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(FLV) Banana

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Used in 331 recipes at an average of 1.02%.


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Cookies are good! Banana is good! So here is a recipe with banana and cookies! Creamy custard is a must for this recipe cause it boosts our banana stone. Steep 3 days. Enjoy!


A fanciful combination of banana and cactus, what else?

Banana and cactus? Is this guy even serious? Well, one word: yessiree! When I first started with this mad combination, I was intrigued by the absurdness of the concept but it turned out, to coin a phrase, absolutely fabulous! The sweet, runty banana notes are kept in place and stunningly enhanced by the contrasting cactus, resulting in a one of a kind flavour combonation...

The banana combo is compliments of @Tootall and is, by far, the best banana combo around. The distinctive ‘fake banana’ FLV, with its natural, ripe banana creaminess blends perfectly with the equally ripe and runty WF Banana Puree to create a decadent banana ‘pudding’.

INW Cactus is such an intriguing flavour that it just fits here as if it was meant to be paired with banana all this time! The inherent, albeit slight, hints of pear and citrus is the perfect companion to blend with the banana base. INW has noted that Cactus pairs well with banana and a few recipes are about, so this is not a total hairball idea...

This is good off the shake.

A milkshake banana full in milk and cream, while the milkshake base its an amazing concentrate and really helps to our mix to get the taste of a real milkshake. Give it 5 to 7 days to steep and enjoy!

This is my take on a s'more with added banana! Well baked biscuit, fluffy and light vanilla marshmallow along with milk chocolate and banana!

To be honest, I am not a fan of tobaccos myself. I do like banana pudding and decided to take a spin on that by making it a more adult flavor with bourbon.

Was asked to make a banana taffy type vape and came up with this. I love FLV banana in this, its got a perfect artificial banana that blends well with banana cream.

I wanted something different and different is what i got. I am in love with this unique banana blend. It's uniquely delicious. If you like sesame sweets by inawera and banana vapes in general then i dare say you will fall in love as well. I mean how cant you not love a fried glazed banana with sesame seeds sprinkled on top?? Give it a try you may be pleasantly surprised!!!! Once again this recipe proves my tried and true banana combo of wonder flavours banana puree and flavorah banana tastes like a real banana not a candy banana like most people think when they see flavorah banana. I use the flv banana to brighten up the banana puree and it works time and time again. It's just the banana combination for me!!!$$$

Sweetener: i used .35% flavorah sweetness. You can use or dont use your preferred sweetener at your preferred percentage its your choice.


Very nice smooth and creamy banana milk with honey , after 5 days steep it's very delicious.

This is my bourbon banana foster turned into a creme brulee. I was watching mixing vixens last night and they were doing creme brulee's and I remembered I had never released this take on one of my favorite recipes!!! Sorry for the lack of notes all I did was added creme brulee and custard by inawera and it worked great!!!


If you like banana cream/pudding vapes then this recipe is for you. This recipe was made with a banana pudding ice cream 🍦 with vanilla wafer chunks throughout. In my opinion it's exactly what I was looking. I think its delicious. Probably my new all time favorite banana cream type of flavor to date and that is saying quite a bit.

What I used and why:

My banana combination is the same combination i almost always use the percentages change depending on the profile. If you want a strong in your face bansns I used banana puree by wonder flavours and banana by flavorah . I absolutely love this combination. In this recipe I went a little light and delicate with the banana but I feel it's just perfect in my opinion of coarse. My ice cream/pudding base is a combination of toffee ice cream by vta and vanilla ice cream by lb and vanilla pudding by flv. Toffee ice 🍦 cream adds that thick buttery ice cream that I don't get from lb vanilla ice cream. For me toffee ice cream mixed with vanilla ice cream by lb makes a great buttery ice cream base for me. The ice cream flavor i was going for was a banana pudding ice cream flavor with vanilla wafer chunks throughout so if course I had to use vanilla pudding for my pudding component and biscuit by inawera as my vanilla wafers. The biscuit may be able to be bumped up being that the vanilla wafer note is light at best but overall it's just delicious. If the profile sounds good to you then just mix it you won't be disappointed!!!
I kept the banana 🍌 as low a percentage as I possibly could and still get a good banana flavor. If for any reason you want a 💪 stronger banana flavor then boost both bananas .25% each at a time and you will end up finding the perfect banana percentage for you but for me this is the perfect percentages. 😘

Sweetener: I used .35% of sweetness by Flavorah but feel free to use or don't use your preferred sweetener.

Steep time: 7 days but it's a banana cream recipe so it will keep getting better and better the longer you wait ✋.

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