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Description: Hi, I'm trance! I enjoy picking apart "premium" ejuice (or other DIY recipes) & recreating it from scratch, oftentimes making them even better than before. Most of the time I'm just experimenting & making new things, though. Feel free to shoot me a PM!
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A basic cannoli recipe limited to 6 flavours from FW, FA, TFA, Cap, & INW Biscuit

A Space Jam Venus clone. Shake your peanut butter before you use it.

Peaches, berries, & cream. Can sub FA whipped with TFA, but diacetylnom

Add Koolada to taste. Can sub NN Banana Cream Pie with 2% TFA Banana Cream


Banana pudding with vanilla wafers - Can sub MF with NN Banana Cream Pie

Spiced peach custard


Melons wrapped in lemon-lime, eucalyptus, & mint.

Strawberry custardy cream. Can sub Peach with FA White Peach, or a blend of both.


Thug Juice made better. It's a pretty self-explanatory recipe. Can sub Menthol with .25% INW Eucalyptus with Mint

A blueberry muffin with Captain Crunch topping.

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Spot on fruity pebbles. It's gewd. This following picture is all I have to say about DuderMcCuder's review. There's a reason it's all citrus flavors besides cherry, dude.
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