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** Disclaimer ** this is my first attempt at mixing my own recipe

After hunting for the perfect donut profile via the community listed recipes, I decided to give it a shot myself.
Please note this is only intended to be a base it is not the finished article; you can use it with your preferred creams and fruits to complete the perfect donut mix.

FA Zep - after playing around with all the popular donut concentrates out there, I seem to always come back to this, as it emulates the best interpretation of a fried donut to me, pairing this with a dash of AP just bolstered up that yeasty profile.

FA Custard Prem- adds the perfect amount of cream and vanilla at 1% I feel its not too overpowering or taking anything away from the dough.

CAP Graham Cracker - I chose this concentrate especially for its subtle focus on cinnamon, not to overpowering and a good complement to rest of concentrates.

Cap SS – this is completely optional

All I need now is a good SB jam to pair with this base ,

User: syrus83 Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
top shelf stuff - well done
User: syrus83 Score: 2 Entered: 3 months ago
I purchased these flavours especially as I’ve been after a decent doughnut profile for a while now, but after 10 days of steeping all I’m getting is a dry but sweet cake'ish muddled mix. I had a better experience with AP, Zeppola VBIC and Cap's Graham cracker clear (brings out the cinnamon)
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