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Ever since tasting LB Cherry Blossom Tea, I've been wanting to make it work. I hate it on it's own but there's something interesting about it. I've tried adding biscuits and creams before with meh results and went with addition fruits and cream this time. For some reason I don't mind as much when I MTL vape shitty juice so I went for a MTL version first. I think it came out fantastic. I added 1 drop of SS for the 15ml bottle I made.

It's pretty good off the shake, but after sitting over the weekend, I think it's really good.


Keep the Milky Undertone or not. This is some good stuff! Super simple and oh, so delicious!

Just like it says. Fruit Cream baby! FRUIT's with a nice texture of CREAM cheese icing. 150ml's later and it's time to share with the world! Enjoy!


Chill, summery fruit blend. Really well balanced imo. Tastes like mango orange pineapple single flavor. Pure shake and vape.

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