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(FLV) Apple Filling

By: Flavorah (FLV)

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A nice flavorful Ice Cream vape , im sure will tickle your dessert senses, i have been on a little hiatus collecting my thoughts and trying to figure some things out but ...Im back to mixing ... Hope @Shakenvape 007 , @Folkart and @Luadr are fairing well?? miss our antics and the shows as well as all of our supporters but im not gonna let a bump in the road end my mixing so i hope everyone enjoys this recipe .. Agian thanks everyone who supported the DMC

So i really wanted to nail down a little debbie fruit pie - with that fried dough, sugary glaze and gooey sweet filling that lingers.

The use of deep fried dough, butter and pie crust gets me that type of little debbie fruit pie crust I was after

The filling I used is FA apple filling at a higher percent then I have ever used ( thanks to DaddyKane91 for that tip) and was able to get that true apple pie filling with cinnamon, and cooked apple. The country apple was added for a more prominent cooked apple filling.

The frosting provides that sweet coating on the pie shell.

The Quince jelly was added for some tart bright fruit top notes notes along with the VTA golden syrup, for a owwie Gooyey texture that coats your mouth and lingers which is exactly what I wanted

The cinnamon tends to settle down after a 3 - 5 days and the apple pops up more -

Mixed the for the year in mixing cereal challenge. This is a deliscious cinnamon toast crunch cereal apple desert. The apple gooeyness is made from FLV apple filling, Pur country apple, and FLV milk and honey. What you get is a carmalized cooked apple filling. The cereal base is made up of FLV cinnamon crunch and cereal 27. The Toasted marshmallow is to bind everything together.

The Profile Im going For here is a nice skillet full of Fried Spiced Apples garnished with Pecans, Of course i Chose FLV Apple Filling as My main Flavor because its freaking awesome....I moved away from Eden Apple on this one, due to Down south we tend to mix the apples with red and granny smith tart apples ...the Granny Smiths add that tartness to the mix, along with that i chose Shape up Pear to give the mix that apple texture. So .....so far we have a pretty easy mix .....
Zepolla was used to add that fried note ,,, then i chose Brown Sugar and butter pecan for my sauce and pecan layer. and rounded the whole mix of with a little Sweetner to bring everything together .... it smells divine....allow it to sit for a day to mellow out ... and enjoy

After Careful Deliberation i decided to redo the previous version s of this recipe, there where some off notes i just wasn't digging in there... so on to the new new ... loaded this one down on the cream notes i really want that to stand along side the awesomeness of the FLV apple filling .. man that's a great flavor ... i was getting a very noticeable anise note on the vapor train FVIC at the 4% i initially used so i toned that back to 2% and it was a whole different vape... hoping to zero in on this recipe to make it a banger..


doin some lab work with different Ice creams hope everyone enjoys choose your IC

This is a remixed addition spawned from the DDU challenge. Very nicely spiced pear!
I used a 10% dilution of Rich Cinnamon, at .50 percent. Which, I believe is .05%...

A sweet Apple pie filling right out of the fucking can, just like mom never made.

Get some.



You know those cinnamon apple side dishes you get at rib joints, or in your sad microwave Hungry Man dinners?

PUR Country Apple is a plain baked apple. Adding a little FLV Apple Filling takes it from plain to subtly cinnamon-spiced. But what's still missing is all the goopy sweet stuff that's really the best part. The Apple Filling has a lot of that all by itself, and a touch of sweetener goes a long way to finishing it. But a little pat of butter is still missing. VT Golden Syrup instead of sweetner brings the sticky sweet and a just-right hint of buttery goodness in one. Overnight steep.


Well for Starters FLV hit it out the park with the Apple Pie filling Flavor, it is pretty spot on for a Hostess or McDonald's Hot apple pie filling or Very close to a Krispy Kreme Apple filled doughnut...... this flavor is amazing i tested it @ 4% and wanted a little more of that sweet filling so i added another % to it .and im glad i did... all it needed was a good baked pie shell to round it off , as i do not have any pastry bases i had to make my own ,So i chose the following as my pie crust base : FLV Graham cracker,Cookie Dough and INW Biscuit..IMHO it has all the elements of a flaky pastry crust and that coupled with the FLV Apple Pie filling made this recipe absolutely divine.. I really hope this gets the looks it deserves it is a very good and simple recipe ....ENJOY!!! DK91

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