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(FLV) Alpine Strawberry

By: Flavorah (FLV)

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This is a juicy dragonfruit, topped with fresh strawberries, light apple body, and finish of kiwi

Made on "Live Mixing: Refreshments"
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3gfmEQNWBg

FLV Alpine Strawberry and FLV Graham Cracker= EFlavorBags concentrates (they wouldn't pop up in ATF), Could probably sub them out with similar FLV flavorings or other flavorings if you wanna mess with the percentages you could use others.

Additionally I add: 2-3 Drops CAP Super Sweet per 30ml and 2 drops FW Cake Batter Dip per 30ml.

FLV Poundcake is definitely the star of the show here and I pushed it up to 4% to get that coconut flavor to come to the front. Poundcake is one of FLV's less strong and more forgiving flavors and it works well this high (never taken it higher though)
CAP Vanilla Custard V1 is my cheat code for super sweet thick rich vanilla, I love the flavor and mouthfeel when combined with cakes and cookies. The Poundcake and Vanilla Custard create a great dense vanilla and coconut flavor that tastes like those little shreds of coconut that come in Mounds bars or the stuff you get at WinCo. With the addition of CAP Vanilla Cupcake, it's just a really good profile that you can use for just about anything that goes good with vanilla and coconut.
PUR Condensed Milk is a phenomenal flavor, if you haven't tried it I urge you to get some.
SBF Graham Cracker is my favorite graham cracker flavoring of them all, it's very true to it's name and you don't need much. A little goes a long way. I used it at 2% because I wanted that rough graham note to power through all the lighter cakes and to work with the CAP VC to give that DAAPy thickness we all love.

Inbox me and let me know what you guys think!

Other suggestions: CAP Sugar Cookie, TFA Strawberry Ripe, Coconut flavors (if the coconut note in the Poundcake just isn't enough, LB Lava Cake, CAP Lemon Meringue, and a tad bit of Yellow Cake. I've tried most of those in there and it's pretty much always good (as long as you don't go overboard) but I'm most pleased with the SBF Strawberry.

I was just messing around with Blackberry Blossom and new I wanted to make a lemonade with it. I originally had the blossom at 1% but it had a hard time holding up to the Alpine and Lemonade. So I kept increasing it until I felt it was very present but not taking over. I wanted to just keep this simple but I'll probably be adding a bunch of variations, in the future.

FLV Blackberry Blossom - I was scared when I seen this flavor was coming my way. But this has completely taken me by surprise. Very well balanced between the berry and floral. This flavor is a very dark and musky flavor with a touch of sweetness. This will pair well with other berries and stone fruits. Definitely adding some brighter flavors, such as citrus (lemon), will make this flavor POP.

FLV Lemonade - This is very much like Country Time or a premixed lemonade. You get a good amount of sweetness with a very little bit of a tartness. Despite it leaning towards a powdered mix, doesn't come off dry at all.

Alpine Strawberry - Ever since this flavor came out I've wanted to find something that would pair well with it. Well, FLV delivered with the Blackberry Blossom. Alpine is very authentic with just a touch of a floral note. I don't recommend trying to bury this in a mix. It's very strong and even at this tiny amount, will sit at the top of your recipe. It's hard for me to recommend this flavor, giving it's price. But, if you already have it, try pairing it with florals and other fruits. Also, if you have trouble tasting strawberries, this is a good one to have. No chance you're not tasting it.

WS-23 - I've had Koolada but can't stand the off notes. FA Polar Blast was alright but found myself not getting the desired coolness from it. Plus it irritated my throat a bit. A big shout goes to @Fear for bringing this flavor to my attention and telling me where to get it. I can't rave enough about this. Best cooling agent on the market, IMO.

edit - Name changed from Black Lemonade

A creamy and thick yogurt filled with light strawberry accents and kiwi zing. Great after 5 days of steeping


A remix Method1's Lemonaids which is a remix of SlashaLO's Satyra.

This shit bangs. No subs possible. Best damn ratio of concentrates in the game. Fuck me up, fam.

ATF won't allow me to put the accurate steep day for this one, so please note that this recipe is best at about 5 days BEFORE you mix it. Trust me.


This is a great ripe fruity summer vape with a lot of flavor! I have quickly turned it into one of my ADV. I made it for a girlfriend who is a big fan of pineapple. She wanted to be on a beach somewhere & this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy <3


Just a nice play on some not so commonly used berries. It is a good blend of flavors leaving a green accent behind to keep you guessing. It's a little weird a bit strange and a lot berry but that's what I wanted something different for my palate. It is Berrylicious!!!!!! What do you think???? I realize this is a rather pricey $$$$$ mix. It is nothing like my normal recipes and I wouldn't rush out to buy the ingredients but it is a good use of these somewhat weird flavors. I hadn't been able to use alpine strawberry up to this point. I was more or less trying to utilize alpine strawberry in a mix.

A floral, clean mix to highlight FLV Alpine Strawberry. FLV Basil works wonderfully here, pairing with the earthy notes of Alpine, and adding a nice herbal note to compliment the sweetness. FW Huckleberry adds a bit more credibility to FLV Alpine strawberry, an actual berry note to take it from strawberry flavor concentrate to actual strawberry flavor. TFA Honeysuckle went in here to supplement the sweetness of the strawberry and floral-ness of the basil.

Don't vape this after 24 hours. Wait the full 4 days. You've been warned.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Skid v Dent

I loved this recipe and wanted to tinker with it outside of the constraints of a contest. As much as I enjoyed it with CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl, FLV is the King of cinnamons so I wanted to introduce some of them to this pairing.

Initially I went with Rich Cinnamon, which was good but balancing it was quite difficult. I had also tried FLV Red Apple in here as I would have liked a darker and softer apple with the Cavendish and Fig. Upon smelling FLV's Apple Filling, it immediately struck me as a blend of Rich Cinnamon and Red Apple; while this does seem to be the case, the balance on the two is incredible, making this task easy. With a softer rounder apple, the Strawberry ripe becomes less of a necessity to soften the edges of the recipe, and with the cinnamon in Apple Filling being less invasive than Cinnamon Danish Swirl, the Strawberry flavor is more pronounced as well.

Just a revisit of one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!


I made this as a joke but it actually turned out pretty good.

This recipe is obviously a spin off of /u/ID10-T original Strap on and I wanted to create something with all Flavorah. Be sure to try the original! https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/6487

It has a very oddly addictive taste...and it's expensive as hell.

If you mix this up let me know what you think or did different!

FLV Alpine Strawberry - This is a absolute fantastic strawberry flavor for a pure fruit type vapes. It can stand up to even the strongest of flavors and manage to punch it's way through. Really the backbone of this mix.

FLV Apple Pop - This is going to be a more niche use flavor but I fell in love with the flavor the first time I mixed it. It tastes of a mix between a candy apple and fresh apple while still having a sweet candy finish. The most unique thing this flavor provides is a sweet candy apple finish with the flavor of the apple skin. Out of all their apple flavors this seemed to fit the best in this mix.

FLV Wild Melon - As a fanatical melon lover this is my all time favorite melon flavor. It tastes like a mix of honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon. Apsolutely perfect for this recipe as it sits it is the body of the mix; helping the watermelon.

FLV Watermelon - This flavor will turn some people off. It has a candy watermelon taste while still bringing the green rind notes along with it. If you are not too keen on the green taste then drop this down to 1.5%. I personally found the flavor provided some interesting top notes to the mix. This flavor isn't really strong and lacks a lot of body but the top notes are great and really helped bring the recipe into a unique direction.

Flavor Notes

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