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While SFT the SSA Cola i had a "Ratatouille moment" that immediately brought me back several years when i enjoyed those fizzy cola candies.I knew i had to recreate those in a vape form

The candies had a fizzy candy cola flavour with a tart+sour note and a dash of lemon

VT Fizzy Sherbet was used for the lemon note and adds to the wonderful fizzyness/effervescence you get from SSA Cola
CAP 27 Bears adds the gummy candy note
WFs Sour Ball Candy and Cotton candy JB are great additives that complete the recipe by giving it a sour/tart and candied sugary note

Enjoy this after an overnight steep and sweeten to taste

Tested on a citadel SFT 0.5Ω @ 33Watts

TPAs VC2 at 4% is a nice custard with dark vanilla notes and just thick enough to leave some headroom for the tobacco base to come through
JF RY4D adds the well known smoky caramel note to the mix backed up with FLV Sweet&Smokey to give you a more true tobacco note.

I enjoy this after a 24hr steep but i would recommend a 7day steep for the whole thing to blend together

Tested on a citadel SFC 0.5Ω @ 35 Watts

A fluffy light cake served with a vanilla-strawberry foam (mousse).
Marshmallow was added to the 2nd batch to give a fuller mouthfeel.

Sweeten to taste.
Steep for 3-5 days.
Tested on citadel sfc .5 Ω @ 35watts


Half peach half marshmallow ring candy

(FLV)Peach gummy is the star of the show , supported by (FA)White Peach and (TPA)Nectarine to give a full candy citrucy peach flavor.
(VTA)Creaming soda is used as a bridge.It has a nice berry candy note with some fluffy vanilla notes as well.(OOO)Marshmallow Vanilla gives that full marshmallow mouthfeel and the lingering vanilla endnote is supported by the candy vanilla note from the Creaming Soda

I do get a throathit on almost all peach mixes so i enjoy this after a 5day steep.Its def vapable as a SnV tho.

Sweeten to taste

Tested on a citadel with SFC 0.5 Ohms @ 40Watts


Mellow creamy ginger/cinammon mix with light almond notes on the backend , perfect for the cold winter nights.

Needs a 3day steep for the ginger to calm down and blend with the cream base

Tested on skyfall fralien 0.25 @ 65Watts

Its a sunday afternoon and you just want to enjoy a nice Mochaccino Milkshake sitting outside.Vaping this you get the roasted coffee note upfront and on the exhale you get the mocha the cream and the froth layered one after the other

The Brazilian Coffee and the Coffee Milk Froth are used for a capuccino base and the Roasted Pecans and Cream gives the mocha note.
(FA)Meringue , (FLV)Cream and (LB)Vanilla Ice Cream are used for the milkshake base.

I enjoy this after a 3days steep , but it has some miniscule harshness on the exhale.It gets velvety smooth after 7 days

Sweetener/coolant to taste.

Sweet , buttery , soft almond cookie with hazelnut and vanilla cream filling , some powdered sugar on top.

The (WF)Almond Cookie+(CAP)Sugar Cookie is a match made in heaven and i played a lot with this combo lately and it always works for me.
Sweeten to taste.This mix is pretty sweet by itself , i like to add .2-.3 CAP SS to it for sticky sweetness

I enjoy this as a SnV but i would recommend a 3day steep for the (FA)Hazel to blend in.
Tested on skyfall fralien 0,28Ω @ 60watts

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