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This is something I put together with some of my favorite dessert flavorings. I ran out of yes we cheesecake which is what I usually use as a base but the custard and ice cream along with Graham cracker may do a better job. Great summer treat. I hope you all enjoy summer after covid had us all indoors.


This is tribute to waynes best blue raspberry, with a few alterations, i add an extra half percent of the lb blue raspberry, and instead of rainbow sherbet, we are using fizzy sherbet ( i prefer this ones flavor more), we add .6% of the inw raspberry, as well as some tfa sour, and some capella jelly candy and a very small hint of citrus punch adds a little extra oomph, and makes it just slightly more tart. I also upped the super sweet to half a percent but this one is at your preference. I am totally new to mixing. But don't let that stop you from trying this. Trust me, I would not expose myself to bad ratings unless I feel I am on to something here. I liked best blue raspberry, but for my tastes this is more sour candy and that is what I love about blue razz flavors generally. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you mix this and alter it for the better, please comment and let me know what you did. Thanks. This should still be a 2 day steep like waynes. This is my first post, I believe it is okay to build on waynes recipe, but if this is not allowed please tell me. I just wanted to share what works for me.

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Great mix! Thanks for sharing. This was great right off the shake. I accidentally ordered the wrong strawberry (FA) but I subbed equal amount, and added .3% super sweet. Thank you again I just mixed and reminds me of an improved noms x2 white peach raspberry, without all the loads of sweetener, and this is a bit more complex. This can only get better with time
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Is subbing vt French vanilla ice cream acceptable. I bought everything for the recipe except the one you mentioned because my vendor didn’t carry it. I made it 4 days ago it’s steeping
User: talksickwalkquick Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
This is the best recipe I made to date. I subbed custard premium with tpa vanilla custard II, upped the graham cracker by accident to 1.6% i moved the raspberry INW up to1% to compensate, and it is bomb!!! Thank you for this. I only used .4% super sweet also
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