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I wanted to get a good Papaya taste. It's a fruit that you do not see used a lot, and while I think FA Papaya is good, too much of it can get kinda funky. I also wanted a bit of sweetness to it without overwhelming the mix. I opted to enhance it with both Inawera exotic and FA coconut. The exotic while listed as pineapple pom and mango, I get a hint of papaya from it, maybe it's just me. The FA coconut puts a little balance in this. My goal was simple, a good smooth fruit vape without sweetener added and to utilize ingredients outside my comfort zone in low%

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 1

Inspired by my hungry ass one night, when I was eating some crunch-berries, had nothing but milk left..and half of one of those entermanns cinnamon donuts. Figured what the hell. This was born shortly after. I'm not a big cereal fan for vapes, the custard& sweet cream really cut back the crunch berry and blends it nicely with the brown sugar into that last few spoonfuls of milk. The Rich cinnamon and zepolla add that donut type taste to it. It's been in rotation for a few weeks now.

Also add 3 drops per 30ml of TFA kettle corn to round out the crunch berry cereal milk taste

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