(FLV) Acai

A lightly tart, dark berry flavor with a cocoa finish.

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct

Used in 77 recipes at an average of 1.039%.


Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 15 wrap 26g 3mm Nifethal 70 coils @.16 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: FLV Acai @ 1% and 1 drop per 10 ml (about .25%), 60/40 VG/PG, Steeped 10 days.

Flavor Description: A lightly tart, dark berry flavor with a cocoa finish. Slightly dry, soft flavor with much in the way of sweetness or juice to it. Well balanced overall. No single part of this is really overwhelming, although it seems like the kind of flavor that will be really easy to pick out in a mix.

Inhale is tart and a bit acidic with a dry flat blueberry sweetness. Moderately dense, even at low percentages. Exhale has a really soft dark berry flavor up front. The base of the berry here tastes flat and muted, without a ton of body to it. Some errant tartness in the top notes, but not nearly as acidic as the inhale. No real floral edge here, at least at these percentages. Back half of the exhale is solid cocoa for me. Not a powdery hot chocolate mix kind of note, and not the really aggressive cocoa of something like FA Cocoa. More like a cocoa nib. Overall effect isn't terribly sweet, but it isn't dry enough to be completely astringent or anything. Lingering cocoa on the palate.

Off Flavors: Did you know that real Acai apparently has a cocoa note to it? I had no idea. I've never had a straight acai berry, it's always been in a juice blend or covered in chocolate. I had always assumed that it was all tartness, I had no idea the actual fruit kind of tasted like chocolate. So, it's not really an off note but more of a teaching moment for me?

Throat Hit: Light. There is a bit of an acidic, tart edge to that berry flavor.

Uses & Pairings: I'd primarily use this as a bridge between berry and chocolate flavors. I think the cocoa here is probably enough to read as the cocoa component for a lighter chocolate mix solo, so you'd be free to use something with less mouthfeel issues like FW White Chocolate to bring in the cocoa butter. The berry here is also fairly unobtrusive and work well to reinforce blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries. I've messed around with chocolate and berry mixes before, and half the battle is getting a clear chocolate flavor that won't absolutely destroy your coils. 10 ml in and I still don't have any noticeable coil gore and it doesn't seem to suffer from any kind of pronounced chalkiness at 1% and under.

This is going to be a bit harder to work in a situation where you just want either berries or chocolate. I think both of those flavors really tend to come out in mixes, so this may be a better flavor for a fairly limited niche as opposed to a more versatile straight berry or chocolate flavor.


S&V concentration testing, another fairly potent flavor from Flavorah with a fairly narrow band of usefulness. At .25% this flavor is just a bit too soft and indistinct. The berry and the cocoa kind of mush together into a slightly odd soft mix. At .5% I'm getting a clear seperation on the berry and cocoa. Still lacking a bit of punch, but it feels like a complete flavor. .75% has a noticeable tartness on the berry. 1% is getting a touch acidic. The body of the berry is still fairly soft and sitting in the background. Cocoa is definitely there but not overwhelming. 1% is getting a bit sour and acidic up front. The inhale is getting a bit too aggressive solo. Cocoa seems unchanged from .75%. 1.5% is getting too acidic up front and the cocoa is a bit chalky. I'd start with this at .5 or .75% and work up to maybe 1.25% if you really want the tartness of the acai to show up in a mix.

FWIW, the cocoa here is super noticeable in the actual smell of the concentrate and the vapor. The significant other walked into the room and immediately picked it out. I'm currently visiting family and took a bunch of fruitier concentrates to test in some sealed tupperware. It was driving me nuts trying to figure out where that chocolate smell was coming from. I found it, It was the Acai all along.

Second Opinions:

Nah, not really. I couldn't find anything all that useful.

Here's the product page from Flavorah. Their description: "Tart red berry, crisp and dry. Acai is a light flavor that can be added as a top note or subtle note on a base. Not a base flavor in itself, but good to add dimensions to a full bodied flavor that needs high end zip." I mean, they make the flavor and all that, but I can't say I really agree with that product description. I don't get an overwhelming tartness and there is quite a bit of softer round flavor rather than crisp. Also, they don't mention that cocoa note going on here either and I think that's a pretty defining characteristic.

DIY_eJuice Flavor Reviews

7 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Fresh banana & butterscotch topped with a dollop of fresh cream & chocolate shavings.

This is a deceptively simple recipe which packs a wallop of flavor! A simple combo of classic flavors recreates the childhood treat of banana with butterscotch and cream.

Flv Banana is a creamy, natural, ripe banana which permeates through the vape without trying to be the boss. The banana will eagerly accept the lashings of goodness about to be bestowed on it as it knows it needs a little help to shine.

The butterscotch & cream combo is a fabulously rich and decadent topping which provides a luxurious & classic flavor combo.

FLV Acai is the secret ingredient here & plays a couple of roles. This mysterious berry is the fruit of the Acai palm tree and its flavor profile is a cross between blackberry, raspberry and chocolate. The inherent tartness and realistic, rich, berry flavour enhances the relatively linear banana, balancing the sweetness.
The chocolate shavings comes from the acai berry’s natural cocoa characteristics & provides a rich, natural chocolate note

Gibe this baby 5 days or so to fully develop & enjoy!

A chocolate creamy banana chewy sweet.

Just plaing with acai and thought banana would match it well.

Acai gives a thin chocolate-like layer and the 2 bananas combine to give the fake sweet banana candy. I've used the cream to reduce the acai prescence a little, for mouth feel and to blend the 3 together. The pear just adds a little sweetness, wetness and adds to the fake banana flavour.

This is the first recipe I've published so any feedback (good or bad) is really appreciated.

Stixx mixx tobaccos are (to me) lovely yet soft and delicate in flavor. They somehow manage to defy description as well. The flavors are smooth at even higher percentages and whenever I complain about the 'lack of flavor' and switch to other brands, I am always struck by how heavy handed they seem. If you are considering trying a NET, I like this mix.

Honduran Liguero from SM: "a great, smooth shag flavor. Lighly [sic] sweet, and very very smooth. Excellent standalone, or with dark berries" It's definitely a medium tobacco flavor with darker notes, not very woodsy but a great mouthfeel and fullness that I could totally see getting behind some darker berries.

So I decided to try it with FLV Acai. It blends in nicely. The strange funkiness of Acai doesn't show through here but the slight berry with chocolate notes blends in perfectly. The softness of the NET leaves room for the chocolatey hints to be forward enough without making it seem like a dessert tobacco and the berry aspect gets fuller from the natural sweetness of the tobacco. I've also tried to add some more berries and at 5% the bacco couldn't hold up. it instantly became a berry vape with a slight bacco back. upon further testing of HL at 10%, I'm convinced that for a more complex berry vape, one would have to go towards the higher suggested end of the range. I tried VT bilberry ripe with the Acai and just got super jammy, I tried another one I forget and was pretty ready to just let it go until now that I realized that HL needs to be much higher to provide balance.

This one was ADV for me for a few months and I don't really do that. Nothing legendary, but a solid mix that is light enough of a flavor to not tire out your tongue and also provides some complexity. If you are looking for ideas, I hope you like or improve on it.

TFV vs DIYDU HEAT1 - Winning Recipe

We talk about this recipe here : https://youtu.be/YieqNx5zmAE

This is a collaboration recipe for the TFV vs DIYDU Heat 1 - MixOff Compo.
TFV Team = Liam Davey, Theo Thiart, Deetz, Richard, RudeRudi, Dr Store

We set out to create a tantalising, unique fruit profile by exploring some of the lesser known fruit profiles available. We wanted something daring and lesser known to stretch our combined mixing skills. We settled on Acai berry fairly early on in the recipe development process and knew that we just had to utilize this unusual and intriguing berry. We decided to create chocolate covered bananas without using any chocolate , as this is a fruit challenge after all...

FLV Acai is a hidden gem in the mixing community (until now) and finally deserves it’s day in the sun. This mysterious berry is the fruit of the Acai palm tree and its flavour profile is a cross between a blackberry, raspberry and chocolate! The inherent tartness and realistic, rich berry flavour is second to none, but that is not the best part... This little gem has a little trick up its sleeve! The acai berry’s natural cocoa characteristics comes through beautifully on the exhale and provides a rich, natural chocolate note.

TPA Banana Cream was the obvious banana choice, given the vendor restriction for the compo. The banana cream, with its innate creamy banana custard characteristics, is the perfect vehicle to receive the rich, dark chocolate sauce bestowed on it.

FA Pear’s role is to impart some juiciness and sweetness without detracting for our heroes and does the job here with ease.

This is how you pronounce it https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f7/A%C3%A7a%C3%AD.ogg


Smoky tobacco with dark berries.

The original idea was to use ingredients with “black” in the name (hence the name), and to try to boost the dark berry notes in Black for Pipe. I think I succeeded with the latter, but the former didn’t quite work out.

The first problem with the “Black” idea was TFA Blackberry. Too floral. Same problem with INW Blackcurrant. Wasn’t really feeling it with Black Cherry for Pipe or INW Black Jack either. So to get the main idea to work, I had to pretty much scrap the Blacks.

For the tobacco base I ended up going with my Brigade 2506 recipe because that pretty much makes Black for Pipe perfect to me. The berries and Connecticut Shade came together kind of by accident. I asked for some ideas on diy_ejuice and @ID10-T suggested FLV Açaí, and mentioned some cocoa notes. I thought that might be interesting with some FLV Connecticut Shade. I must have read a flavor review for Boysenberry before I went to BCF, because I ended up buying FLV Boysenberry instead of the Açaí. I didn’t realize my mistake until I mixed it up and it tasted pretty good, so I went to thank Dave for the suggestion. Then I saw that he said Açaí. I figured I’d better get that one to see if it’s even better, and it was pretty good too. I knew then that I had to at least try it with both, and by golly it was perfect.

I have been really digging it in a MTL tank. Those berries are up front on the inhale and then the smoky perfection of Black for Pipe comes in on the back end.


Blueberry and Acai covered in dark chocolate

FLV Acai is an interesting flavor. The room note on this thing is ridiculous. Standalone vaping it at 1%, bystanders are straight-up walking into a dense cloud made of Brookside Acai and Blueberry chocolates. But it doesn't quite taste that way to the vaper. Everything else here is an attempt to bring the vape more in line with that room note. Half of FLV Acai is a natural tart, dark berry flavor that tastes kind of like a combination of blueberries, cranberries, and pomegranate. FW Blueberry brings it more in line with that sweet candied inside of a Brookside. The other side of FLV Acai is a drier cocoa note. FLV Milk Chocolate tastes like Hershey's chocolate syrup by itself, but that cocoa side of Acai does a pretty good job of turning that into a dark chocolate candy coating. I don't much like to go the lazy "just add CAP Super Sweet and call it a day" route, but I think the way the very condensed sweetness yet still somewhat tart inside of a Brookside actually tastes really makes a strong case for it this time. It doesn't hurt the chocolate, either. Finally, it's a candy recipe. Deal with it. Sub TFA Sweetener at 1% or FW Sweetener at 0.5%. Or increase it up to 0.5% if you're a Splenda fan. Or leave it out if you value your fertility and don't want to vape those scary preservatives. Try FLV Sweetness, if you want. Whatever.

A word about authenticity. I'm going to call this a Brookside Acai and Blueberry-inspired vape. You'll never get a truly authentic Brookside because those tarter berry flavors are going to come at you first, followed by a dark chocolatey finish, instead of getting the chocolate first and then that fruity middle that also lingers longer than the chocolate. So, at best, it's an inside-out Brookside. Maybe a Brookside that's already been chewed up a bit? Finally, I wanted to keep it simple and just highlight this fascinating flavor, FLV Acai. If you wanted to vape an even more authentic already been chewed Brookside for some reason, I'd start with this recipe and introduce a very small amount of a more tart pomegranate, raspberry (but watch out for those florals), or cranberry flavor. If you're brave, lemon might work even better, but good luck not getting a nasty interaction with the chocolate. Don't try to just bring in more tartness by increasing the Acai. At 1.25%, it gets drier and harsher, which of course can be dealt with, but also just a tiny bit soapy, which is harder to fix. I think FLV Acai's palatability tops out at 1%.


Just a nice play on some not so commonly used berries. It is a good blend of flavors leaving a green accent behind to keep you guessing. It's a little weird a bit strange and a lot berry but that's what I wanted something different for my palate. It is Berrylicious!!!!!! What do you think???? I realize this is a rather pricey $$$$$ mix. It is nothing like my normal recipes and I wouldn't rush out to buy the ingredients but it is a good use of these somewhat weird flavors. I hadn't been able to use alpine strawberry up to this point. I was more or less trying to utilize alpine strawberry in a mix.

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