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(FLV) Apple Filling

By: Flavorah (FLV)

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Apple Persimmon Pie With Bourbon Caramel And Hazelnuts


This is just a straight up apple fritter mix. Let it steep for a few weeks for more of the authentic donut to come out. Sweet dough is a really nice donut flavor with no play dough notes. I was using the almond because I was experimenting with using almond to separate the base from the glaze, I'm not sure about all that but this is a good vape. Great for the cooler weather.

This recipe is one my hubby requests over and over. Hopefully you'll like it too. 😁 Go easy on me it's my first public one. 😚


This my first 1-2-3 recipe. The Virginia Tobacco is a sweet, leafy flavor. I used TPA Pear and FLV Apple Filling to bend it into something else entirely. I wouldn't really say this qualifies as a tobacco recipe. It's more of a rustic and light autumnal fruit mix with a hint of cinnamon. The steeping part is up to you. It works as a shake and vape recipe, but FLV tobaccos are known to get better at the two week mark.


WF Peach pie and cream is supported by the peachy nectarine flavor of MB nectar peach.
The FA apple provides a light crust, the FLV apple filling and FA custard for some added moisture.
The Princess cake for a touch of fluffiness and rounded off with some vanilla cream.

I build the doughnut base from Zeppola and Vanilla cupcake added a touch of Funnel cake to thicken the recipe up a bit and give it some mouth feel but kept it low to avoid the play dough taste. I love the way FLV apple pie filling, FW apple pie and and FA Fuji apple taste when combined and I cooked the apples a little further and created the cider part of the recipe by adding Liquid amber. finally the Meringue and caramel make up the outer sugary layer of the doughnut. I think it is sweet enough but if you want it sweeter 0.75% FW sweetener is optional. FYI mlNikon rocks!

The WF-Glazed Donut combined with the WF-Fluffy White Cake form the foundation of this cake doughnut. The FLV-Pumpkin Bread was added to darken the cake and add some more spice. The FLV-Eggnog was thrown in for the spice as well as to add moisture and a bit more egg to the cake mix. The FLV-Apple Filling brings just a hint of that apple cider taste on the exhale. The FLV-Rich Cinnamon along with the OOO-Powdered Sugar make up my outer coating. I felt that it needed a touch more vanilla and sweetness so I threw in the DFS-Holy Vanilla and CAP-Super Sweet for good measure. You can add whatever sweetener you prefer though. I also need to thank Alfred Pudding for helping me get through my basket of possible flavor combinations at the last minute. I was sick and my brain needed some guidance. He helped me tremendously by letting me bounce my ideas off of him.


The cooler months have FINALLY arrived! It's bakery season!! A day off from real life work has afforded me the opportunity to drop this beauty. This is my rendition of a Crock Pot Butterscotch Apple Pudding Crisp, a favorite of mine at family holiday get togethers.

FLV Apple Filling This ingredient provides a solid cinnamon with a light apple jelly texture.

FA Fuji Used to boost the lack of apple brought to the party with FLV's Apple Filling.

FLV Vanilla Pudding Accurate implementation of vanilla pudding, if but a little light in the thick department. Needs a little help in the vanilla department but it's very creamy after a good steep,

INW Custard Included in the final version to tie in the egg to the bread and slightly enhance the vanilla note and creamy body.

FW Butterscotch Ripple Just a dash to contribute to the rich profile and overall sweetness.

WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough Just a dash of breadiness to help with the "crumb" note.

TPA Brown Sugar An important element to the real life recipe, I felt it's inclusion would benefit this mix. Turns out, I was right. It adds a richness to the profile.

Steep Time: Important to note, this recipe is a steeper. Emulsification is going to be your friend with this mix.

Optional flavor 0.50% NicVape Old Fashioned Donut to bump up donut flavor and add a light "donut grease note" (If you don't have this flavor, you may want to bump the WF Donut 1% or add your favorite donut flavor to bump that note up a hair

I was going for an apple spiced donut and that's pretty much what it tastes like to me. My dad (who vapes higher wattage) says it tastes like Apple Jacks... so IDK. Either way, I think it's good.

I really enjoy Red tea ( also known as a Roobios tea) and with the weather starting to turn cool on the east coast I start making loose leaf tea by the bucket loads. loads. So when I say that FLV does tea really well, I speak from experience, and their red tea is spot on for me. This is a slightly sweet earthy vanilla maple base with some brighter fruit top notes. it makes for a very nice easy all day vape . This was mixed for the All flavorah November contest

Apple filling provides some body to this mix some spice and cider notes that accent this mix at this percent..

Ginger peach Persimmon and Red tea combine to create a natural sweet bright almost creamy peach note with a deep woodsy caramel vanilla back note from the red tea. . Persimmon has some citrus peach notes that provide some bright top note to this mix. The ginger sits on top and is noticeable on the exhale . The deeper notes of the red tea come out after a 3 - 5 day period.

milk and honey adds some darker base sweet caramel notes that anchor this mix and add some creamy body

vanilla bean is an accent used to pull out the vanilla note that is part of the ginger peach and red tea.

** cream** adds some body and blends this mix.

NOTE : I enjoy a sweeter tea hence the additional of sweetness, which I find to be a sweetener that adds the most natural type of sweetness to a mix like this - but use the sweetener of your choice

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