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Vanilla Apple Caramel Smoothie

An aptly named combo for these times - so good it should be shot straight into 'em veins!

Vanilla Ice Cream by LB is my go-to VIC as I am a pepper taster...This creamy beauty adds volumes of vanilla and cream to bolster the delectable smoothie base.
Apple Filling by provides the most authentic cinnamon-spiced apple around.
Caramel by FA is (still) the undisputed champion of Caramels = thick & creamy caramel goodness...
Smoothie base by FLV amalgamates the flavours and provides a touch of lemony goodness to make the apple pop ever so slightly.

Give this baby 3 days to settle and get ready to get VACS'ed!

Apple pie w/ extra crust and cinnamon. Great shake n vape, richer n buttery after a week steep.

A Cranberry & Apple Pie finished with a serving of Vanilla Cream, created for the Fresh From the Kitchen monthly challenge (Fall Recipe)

Tested on a Hussar II Rda with a 2.5mm I.D Ni80 Alien @ 39watts

Off the Shake:
I am getting a heavy apple filling with a slight cranberry & pie base with a hint of cream,

Day 3:
After 3 days it has developed its pie base that is buttery thanks to the Flavor Art Apple Pie & Wonder Flavours Shortbread Cookie, the apple filling and cranberry are both presenting themselves, all the spice notes have settled and are currently offering a good spice note to the Mix. The creams are there but still not as pronounced as I intended.

Day 5:
Tested on a Haku Riviera Single 0.2ohm Alien coil @ 48 watts
FA Apple Pie/ WF Shortbread Cookie are giving me a buttery Pie crust, the fruits are where I want them to be with the right amount of spice, the pear & liquid amber are giving me the stewed fruit texture that I am after. The cream is starting to sit into the tail of the vape as intended, however would still like it to be more prominent.

Day 7: The cream is finally present & playing its role in finishing off the pie.

Day 10: Everything has settled into its place and I am getting a nice buttery dessert pie crust with a stewed apple & cranberry filling with a light amount of spice, finished with a serving of a vanilla cream.

Sticky sweet apple filled enchilada with a cinnamon sugar coating and a light cream cheese drizzle.

Recipe break down:
"Sugar Cookie V1 Cap" I'll be using this to add a plain sweet cookie dough with sugar sprinkle.
"Pazzo Burlone Joker" A sweet dough taste to back up the "Deep Fried Pastry Dough SC WF" coupled with some hints of cream to help the "Vanilla Custard Cheesecake OOO" when used low as we will be doing.
"Deep Fried Pastry Dough SC WF" brings that greasy deep fried mouthfeel to our dough.
"Brown Sugar NF" @ 0.25% just to add a little more darkness to the cinnamon sugar coating.
"Country Apple PUR" is well known for that "cooked apple" flavor profile.
"Apple Filling FLV" makes for a perfect cinnamon apple sticky filling to wrap those apple chunks from "Country Apple PUR" in.
"Vanilla Custard Cheesecake OOO" used low @ 0.8% for a perfect cream cheese drizzle dripping down all over the enchilada.

One drop of "Rich Cinnamon FLV" per 30ml to infuse cinnamon to that sugar coating.

The sweetener used is up to you but i would suggest "Super Sweet Cap" between 1 drop per 15ml all the way up to 0.5% depending on how sweet you want it. Personally I use 1 drop per 15ml in most my mixes just to make flavors pop as I find that to much sweetener is just that....too much.

Just a simple apple pie

FLV Apple Filling and Pur Country apple form the filling here. FLV apple filling is a great cinnamon baked apple and country apple backs that up nicely adding some more baked apple body that stands up nicely to the crust. FA Apple pie has a very slight hint of apple as well that helps to tie this together with the crust.

The crust, arguably the best part of any apple pie, is formed by none other than OOO Pie Crust along with some FA Apple pie. WF crumble topping gives a nice crunchy, sugary, feel to the crust that I think was missing in some of my earlier renditions of this flavor profile.

Nothing crazy going on here, just a pretty simple, but delicious apple pie mix.

This little beauty is sure to send your taste buds on a wild adventure!! With its bright Medley of rhubarb and deliciously full Apple compote,finished off with blood plum and and almond custard,really what’s not to love about the sound of that!! I’m proper enjoying this,it’s definitely unique but I can assure you as much as of a unique profile it is,it’s equally delicious! I vape this straight off the shake and it really is good to go. 😀 if you mix up and enjoy my work please leave a short review and rating. Stay safe guys and gals. 💙


One of the first recipes me and my friend Nat came up with when I first started mixing, tweaked to be a bit fuller. This juice is based off of my 2 favorite foods (and lets be honest, who doesn't like these) Apple Pie and Donuts. I found that Country Apple and Apple Filling worked very well to compliment each other, the Apple Filling gives a nice full spiced caramelized apple flavor and Country Apple to add that nice bright baked feeling to the filling. Zeppola is used to help give a nice and full donut and the deep fried pastry dough just rounds it off with making it nice and heavy with a nice touch of powdered sugar.

A nice and bright red apple pie. Very very nice!

this is a delicious apple pie cupcake that can be vaped while sitting around the Christmas 🎄

Warming apple and cinnamon up front with a creamy rice pudding on the finish. I've been really enjoying vaping this during the miserably cold winter weather.

FLV Apple Filling and PUR Country Apple are a really lovely combo. They taste very autumnal, especially with that lovely cinnamon note Apple Filling has.

I used FE Sweet Rice for the main rice note. VT Rice Base adds a little more dimension as well as helping the Sweet Rice not to fade. I wanted to make the rice pudding layer as simple as possible so I started off with just the FE and VT rice layer and TFA Bavarian Cream. But the little bit of FLV Cream really helped add more creaminess and just overall improved it.

I often don't use sweetener but I found this mix needed some. I thought it wasn't quite sweet enough for the profile. It also subdued the apple slightly to allow the rice pudding to come through more. I don't think you'd necessarily need to use FW. I've used CAP SS in another rice pudding recipe and it worked fine.

Can vape after an overnight steep. But the apple comes through more after 2 days and I found it really improved after 3 days. The apple is more present and its overall better balanced. It also gets creamier, richer and the layers blend together better.

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