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A revised version of the original bunny clone. This e-liquid recipe is as close as you will get to the original as it hosts a great taste along with great vapor production. Taking longer than usual to craft is certainly reflected in the quality of this e-liquid.
VG65/PG35 Base (No nicotine specified)

Delicious Tobacco Vape, a variation of RocketPuppy's Ry4 who I give all the credit for the inspiration on this recipe. All day vape IMO. I can vape this for days at a time. It's a very appeling flavor that it make you go back to it, it always stay in the back of your head. RY4 Double is fantastic, very flexible to work with and gives you tones of options to play around it.. I been working on this for several months and stick to this version due to that pull that every time you take a puff, it does make you to take another one, very intriguing. I hope you enjoyed guys, any comments or suggestions are always welcome. This is what is all about...

Mix at: 80%VG 20%PG
NIC: 3mg
Steep: Medium

Typical Puerto Rican Icee guys with a simple variation that is pretty common in the island. Creamy & sour passion icee rounded with tones of vanilla ice cream and top off with just a hint of cinnamon. Koolada can be added to your taste. This is my first shot at this recipe. I will update you guys as I see any progress. Any feedbacks are more than welcome guys...

Mix: 80 VG/ 20 PG
Nic: 3ml
Steep: 5 Days

A bit different guys from a typical pudding. I had some hard time trying to put this together. One of the reasons, was having the right bread pudding flavor to start this recipe. In our country this bread pudding and it probably sounds weird, but is made with the oldest left overs pieces of bread that you can get. It needs to be very decomposed and hard for the pudding to turn out absolutely flavorful. I'm also missing the raisins that is a must have in this recipe. All the flavors in here are in the actual recipe on way or another. I'm not an expert on this, but I'm trying my best for this mix to be successful and for who ever that wants to vaped becomes enjoyable in there daily rotation. I'll keep updating you guys as I get results. This is my first shot at it, so hopefully we have the right percentages in. I'm looking for the Vienna Cream to blend with the Custard and give me that hint of sweetness, creamy profile. I added a bit of brown sugar which is totally up to your pallet, to add some more sweetness to it. I'll think that the Salted Caramel will hide a little bit of that. The Condensed milk will help to round off all this creams, at least IMO. The clove and the anise should be pronounced, you must feel that hint of them in it. Last and not least the Vanilla Custard will surround all this aromas to not let the other flavors overwhelmed the mix. The Bananas are pretty straight forward, Banana Nut Bread and Banana Cream I think they are delicious flavors. I just need to find out how well they lay out with each other. I'm expecting for the Butter Cream to do some great things in here. So here it is guys, some Budin from the heart of Puerto Rico Typical Desserts. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome people. I hope you enjoyed as much as I will! Thanks...

Steep: I figured at least 3 or 4 days with the help of the Ultrasonic or what ever you want to use. I want to know as soon is possible, that's why I use this method + a really good shake.
Mix at: 80VG/ 20PG
Bath in ultrasonic cleaner: 1/2HR Cap off
Nic: 3mg
Breath Time: 5 1/2HR Cap off

This is a new flavor guys and one of the most delicious fruits in the Caribbean and South America IMO. I'm going to give this a shot and see what I can come up with and what results do I get. I'll be updating to you guys as soon I get some results. I have lots of good feelings about really good recipes out of this flavor. Some of the characteristics of the guanabana is that pair very well with sour flavors such as pineapple, lime, passion and others. Also is very versatil to mix, such as shakes, custards, bakery and what ever you want to do with it. I decided to take the long route first for some reasons, flavors wise. This is so popular in my country that you can find it anywhere and I'm super happy to have it now in a vape version. Remember this is a 1st version recipe and is up to you if you want to wait for my results or give it your self a shot at it. Comments and opinions are always welcome.

Mix at 80 VG/ 20 PG


That's right! The best Horchata recipe you can ever imagine. After several revisions this is what I end up with. A mix full of richness and creamy all the way from the inhale to the exhale. The Condensed Milk play a big roll here, it just complement so well with all the other creams that is almost impossible to described. The cookie gives the Horchata that extra weight to not let the creams take over the mix,at least in my humble opinion. I have to say that this recipe was inspired by "Squonk" at VU. Squonk has another version that I'm sure he'll welcome you to try as well. I've been tweaking this recipe for some time and has become one of my daily vape. I hope you enjoyed as much as I do.

Steep: Medium (Normally cycle through sonic cleaner for about 2 Hr and is good between 7 to 10 days)
Mix at 80vg/20pg

User: tonyp1119 Score: 5 Entered: almost 5 years ago
This is great my friend! It only gets a lot better after 8 to 10 days or so. Wonderful vape! Thank you so much for sharing brother!
User: tonyp1119 Score: 5 Entered: almost 5 years ago
This is absolutely outstanding my friend. Very well put together. Ready to mix a bigger batch. Didn't took to long to steep, I pu it in my sonic cleaner for 2 hr and waited 3 days to tested. Is like eating the real thing, great job @tranceinate Thank you for sharing...
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