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I recall when I first read about INW Rhubarb and its authenticity. I had to try it, only to sample it and throw it in the bottom of the box. I was recently discussing baking things like apple crisp and rhubarb crisp at work, when someone asked if I could make a rhubarb custard vape. It got my creative gears turning, trying to figure out ways to impart INW Rhubarb into that type of recipe without it being overly tart and also without just dumping sweetener in to mask what might otherwise be an undesirable flavor in a vape. I've always thought that proper pairings and the right additives should eliminate any need to pour diluted sucralose into a mix unless you're trying to clone a commercial juice.

What I came up with is shake and vapable and carries plenty of sweetness without the gunk. It isn't exactly a "custard" in my opinion, but it isn't exactly a "crisp" either. It is however, delightful and very tasty.

INW Rhubarb

Those of you that have a bottle of INW Rhubarb already understand the potency and subjective "vile tartness" of the flavor. It can be too sour, tart, vegetal, whatever sensitivities it hits your palate with. That being said, it is very true to it's name and Inawera did a great job as far as authenticity with this one. Readers who have had the pleasure of gnawing on freshly picked rhubarb from the garden will know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't like it and you have a bottle, it is workable, the key is pairing it with a supporting cast of fruits that can accent it without taking over.

FA Liquid Amber

This flavor reminds me of a strong white wine. It carries a fermented note and does wonders with wetness in a recipe without adding the aloe funk INW Cactus would. I used it (ages ago) in my Grape Ice Cream Cone to add a little jazz and beef up the main fruit note. I still make it fairly regularly to this day, Koolada and all, although some prefer it without the chill factor. I've tried many other fruit combos on this base, but I've found the ones I like best kept the Liquid Amber. Without it, the fruit note gets lost in the mix and fades into the backgrund. But back those creams off, and we lose that thick ice cream volume and mouthfeel. It took a lot of trial and error to conclude that I needed FA Liquid Amber in this recipe, and I carried that experience to the recipe below.

FA Pear

Not an earthy green pear like TFA Pear. This one is more of a candied pear with its bright juiciness. It almost comes off as "crisp", and carries a lingering sweetness on the tongue. It does have a relatively authentic pear taste, but there is definitely some extra sweetness to go along with it. I tend use it at lower percentages to brighten up fruit recipes rather than cheating in a sweetener. It blends well with the green note of the rhubarb and helps ease the tartness into something much more palatable.

INW Shisha Strawberry

As a standalone strawberry, it holds its own, but it does benefit from being put with other strawberry flavors if you're after a full on strawberry taste. It has jammy properties, comes off a bit candied, and lends some soft creaminess, almost a puree if you will. It works well with every strawberry I've tried it with. Here, it serves as a great addition to the fruit portion of the recipe, mellowing out the rhubarb a bit further while giving the mix a bright hint of strawberry without coming to the front.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl

CAP definitely hit the cinnamon with this one, but some say the bakery "danish" portion got left out along with the "swirl". It doesn't have the thick breadiness you would expect, and that's fine for this recipe. I started out trying for a rhubarb crisp, but tabled the idea and decided to make the mix a bit more gooey, bringing the next two flavors to the party. This could probably be backed down to the 1.5-2% range for the cinnamon sensitive. As far as using v2 here, just don't, you will be disappointed. I've subbed CDS v2 in other recipes, and it doesn't do the wonderful things v1 does.

INW Custard

This is one ingredient I find to be a bit under-rated and under-utilized. All opinions aside, I find this a much more valuable ingredient than CAP Vanilla Custard. It doesn't take much to get the job done, and it's much thicker and egg-ier as a custard should be. Some say it has a vanilla note, others claim there to be none. I personally don't pick up vanilla from this one, maybe more of a heavy milk/cream sort of thing that would definitely play into a cereal recipe a lot better than actual dairy/milk offerings out there. At 1.5%, it serves as part of a thick and solid base for the fruits to sit on without turning the recipe into an eggy fruit + cream sort of thing.

INW Shisha Vanilla

This is not a strong or dark vanilla flavoring. At 1%, it provides a quite bit of body without bullying out other ingredients. I find it incredibly versatile, much like TFA Vanilla Swirl, yet I find this to be a little thicker and more concentrated. It's a great booster for the Custard, and adds another layer of depth to the gooey base. If you don't have this, TFA Vanilla Swirl at 2% should be an OK sub, but order yourself some of this because you're missing out on a fantastic ingredient.


A quick recipe that falls somewhere between tropical and subtropical. I don't really know what that means, I just had to write something to make this public.

If you have the ingredients, mix it up and give it a try, it's shake and vape certified, and yes, the TFA Pineapple will make it cloudy.

The base for my original Grape Ice Cream Cone recipe. Use what you will, this is a solid ice cream cone base! Sub your own fruits for more fun. Recommended use at 11.8% for intended use, but use less if you have weak fruits!

It's a bangin fruit punch if you have these common flavors.


I've been playing with this recipe for about 6 months, and I've finally got it tasting like I envisioned. It becomes a rather luxurious vape after a minimum 3 week steep. After that, it really showcases the rich taste of INW for pipe flavors. If you're a tobacco head, plan on making double what you're already considering, as you'll notice it goes quick,

If you don't have the original version of INW Gold Ducat, Gold for Pipe is a decent sub, however if you have something smokier and less sweet, give it a try at the same percentage.

So, I wanted this to be tobacco forward, and I ended up bringing the Black for Pipe a LOT from where I originally had it. The for pipe combo here really sets the tone of the mix. I also had originally used Gold for Pipe, but decided Ducat made it a little smokier and dirtier. Gold for Pipe was almost too sweet for the tobacco profile I wanted. FA Oakwood added another level of depth to the already dark and rich tobacco with it's subtle woodsy notes.

The custard part had always been CAP VC, but no matter the percentage, it just needed something else. That's where CAP Butter Cream came in. It was neutral tasting enough, and gave the custard base a bit more volume.

Fruit Loops with a twist of dragon fruit in a bed of thick milky cream.

I played around with a bunch of different creams and custards before landing on 2% FA Fresh Cream here. It provides a nice dense mouth feel and a sweet milky base for the cereal to sit in. After a couple weeks, the fruit and cereal flavors still hold strong, making for a nice sweet cereal vape.

Give it a few days for the fruitiness to calm down, after that it just gets thicker. The fruit is fairly intense here, feel free to back it down if preferred, but at these percentages, it really makes for a nice ADV with full flavor every time, even through a steep.



INW is changing their formulation for Gold Ducat. Shame. I've had this one locked up for a while longer than I should have.

The FA Caramel and TFA Brown Sugar are just added little bonuses for this recipe. Leave them out if you prefer and enjoy a solid pipe tobacco taste with notes of honey and syrup. Steep time based on your preference. To me, its OK overnight, but it does get better after a week, two weeks, and so on.

More on INW formulation changes here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/61mszy/inw_leaked_reformulations/?st=j0rda07p&sh=c08555ad


Tobacco heads love it. Tobacco haters say "Wow, that's tasty!"

A delicate balance with just enough sweetness to keep you dripping until the bottle's gone.

All Flavour Art, no substitutes.

FA 7 Leaves Ultimate serves as the tobacco base with slightly dry woodsy tobacco notes and hints of licorice, molasses, and spice. I had to really push this percentage to bring out the sweeter spice notes.

FA Desert Ship provides a touch of sweetness and adds depth to the tobacco base, almost fooling you into thinking you're vaping fresh moist pipe tobacco.

FA Fuji we all know about the wonderful FA Fuji. At 1 %, it adds a nice apple back note to the tobacco without taking over the mix.

FA Blackcurrant compliments the FA Fuji, brightening up the apple taste by adding some darkness and a whole lot of depth. If this was a a commercial juice, I think this ingredient would be tough to figure out. It blends so nicely with the apple, you'd think I used a special 1-off type of ingredient.

Interesting and somewhat mysterious blend of dark red berries and a thick, sweet cream. Notes, comments, and flogging available here

Simple donut recipe yielding great results with CAP Glazed & some company. Give it 2 weeks steep and enjoy this sweet gooey batch of subtly spiced glazed donuts. Works with CAP FV v2 after 3 weeks. No need to worry about Play-Doh taste after this gets a little steep.

User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Just made this. 11/10 for authenticity. Amazing flavor as well. Great as a shake and vape.
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Well rounded and pleasant ADV. The recommended 2 week steep is key to this recipe. Mix a bottle, thank yourself and ID10-T later! (2)Just had a buddy trade me a 30mL of this mix out of his personal batch, and wanted to say again how awesome this is! The apple/cinnamon taste/texture combo here is addictive as heck, and this is definitely my favorite FA Fuji recipe.
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
After a couple weeks in the cupboard, this stuff is so gooey I feel like I could almost chew it! Amazing flavor and texture all the way through.
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
Ironically, this has a handful of my favorite flavors, which might be why it is so amazing. INW flavorings totally make this recipe, and the rest are just an added bonus, strategically placed to make this recipe a true classic. At a lower temp, this is Grape heavy, but as you crank it up, strangely, you get more Cactus, and finding that balance on your build is key. No matter which way, this recipe blows my mind. To me, CAP makes the most rounded strawberry flavor for my palate, so I know I'm not getting anything weird from TFA, FA, or INW Strawberries, because each one of those needs a little help from another. Enough about the CAP SS bandwagon... TFA Dragonfruit melds everything together with it's unmatched emulsifying properties, and I've also had good luck with FA Meringue as a mild sweetener, so kudos for not using actual sweetener, because this steps in and does the trick without destroying your coils! Koolada is generally one ingredient I can easily pick out, but it plays in so well here, I wouldn't know it was there if I didn't mix it myself. Great recipe with amazing balance of weird and enjoyable. My favorite part is being able to adjust my temp/wattage and twist the flavor from purple to green or anywhere in between. Freaking amazing wizard mixing skills right here folks.
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
Nice bright dragon fruit taste balanced with the perfect amount of cream and a little strawberry accent. Nice!
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
This maxes out the gooey meter. It truly is everything you wished for and more when it comes to a glazed donut!
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Great recipe! I actually did FW BB at 3% and FA Bilberry at 1%, but what can I say, I like the added zing FA Bilberry gives. 5/5 either way. I would say you could tweak the blueberry part to your preference, or even throw in your favorite fruit blend, but that muffin sensation is absolutely stellar!
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
It's an enjoyable and rather authentic taste at just over 8% flavoring. Impressive!
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Thick, rich, tasty,and great with morning coffee! Very nice
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I found this a bit underwhelming until it got through the 2nd week of steeping, but after that it was definitely a solid and satisfying vape. Really a great simple and tasty 3 ingredient recipe!
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I made a batch of this and felt like I should be adding more flavor. It doesn't need anything else though, the percentages are well utilized here. FA Lime distilled really carries a much stronger and lingering lime taste than FA lime cold-pressed, not sure why I waited so long to add it to my arsenal. Great simple and quick recipe. I enjoyed it after an overnight steep, although it does smooth out a lot given the recommended steep time.
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Thick, luscious, simple, and very tasty. I used cupcake v2, and it's amazing. Nice job!
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Stellar recipe, I wasn't expecting this out of 8% total flavoring and only 3 ingredients. The marshmallow/bourbon combo is something magical, and the kiwi just blends perfectly. It's worth trying simply for inspiration even if you think you won't like it. (It is amazing, btw) Shout out to coop34 for this creation. Thanks for the share ID10-T.
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Wow, this really is a hidden gem here... I love plums and this is right up my alley. For fun, I boosted the fruits the 2nd time around by ~20% (TPA Blackberry 0.6/INW Plum 0.9) and it's still stellar with a little more "in your face" fruit 3 days in.
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
I had everything except JF Marshmallow, so I subbed some good ol' sidewalk chalk, ground up in a 10% dilution of PG by weight and used 3%. I must say this recipe is spot on, and someone obviously spent the time to match everything perfectly. Kudos!
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 3 Entered: about 3 years ago
Apologies for the harsh critique, but there's a review from one fellow here who didn't even try it before rating it, so here goes. This smells like pebbles, but the taste after 14 days isn't fruity pebbles. 3% TFA Graham Clear gives me a slight burnt taste, (as it has to my own recipes in the past as well, I like to stay under 2 or 2.5%) and I would prefer less Sugar Cookie and Meringue if I were to mix it again. I personally didn't have any issues with the Lemon Lime, but I think the other fruits could use a bump or even another fruit to represent the full spectrum. I'm sure you've meant to adjust this (maybe not?) but if you're like me, you just keep coming up with new recipes and trying new flavors and don't get too hung up on any particular recipe for too long. Kudos on a tasty recipe that really uses some "outside the box" ingredients to drive home a specific profile.
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
This is a legit macaroon cookie, great job on the 222 base. I made mine with 3.5% honeysuckle due to the slight variance in recipes and it's freaking great. I'm probably going to try my next batch subbing in TFA Philippine Mango just for sheets and gigs. Great recipe!
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Probably the richest, thickest, most savory vape I've ever had. 3% pistachio makes it almost seem genuinely salty. The bottom end of this vape is thick and sweet, yet it has a slightly salty top note. Excellent recipe, the pistachio really shines, and the pudding base is impeccable.
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Hard to believe it's only 6% flavoring. Very rich and true taste to its name! Holds very well through a long steep and is mellow enough to ADV. Fantastic recipe!
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
This is a very authentic tobacco recipe, however Burley carries a bit of peanut butter flavor for me, and I found that bumping it down to 2.75% and upping Cured and Kentucky to 1.5% alleviates that quite a bit while maintaining the same flavor total %. Either way, solid recipe. I wish more "tobacco" flavors were as authentic as Flavorah. Nice job on this blend!
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
I used TFA Coconut Extra at half the percentage, and this stuff is extraordinary! Very well balanced pineapple kick with a little coconut and best of all, it doesn't taste like suntan lotion! (Although the smell is reminiscent in a very good way) I will definitely make this one again, and I'm glad I got 30s of INW Pineapple and FA Coconut. If you don't have FA Coconut, get plenty. It's a decently versatile ingredient that can be used in many popular recipes.
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
When I first checked out this recipe, it seemed nuanced to the point that FA Maple Syrup would ruin the subtle intricacies and make the whole mix taste like pancakes. In my experiences, as you somewhat eluded to above, FA Maple Syrup tends to be rather a bully of an ingredient. I decided to mix a 30 of the recipe verbatim and another without the syrup. My results concluded that FA Maple is definitely a make/break ingredient here, as I did not care much for it without. The user's description hits that nail right on the head. This is an excellent and well balanced fruitless recipe. Don't let the number of ingredients scare you away, if you have everything and like to change it up, this one is very unique. My only disclaimer is that I found it much more enjoyable after the 10-12 day mark, as the whiskey does have a slight bite early on but it calms down after a bit more time in the bottle.
User: wh1skeyk1ng Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
I enjoy this a lot better after a couple weeks when it comes together. I bumped the honey up closer to 0.2% and it works well there. I will say it isn't exactly a knockout in the taste dept, but what it lacks in flavor, it makes up for in mouth feel. This is a well balanced recipe and true to its name. The overall profile is light enough for ADV, not too sweet or rich, just enough to keep you coming back for more!
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