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(FLV) Avocado

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct

Used in 45 recipes at an average of 1.563%.


7 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

An Apple Cider Donut!

I'm getting a nice cinnamon sugar old fashioned donut with some light frosting and a nice hint of apple cider.

The Nic Vape Old Fashioned Donut adds the old fashioned donut that nothing else on the market does.

Zeppola and fluffy white cake give you the lightly glazed cinnamon sugar.

Glazed donut gives you a light yeastiness.

Avacado gives you greasiness.

Delectable Streaks of Bambou, Swedish Fish brazed lightly in Cinnamon served on a bed of rice and finished off with freash creamy avocado.

Live Mixing Recipe created for: SaturDIY'ing with fresh03 and Friends: Ladies Takeover 2!


⭐NOTE* Oatmeal in this recipe is Oatmeal & Milk (FE) - This flavor has not yet been added to ATF⭐


🏷️ An Avocado, Banana, & Cheesecake Milkshake recipe with bits of Oatmeal.

At the front is a mild and authentic creamy Avocado and semi-ripe natural Banana. At the base; a creamy milkshake utilizing LB's Vanilla Ice Cream and FA's Premium custard. The milkshake base is complimented with FE's Oatmeal & Milk along with INW's fatty and rich Yes, We Cheesecake; providing a nice thick finish.

➧Tested Live same day, it is a balanced mix with mild avocado notes with stronger banana notes. I would like to see how this steeps out after 1 - 2 weeks. The addition of FW Sweetener @ 0.25% is optional.

What happens when you combine a botanical gin with some chopped up avocado add some gomme syrup, lemon juice and top it all off with some chilli sauce?? Should it work??? It actually does very well.

Take this recipe as a bit of fun as much as I’m enjoying it it’s never going to win recipe of the year but it does highlight what can be done with flavours at first glance you wouldn’t deem workable.

VTA botanical gin is such an awesome gin it highlights what a gin should be without really needing anything else to compliment it. It holds up very well to what you throw in there with it and it’s profile hits you on the inhale every time without fail.

FLV Avocado is very accurate it has some meaty inner flesh that’s very creamy,fatty and slightly nutty in its texture adding a little guanabana lifts this flavour to another level giving it a more creamy tropical flavour without losing what it’s meant to be.

VTA Lemonade clear and sour lemon add the gomme and some acidity to the gin and avocado. Creating gomme isn’t something I’m familiar with it’s basically a simple syrup however a lemonade flavour should mimic this very well without just dumping sweetener in there that could mute flavours.

FLV Heat seems strange but I wanted to finish this cocktail with a little twist. Think of this as a dressing avocado is always dressed with some kind of dressing especially in salads so why not here. Let’s mimic the FLV heat here as a little chilli 🌶 sauce drizzle over the top. It honestly works gin,avocado,lemon and a little heat at the end is just wonderful.

Mix it up and see for yourself I could of showcased gin the traditional way but who wants boring


Was cruising around town and went to our local Oriental restaurant and behold they had an Avocado Milkshake :) so i spoke to one of the servers and they told me how they prepare it ..so here is my rendition of what i tasted and how they prepared, i have FLV avocado and was wondering how i could use it in a recipe ... so with that said enjoy...

FLV avocado isn't exactly a realistic avocado, but they did a very good job capturing that fatty thickness you get from an avocado. The reality is an avocado isn't packed with a ton of flavor to begin with. You get more of the actual taste as it lingers rather than when you vape it, but none the less this is the closest to avocado out of the others I've tried. This flavoring is actually fairly strong and can be used lower depending what you're doing, I liked it most in this at 0.75% to stand up to the creams. It needed to separate itself rather than just thicken things up, which you can also use this for lower at around 0.25%.
I initially created this using VTA creamy avocado because I had it first, and while that was also very good, this was more in line with the actual flavor. The VTA offering is also nice and fatty, but I get a heavier nutty banana like note from it. FLV also has a bit of this going on but not as much. I like the VTA offering a lot as a sub, but it's completely different from this even though it's very good in here as well. If that's all you have, throw it in at 1.5% for a really good recipe of it's own.

This is a nice rich ice cream base to go along with that fatty avocado. It will need a good 4-5 days for the buttery note in the creams to tone down and let the coconut come out a bit more.
The coconut is a nice and sweet layer that lays in here underneath all that thick goodness. I know this is an odd profile, but I can tell you it's very good and I can't get enough of it.
If you like thick creamy mixes this is right up your alley.


A cinnamon sugar donut with a dusting of Kinako Soy Powder.

You get a lovely dried peanut powder flavor from the kinako soy, the avacado adds a lovely creamy/fatty mouth feel that actually goes quite nicely with the grittiness from the kinako soy.

Donut base is a donut base.

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