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Vanilla Cupcake Hazelnut. I made this on a whim not using percentages, more like 1ml of this, 1/2ml of that... and it tasted so good like an amazing candy rainbow that I need to nail down. So I'm working on it.... It's something like this.

I wanted to make a blue raspberry jello with whipped cream like I eat all the time with my kids. So good!


Deepest raspberry wrapped sugar sweet cotton candy. Simple, powerful, and sweet,

A coworker of mine bought this juice and once I smelled it I immediately realized I need to make this. So I found this recipe online and decided to post it, sight unseen. I'll use this as a starting point and go from there. White grape explosion of candy goodness.


Found this recipe from E-liquid-recipes posted by Bolds FM mixologist.
This was the first premium clone I looked for once I started mixing my own juice.
It feels mighty awesome to have found this recipe online.
My girlfriend and I will be making this for a long time.

If you're into very fruity and sweet juices, definitely make a batch of this. Amazing!

The pineapple flavor was bought on amazon. Tastes like candy pineapple more than fruit. Sub it with any pineapple.
The blue raspberry and silly rabbit are the real players here.

You won't regret it! :)

Vanilla Marshmallow Whipped Cream. Very fluffy and thick vanilla flavor. Super good.

User: warmexxus Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Very tasty! Will be making it again.
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