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"'Member when vape recipes were simple?"
"That was fantastic."
"Oh, I 'member!"

This bevy of tarty fruit packs blueberries and blackberries, with a hint of raspberries and a touch of sugared lemon into a recipe that makes summer feel like it lasts all year round. Due to the way the flavors are balanced, I do not recommend any substitutions. You really need all these brands.

Add Sweetener to your personal liking. The Meringue does lend a bit of sugar but everyone likes their vapes at a different sweetness. I prefer no extra Sweetener in this recipe, but if Sweetness is what you're after, start at .25%.

Certified SnV. This is not a recipe for the steep drawer.



"Tropical Melon with a Coconut Exhale"

Sounds strange but it has a cult following. And for good reason. Creamy, buttery coconut with a clean melon flavor. It breaks up the monotony of your ADV of Strawberries and Dragonfruit on top of being refreshing and unique.

Good as a Shake & Vape but gets better after a short steep.

Updates and Revisions:

Coconut (TPA) 1.5% to Coconut (FA) 1%
I can't believe I didn't think of this before. Duh.
Coconut Candy (TPA) lowered to 1%
To better compliment FA Coconut.
Introducing Honeydew II (TPA) at 2%

Lowered Butter Cream (CAP) from 1.5% to 1%.
This should be a supporting flavor and I feel this change reflects that.

Omitted Almond (FA).
As much as I wanted to continue to keep FA Almond in this mix, there was not much of a difference. Feel free to continue adding it to your own mixes, but at .5%, it seemed unnecessary.

3/21/18 BIG UPDATE:
Almond (FA) 1.5% to .5%
Coconut (FA) to Coconut Candy (TPA)
VBIC 3% to 4%
Toasted Marshmallow (TPA)
Coconut (TPA)

Went back to A/AP VBIC. After testing, I have concluded that Diketones are delicious and in small quantities, I have had no problems. Ordering Sweet Coconut (FLV) and will continue to test.

Changed Golden Butter (CAP) to Butter Cream (CAP). The Butter Cream lends a bit of sweetness and still brings that buttery note I wanted.
Lowered the Honeydew (TPA) by 1%. I feel that 3% still brings that overall melon tone, but perhaps without nose raping you.

Changed Toasted Almond (TFA) to Almond (FA). I feel like the sweetness of Flavour Art's Almond will really shine in this recipe.
Changed Butter to Golden Butter to reflect Capella's decision to change the name.

I have reworked the recipe to replace VBIC with A/AP free VBIC. I don't expect a noticeable taste difference.

I've taken out the Cantaloupe and reworked the other percentages.

Side note: I've seen my recipe re-posted on other sites and re-posted here. I'm glad you guys like it!

I steeped for 3 weeks and it was quite close. I reduced the Cantaloupe and upped the Honeydew. I really feel like I'd miss the Cantaloupe if it wasn't there, so I'm trying a reduced batch before I consider omitting it all together.

User: vix Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Worth every penny. The Coconuts and Pineapples come together to round out a perfect Coconut and Pineapple flavor. Jamaica Special is delicious and Cream Fresh ties everything together. Really great job!
User: vix Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
First, I would like to state I mixed this from scratch, not from a One Shot and I cannot put this stuff down. I love the dessert and let me just say, this recipe lives up to the hype. I am a mixer who doesn't particularly enjoy added sweeteners to juices and although this juice was pretty good without the .2% Super Sweet, it did get better with the sweetener added. Great job, shyndo.
User: vix Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
This here is one amazing juice. I got a little impatient and tasted it before the 20 day mark. DO NOT. I about threw the whole thing out. TPA PB and FLV PB is my favorite PB combo so points for doin' it right. Great idea adding FW Salted Caramel for a roasted element. VT Glazed Strawberries pair so nicely with CAP Sweet Strawberry for a perfect jammy jam. I couldn't find one thing to complain about. 5 Star juice. I really hope this gets more hype; You deserve it. -vix
User: vix Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
I mix this recipe up every holiday season. I look forward to it every year as part of my rotation. I love these boozy pears. Thank you.
User: vix Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Take me to Disney! Smells like you're walking down Main St. Great simple recipe that proves you don't need complicated mixes to come up with something great.
User: vix Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
I would have to agree with ID10-T. I found the white chocolate to bloom beautifully after about 3 weeks, but it lost some of its cran/raz essence. I will make this recipe again and again; It is divine, but I'm going to add in the fruit later. Thanks for cracking this recipe.
User: vix Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
I mixed this at 70VG and the flavor was way too light. With the flavor total being 7.25%, I should probably mix this at most 60VG, but this may fall under a personal preference. After adjusting, I found that I prefer this as a SnV. The lime flavor seemed to dissipate a little with steeping, at least for me. Awesome juice. Well balanced and difficult to put down!
User: vix Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
After two years of trying (and failing) of making my own version of a pumpkin pie, this is definitely as close as it gets. FW Pumpkin Spice really does a nice job spicing up this mix. FLV Vanilla Pudding was a genius addition. Can't beat the four day steep either. Great job.
User: vix Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
Ridiculously easy. Ridiculously good. Definitely a SnV; This isn't a mix for your steep drawer, as my mix lost its punch after about a week. It's a new ADV for me. Thanks for introducing me to my first "candy" vape.
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