy butterscotch custard topped with caramel popcorn and peanuts.

I love FLV tobaccos so, as its an all FLV recipe, I really wanted to do some sort of a tobacco mix. I used Vanilla Pudding as the custard base with a little added creaminess and mouthfeel from the Cream. FLV Butterscotch is one of my favourites, it's such a great butterscotch top note. Popcorn and Beer Nuts is a really nice combo plus the caramel note in Popcorn fills out the Butterscotch. I used a bolder, darker tobacco which adds some more depth and dimension to the mix.

Minimum steep - 7 days. But it takes 10-14 days for the tobacco and popcorn to fully come through.

Tested on Citadel RDA, 0.6ohms, around 35w.

This is a velvety smooth pistachio cream.  

If you're looking for more of a pistachio pudding, mix my other pistachio recipe. That recipe is my ADV and has been to this current day, May 2nd '21. I've made so many batches of that recipe before publicly releasing it.

The pistachio layer is made up of Green Joy (INW) + Pistachio (TFA) to add more depth. Both are pistachio pudding type flavors and if you do not have Green Joy, do yourself a big favor, get it! I got it directly from Inawera.

The cream layer consists of Buttercream Frosting (WF) which is a fluffy, sweet, and slightly buttery cream. This was chosen over (VT) vanilla buttercream frosting because that is far too buttery for this recipe. A little Sweet Cream (VT) helps give it wonderful mouthfeel.

A small touch of Butter Base (VT) was used after I tried @Developed Samoa Sammies recipe. I've been hooked on this flavor, it's incredible. That butter note is delicious with this pistachio.

Torrone (FA) coats your palate with sweetness and fullness. A light touch of Beer Nuts (FLV) works great with this recipe.

Sweeten to your liking.

I primarily use this in the Rebirth, Jenna, and Reload S rda. N80

Steep: 5-7 days (It's good off the shake)


Please comment and review if you mix this.

I was looking for a tobacco blend that wasn't sweet, but didn't want to go all the way into ashtray territory either. I wanted to capture the deep, rich aroma of a freshly opened pouch of Drum rolling tobacco and add a little smoke to that, and this comes close enough for government work.

FLV Red Burley and FLV Kentucky Blend are the body tobaccos and establish a deep "brown" foundation. FLV Oak Barrel dries things out a little bit and accents the woody elements, while FLV Beer Nuts adds just enough saltiness to push things a bit further into dry/savory territory.

INW Tobacco DNB adds ash and smoke, and helps counteract the sweetness of the VG.

OOO Smokey Bacon pushes things further into savory territory and enhances the smoky/ashy notes from INW Tobacco DNB. It adds some of the missing elements I was looking for in dry tobacco profiles.

This recipe sounds a little scary at first blush with INW Tobacco DNB at 1% and the presence of OOO Smokey Bacon, but I promise it doesn't taste like an overflowing pub ashtray seasoned with scorched bacon bits. Instead, it's a very pleasant, dry, savory, smoky tobacco. It's vapable straight from the mixing table, but if you let it sit overnight after mixing, it gets even better.

It's tailored for MTL builds, and my reference build for this recipe is a 1 ohm 26 gauge Kanthal coil, 3mm internal diameter, in a QP Gata RTA, running around 18-20 watts. For additional reference, I mixed this using Liquid Barn's 12mg premixed base, which is 80% VG and 20% PG. After mixing, it comes out around 75ish% VG.

The main hazelnut profile is provided by fw hazelnut with wf roasted hazelnut. I used WF roasted pecans and cream to add a nice toasty roasted note and flv beer nuts is added to add some salty goodness to the mix for an added touch of authenticity


A Salted Caramel Cheesecake with some hidden cookie dough chunks. Mixed for Fresh03's Mixathon


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