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A popular dessert in Thai Restaurants. Creamy coconut infused sticky rice with ripe slices of juicy mango.

FE sweet rice is the star of the show here and the main note of the recipe. It fades a little so we use it quite high at 5 percent.

FA cream fresh bridges the gap between our coconuts and our rice and makes the mix cohesive. It also adds a pleasing tropical dairy note on its own.

FA coco and TPA coconut candy blend in with our rice and infuse it with coconut goodness. This might look high for the coconut but it actually ends up pretty balanced throughout.

Flv mango is the mango we use here because it is the only one that will not blend into the middle of the mix or add a musky note. We use it quite low for flv without using CAP sweet alongside it because we want the rice to remain the star and the mango to be balanced alongside it when the rice fades a little in the next couple of days. You will notice the more you vape this the more prevalent the mango becomes.

Cap super sweet actually has a job here and it's to tone down the slightly bitter note you get at the end of the sweet rice exhale. This is something unique to sweet rice and this amount seems to mask it quite nicely.

This is not a recipe to throw in your steep cabinet. Great as a shake and vape.


Shoutout to ID10T, Matthew Kocanda, Rageisalotofwork, and my boy J E R R Y!

FA Carmel aka Caramel is used quite high. This is our top note and after testing it at multiple percentages all I can say is it just works at 2 percent. It just freaking works. Gives a nice soft caramel flavor reminiscent of brown butter to the mix. 2 percent might seem high to most but I just ask them to try it.

Cap Vanilla Custard is what really makes this ice cream and not gelato. This concentrate increases our steep time but also adds fresh yolks tempered in sugar lending a nice richness that is sorely needed in thick French ice cream.

INW Shisha Vanilla adds sweetness; a nice complex and wonderful vanilla that compliments our caramel and brings the mix to a whole new level.

HS French Vanilla Ice Cream is our soft slow-cooked buttery note with a nice slightly cold ice cream flavor. It has unparalleled richness so we must use it low. This also increases our steep time but it's worth it.

FLV Cream works as an emulsifier for the creams and a nice soft background creamy note that doesn't mute or lower our flavor ceiling. Truly an amazing concentrate. Also, I can't stress enough how well this and fresh cream work together.

FA Cream Fresh is the dairy brother of flv cream, This is our half and half unpasteurized and a necessary ingredient in our ice cream.

Full write-up of the process behind this recipe can be found on
You can find Jerry's version here:


What started as a cherry blossom macaron quickly turned into something else. The original mix was a bit lighter in flavor but I ended up liking certain parts of the vape so much I wanted to emphasize them. The main aspect of this is a certain in your face PINK flavor. There is also an almost cereal note with a bit of crunchberries in there.

TPA cherry blossom and CAP hibiscus blend together to create a sweet, airy, cherry pink floral note with a bit of syrup on top.

FA almond adds body to this pink note and lends it's own cherry note through our own minds associating almond extract with cherries. My best example of this phenomena is eating a big pint of ben and jerry's cherry garcia. This stuff is loaded with almond extract.

FA meringue adds a powdered sugar note, body, and acts as a condenser to the whole mix.

FA cookie adds a bit of texture and keeps the mix from being too one-note.

Cap Butter Cream works really well here, it actually has this unique taste when combined with meringue where it creates an almost delectable creamy filling and separates from the powdered sugar.

The suggested steep time brings out complexity but this mix is good day 1 for me.


A slight variation on ID10T's longing. I made this for myself just out of simple curiosity and because I wanted to see what florida key lime did in a mix. Surprisingly this ended up being too good not to share. I find myself (a person who almost never has an all day vape) vaping this literally all day long.

FA Florida Key Lime brings some delightful top note acid into the mix and fuses with the honeysuckle to make one complete and interesting top note. This simple addition completely changes the recipe up in a new and interesting way! It is used a little high because the flavor fades; however because we use it high, it fades to the perfect amount.

TFA Honeysuckle infuses the cream flavors with a delicate floral perfume. It’s carefully balanced at 3% to work as a shake-and-vape recipe here. Any higher would be overdoing it – we want the just the sillage of this summery fragrance, nature’s magnet for birds and bees, left behind after steeping in the ice cream base. Failing to strain out the flowers themselves would spoil this elegant dessert.

INW Shisha Vanilla brings a sweet, creamy vanilla, very reminiscent of a homemade, non-custard vanilla ice cream. This could almost be a two-ingredient recipe with just these two flavors, but some additional creams pick up where Shisha Vanilla leaves off.

TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is a tricky but essential addition. It’s tricky because it has something we don’t want, those custard notes, as this is an egg-free, AKA Philadelphia-style or American-style ice cream. Used low enough with these other ingredients, eggs can be avoided while still providing what we do want – that dense body and luxurious mouthfeel of churned heavy cream. that Shisha Vanilla doesn’t have enough of, and a more robust, truly vanilla bean flavor as opposed to Shisha Vanilla’s flavor that sits somewhere between extract and bean.

FLV Cream adds more neutral creamy body to the mix and binds and blends the honeysuckle, vanilla, and creams together. It enhances the heavy milk taste of Cream Fresh as well, but alone, it lacks enough dairy flavor to complete the milk and cream mix used to make this ice cream.

FA Cream Fresh brings the milk, but too much of it seems to react poorly to Honeysuckle in souring way, as if the ice cream had been made with milk that was a day or two past its sell-by date. To complete this ode to longing, Cream Fresh and FLV Cream need each other.


A simple springtime vape with a classic pairing of pear and honeysuckle.

FA pear is closer to an apple and more succulent and tart. TPA pear balances it out with flesh, water, crisp, and slightly floral notes. Honeysuckle blends with TPA pear enhancing the floral note, adding complexity with no downside, and enhancing the refreshing aspect of the overall flavor. TPA Dragonfruit works as an emulsifier; blending our pairing together and helping hit those middle notes of the fruit. FLV cream brings down the highs and mellows the notes out a little bit turning this into a nice subtle all-day vape.


This is just a simple remix of Fizzmustard's Mustard Milk. It's a nice crisp acidic apple cream without the curdle that would happen in real life. Nothing beats a really good simple mix. It's even wonderful as a shake and vape. Steep 3 days if you have an aversion to alcohol based flavors.


I wanted to just enjoy a nice crisp apple cider paired with butterscotch. After playing around with the profile for a while this is what I came up with that feels balanced, satisfying, and flavorful. It ended up veering a little bit from the profile due to the cinnamon danish swirl but in a good way.

Apple Mix and Fuji create a really nice tart baked granny smith apple with a nice layer of slight spicy cidery goodness. The Fuji helps the apple have texture and crispness while the Apple mix completes the darker layers of the fruit and adds heat to it.

Liquid Amber used in small quantities adds an almost slightly fermented spiced sour aspect to our apple and really turns it into an all-out cider. The authenticity this flavor adds just amazes me.

Butterscotch ripple adds a nice counterbalance to our apple top note and forms a nice soft crack butterscotch glaze. Bolstered with a tiny bit of bavarian cream helps it stand up to the apple. There's a bit of inherent cream in both of these flavors that really helps to mellow out the whole vape a bit which it needs.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl completes our mix and really bridges the gap between the butterscotch and the apple cider making this a vape worthy of its name. The only way i can describe what it does is it fills in the gaps in the recipe. It adds a bit of cinnamon and a bit of mouth tingling warmth that really adds to the mouth feel of the recipe overall.

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User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
10/10 accuracy.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
An extremely nice and addictive vape. Tpa papaya has enough complexity by itself to keep you coming back for more but the apricot really blends nicely with it. A smooth fruity and creamy vape through and through.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
For me this is the king of lemonade bases with a little raspberry and strawb added. This whole recipe is absolutely amazing but the fact that I got a wonderful base to play around with out of it makes me supremely happy. It tastes like element's pink lemonade minus the abhorrent amount of sickly sweet on the exhale. For anyone who likes lemonade it's a dream come true and a perfect spring or summertime vape.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
Fantastic Vape. It's dense rich and creamy mint and banana and it hits the fucking spot. As I drip this I get more banana and as my wicks start to dry out I get more mint. It helps keep it interesting. The balance is perfect, the flavor isn't too strong to adv. Highly recommend this.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
Had a chance to check this out early and I have to say its a really solid vape. Solid balance with a nice floral finish and subtley changes as you vape it. Its acidic and then creamy with a floral ending, really quite pleasing. I find guanabana can carry most vapes but the fact that the mango is the main player with the violet is really impressing.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
ThaDentman sent me 30 ml of this juice for an honest review so here it is. This recipe intrigued me but I didn't have a lot of the oddball flavors so when Dentman asked me which recipes of his I'd like to review I selected this one. So right off the rip It's a light delicate and creamy flavor. As you vape it you get a strong vanilla flavor paired with the sugar cookie on the inhale. Not a shortbread sugar cookie and not a homemade sugar cookie, but one of those shitty supermarket ones with frosting and hard plastic sprinkles on top. Despite what this sounds like it's a really good thing in vape form, it just works and tastes delicious! You literally get every single aspect of it including the sprinkles and aerated sugar frosting. The exhale you get a creaminess that isn't too dense and reminds me of a dairy queen ice cream which just works with this flavor. It doesnt overpower the other flavors and comes across as balanced enough to all-day vape! A drop of this on the back of the hand tastes like sweet heaven. In summary this is easily a 5/5 well thought out recipe and worth the purchase of flavors. My only critique is I think this profile could have been tackled with more common and accessible flavors. Despite that this is 5/5 on accuracy and a fantastic vape. Well done Dent.
User: shyndo Score: 3 Entered: 3 months ago
The first time I inhaled this juice it was a punch in the face with jf biscuit and almond goodness with a strong slap of cinnamon. As I vaped it more, due to the amount of biscuit in there I got a little bit of vapors tongue from the sheer amount of flavor. The berries started to show up in full force. Unfortunately it doesn't come across as a fresh spiced blackberry compote as I was hoping and I think there are a few reasons for this. The blackberry shows up before the cherries and they don't seem to blend together too well (dragonfruit might be able to help this a bit). And the cinnamon even at 0.1 is still a little too strong especially due to the natural spice note inw cherries tends to have. I think the addition of marzipan may have also really helped bind the berries to the crust. I think with a little tweaking this could be a home run and all in all I'm really impressed with dentman's effort at tackling such a difficult profile.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Really comes together after a couple days, impressive. Flavor is on point and with a recipe like this I couldn't give a single fuck if accuracy is on point. The flavor is there and it's fantastic, no off notes, smooth in smooth out.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
THIS RECIPE FUCKING BANGS! Don't like the soapiness you get from tfa honeydew? Bubbles has got you! For the first 15 or so days you vape this it is an orgasmically accurate honeydew milk. The honeydew is light enough it doesn't sit on your palate and wreck your rda and you even get a nice kick of cantaloupe in there with some well rounded sweetness. Pur Condensed milk is the secret weapon here and I don't know if I could see anything else working quite as well. After 15 days you really get the strawberry notes and the honeydew fades a bit. The cantaloupe comes out to play even more as well as the vanilla and some subtle sweetness from the honeysuckle. Let me get this straight tho, this doesn't take away from the vape. It simply morphs into something a little different but just as pleasing and wonderful. It's complex and simple at the same time. There's just a wonderful underlying sweet creaminess to the whole experience. If this profile intrigues you I can't suggest this enough. I have vaped through almost all 120 ml of this and that is quite rare for me.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
If you like honeydew and want something mouthwateringly juicy, this may be your all day vape. Honeydew is a potent flavor and Fear does a perfect job of cutting out the soapiness many get by introducing a fair amount of counterbalance. This may be the "juiciest" thing I have ever vaped and that is mainly due to using cactus a bit higher and disguising the flavor of it with honeydew. Pear adds a perfect crispy juiciness as well and the strawberry kills the soapiness and adds an inherent sweetness along with the pear. This is how you do a honeydew vape right. One of the easiest 5 stars I have ever given. If you have ever had honey-perry, this is superior in every way. If you love fresh juicy fruit bowls, make this right now. Simply liquid gold.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
This is a straight banger. It isn't the orange milk I was expecting but that isn't a bad thing. Incredible in its own right and quite different. I don't want to spoil this for people who think they know the profile. Give it a try and you won't regret it.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
profile so far up my alley I'm questioning my sexuality. This is delicious and creamy but not too creamy. The bright flavors really help it stand up to the vbic. Well balanced vape and really quite perfect for summer
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
I actually thought this was unvapable the first day I tried it. I was getting heavy cheese and musk notes but goddamn if it wasn't one of the most deliciously thick and unctuous vapes I've ever had right as a shake and vape. A week passes by and I give it a go again and magically all the off notes I tasted are completely gone. This recipe is a masterwork in knowing your flavors and how they interact. Truly impressive. Also, it tastes really creamy thick and delicious. The blueberry note is nice and different from something we're all used to vaping (fw blueberry).
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
Easy five star review. While a little one dimensional, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The flavor is potent, sweet, in your face syrupy sweet watermelon strawberry with a back note of coconut. A little acid could set this off but that may be because I am vaping this at 80 vg which lends an almost bubblegum mouthfeel. Fantastic in your face flavor and probably exactly what people coming straight from commercial juice are looking for.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: 17 days ago
Fantastic recipe, really reach but not too rich to vape for hours! The flv milk and honey really keeps things interesting and it has a heavy, yet delectable butter not that is hard to not come back for. Time and time again I find myself craving this.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: 17 days ago
Easy five star. The amount of work that went into this must have been a lot to achieve the balance presented. Fantastic full flavored in your face pina colada.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: 17 days ago
Delightful recipe for a rainy day.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: 17 days ago
Personally prefer this one without the rum but either way it's an easy 5 star for me. Sometimes I also tone down the rum to .5
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: 9 days ago
I'm not one for cereal vapes typically; however, I am one for some fucking banana vapes. This isn't that either. It's a really well balanced pairing of sweet starch and banana flavored cream. Simply delicious and subtley sweet.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: 5 days ago
Big surprise of the summer for me, I found this extremely delicious. Cactus can be a polarizing flavor when used high and I can honestly see some people having issues with it. Personally, for me this was the epitome of summer in a bottle. A wonderful bright delicious and refreshing vape. Juicy to the core with no bitterness or off notes.
User: shyndo Score: 5 Entered: 1 day ago
I love this recipe mainly due to the versatility. You can add your own top notes and there is tons of leeway with the concentrate ceiling. Even by itself without tinkering this is a fantastic recipe and an easy ADV if you are into that kind of profile. I am looking forward to mixing this again come fall and winter. Much love!
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