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Delicious Watermelon / Fruit mix that just tantalizes your tongue!
Overnight steep is all this one needs,
Mix it up, throw on some Stones, kick back and enjoy 😛
Optional: Add 3 to 6 drops Strawberry FLV per 30ml
As always, adjust sweetener to your preference.

A sweet candy mix of banana, strawberry and bubblegum. Adjust the amount of sweetener to your own liking.

It's as if all of THE best pancake toppings have come to partay. Up in here? Up in here! And whoops! They forgot to invite the pancakes. How deliciously evil! But don't worry because there's some Ben & Jerry's-type shit going on right here, so I should probably describe it like this:

Vanilla & banana flavoured ice-cream rippled with Pure Canadian maple syrup swirls and gobs of chunky peanut butter etc. etc..

Originally mixed at 80:20 VG:PG / 3mg Nic / PUR Super Sweet @ 0.50%

Tested on the usual dotRDA, single coil, 3.0 ⌀, 4/5w, Badazd's 28G SFQ Wire (SS316L) @ 0.19 Ω / 70.0w

This recipe came about after a week or so toying with pancake mixes with most featuring FLV Maple Bar. I love the depth and authenticity of this flavour, to me it conveys pure maple syrup vs. a 'maple-flavoured' syrup. I'm a fan of maple syrup and banana on pancakes, so naturally, a maple/banana mix was on the cards. Something about this flavour though had me wanting to mix something salty into it. My mind went to maple and bacon pancakes, like the Americans do so well, I tried it once, and indeed it was good. I also wanted to make a maple/nut bar of some kind. I was in the mood for experimenting though and thought I would try it out with some FLV Beer Nuts after reading about the flavour on r/DIY_eJuice and how it worked so well in Gruber Grape (shame on me for having still not tried that yet! But, I'm poor!)

How's about some pure and proper maple syrup slathered over some lightly salted beer nuts and fried banana? Even better, throw some ice cream on there. Now we're talking.

Recipe Notes
Beer Nuts is used very low at 0.10% - It's all that is needed. Make a 10 - 20% dilution or use the 'wipe a half-drop on the inside neck of the mix bottle' method like I used. Use your best judgement to determine which end of that scale you'll tip by asking yourself, how much do I really like nuts?

To all of my followers - Thanks for the support - I like every one of all nineteen of you. I'm still working on that pancake recipe but here's a delightful creation for you try in the meantime.

Head over to ELR if you want to see the progression of my mixing career in recipe form or want to know somewhat more about me.
Link: https://bit.ly/3ddJKsl

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Reduced banana to 0.50%

If you've ever had the Banana Pudding doughnut you know how incredible they are. Subs really aren't going to work with this one so sorry in advance. A lot of people really dislike TPA pie crust but it works GREAT in this recipe so I'm asking you to trust me. This is a sweet, banana pudding doughnut and all the ingredients (to me) work together really well. Hope you enjoy it!

MARIGOLD .. a shining and a new banana ice cream flavour, it will brings you back to your childhood memories

Mix it with 70-30 vg/pg
Ws-23 here is optional so you can remove it .

Banana Forward with sweet hints of butterscotch and caramel in a custard base.

Fresh banana & butterscotch topped with a dollop of fresh cream & chocolate shavings.

This is a deceptively simple recipe which packs a wallop of flavor! A simple combo of classic flavors recreates the childhood treat of banana with butterscotch and cream.

Flv Banana is a creamy, natural, ripe banana which permeates through the vape without trying to be the boss. The banana will eagerly accept the lashings of goodness about to be bestowed on it as it knows it needs a little help to shine.

The butterscotch & cream combo is a fabulously rich and decadent topping which provides a luxurious & classic flavor combo.

FLV Acai is the secret ingredient here & plays a couple of roles. This mysterious berry is the fruit of the Acai palm tree and its flavor profile is a cross between blackberry, raspberry and chocolate. The inherent tartness and realistic, rich, berry flavour enhances the relatively linear banana, balancing the sweetness.
The chocolate shavings comes from the acai berry’s natural cocoa characteristics & provides a rich, natural chocolate note

Gibe this baby 5 days or so to fully develop & enjoy!


My version of the popular strawnana recipe . If you prefer then you can add sweetener @ 0.5%
This mix needs to steep for at least 10 days

My take on the lockdown classic. Everyones baking it, so I ate mine with tobacco.

A creamy rich Banana Custard tart with Butterscotch and a hint of Vanilla . For the base i used TPA Pie Crust with INW Biscuit . I also added a touch of VT Butter Base for a richer buttery taste and to add mouthfeel to the recipe . VT Banana Custard has become a real favourite of mine . I do find that in bakeries the Banana can seem quite weak and so i have added some FLV Banana to help push it more to the front . I have added FA Custard Premium and FLV Vanilla Pudding to increase texture and mouthfeel . The Vanilla Pudding also helps with vanilla notes . I have added sweetener but this is optional depending on personal preference

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