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Those raspberry filled krispy kreme donuts tho.

Zeppola is the star of the show, it provides the sweet powdered sugary donut base, with some support from Torrone and Meringue. From FA Marshmallow I get the powedered confectioned outside of a marshmallow rather than the fluff inside.

The power duo of FA Raspberry and TFA Raspberry Sweet have the chore of pulling together the sweet jelly raspberry inside.

Cap Vanilla Cupcake is there to round out the bakery section.

Add sweetener of your choice to your liking....the actual food is sweet as hell, but delicious all the same

Sweet delicious strawberry shortcake.

Cookie and Nonna's Cake make up the airy angel food cake. Top it with on the of the best strawberry one two punches of TFA Strawberry Ripe and CAP Sweet Strawberry. Top it all off with a dollop of whipped cream courtesy of FA Whipped Cream and Vienna Cream.


This a blueberry forward juice that has gone through months of revisions. Blueberries dropped into a bowl of sweet milk and cereal.

Original and adaptations: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/773412/Blueberry%20Cereal%20V4

A nice sweet watermelon gum....not too sweet though. Good bubble gum vibes

Based off of Kreeds Kustard and inspired by The Plume Rooms Banana Mint Milkshake.

I've used both LA and TFA banana cream in this recipe and feel like TFA banana cream fades too much, whereas, LA's Banana Cream holds up a little better over time. I added INW Banana to help out the banana profile a bit and I feel for the real banana heads out there that both banana cream and INW banana can be upped .5%

The Creme De Menthe to me is perfect, it's not overpowering mint, but it's there. It makes this recipe cool and refreshing. If you want a stronger mint experience you can add 1% more of Creme De Menthe or menthol of your choice.

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Mmmmm so much 69
User: xXxLEONIDASxXx Score: None Entered: 8 months ago
This requires a good steep, but it really close to the OG.
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