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I'm trying for a fancy drink kinda thing with a floral finish - notes:: after about 48 hrs the mix tastes really good, kinda overly sweet but there is a floral aftertaste which is pleasant and it is slightly fruity - nice so far

This is predominantly custard then back notes of bourbon and caramel and some cookie butter for that crunch factor- added the sweet cream and marshmallow to sweeten and deepen it up some

This should be tasty will all the fun stuff in it - we shall see

Using some different fruits i put together what sounds like a more health conscious dessert type juice - we'll see how it goes....


super simple recipe but my beau says he loves it

orange and jasmine over a cake base with some cream and buttercream to sweeten it up - straight after making it it just tastes like cake but I am hoping I put enough orange cream and jasmine in there to make a subtle orange flower taste

sweet berry and ice cream pie with a touch of caramel

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