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Okay went a little crazy here but wanted to do something really different - here we have everything from pomegranite to tangerine to blueberry jam mixed with banana cream and toasted almonds and basically just missing the kitchen sink! I don't see Lorann Raspberry here. I used blueberry jam instead of blueberry just cuz I was looking for a more interesting flavor profile. Good for shake and vape! Can't wait to see what it'll be like in a few days.

lemon cream sweetener meringue - used cookie as crust - darn okay ran into a prob TPA lemon doesn't show up and the cream is plain old CREAM by liquid barn and I don't see that.

Another completely traditional recipe - strawberries, whipped cream and angel food cake - I used a variety of strawberries and added biscuit to boost the angel cake and tahitian vanilla cream to round it out some (is silverline capella? that is what I used for biscuit but idk the acronym for it)

Traditional recipe - black tea and milk and sweetener with vanilla, cardamom, clove and cinnamon - added creme brulee to round it out some - dx milk PLAIN by TPA IS a real flavor but doesn't come up here - DO USE DX MILK not milk chocolate !!!!

Fruity black tea with sweet cream to balance it out - apricot strawberry and black currant

caramel and marshmallow with a bunch of chocolate and coffee to balance it in pie crust with vanilla ice cream base

Sweets like marshmallow and white chocolate with sparkling wine and cream soda - added touches are coconut and jasmine

maybe slightly odd but sure smells good - we shall see - white chocolate cake and kahlua with some caramel and buttercream frosting to sweeten it

mostly cream and yogurt this has got cherry and black current more as back notes and with pie crust for crunch

berries coconut marshmallow on custard with the addition of banana's foster and butternut to round it out

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