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This is my final version of my first recipe - i am extremely happy with it and believe it is somewhat accurate. My goal was to re-create those yummy Kellogg's fruit snacks from my childhood.

Cactus (Kaktus) (INW): The Juicer-Upper - This is very needed but be careful not to add more than .25% in my testing .25% brightened/juiced up the strawberry while not imparting a cactus flavor, your results may vary.

Strawberry (Red Touch) (FA): Strawberry Jelly Jam - This very sugary strawberry helps us candy up the TPA Strawberry and rounds out the strawberry flavor as well.

Strawberry (TPA): The Go-To - This is my go-to strawberry, it works in so many different applications but here we are using it as our base candied strawberry flavor.

Strawberry Gummy Candy (SC) (WF): The Star of The Show - This flavor is what i built my recipe on it has an interesting balance of natural and artificial strawberry (i feel as though this mimics a fruit snack) and a great gummy feel.

Swedish Gummy (TPA): The Gummy Enhancer - I tried this in .1 increments all the way from 1-4% For me, any lingonberry taste just ruins the recipe for me but at 1.75 i get a candied strawberry and more of a gummy mouthfeel.

Vanilla Swirl (TPA): The Vanilla Bridge - This tones everything down a bit and rounds it out, and also adds a bit to the mouthfeel, this is a must in all my gummy recipes

Super Sweet (CAP): This is pretty self explanatory, cut it if you don't like sweeter but i prefer it with sweetener at about .5%

Hope you guys enjoy and if you mix it up, tell me what you think!

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I have had one of my tanks loaded with this for the last 14 months, i cannot stop vaping it. One of those recipes that, to me, tastes 110% like the picture in the description. I swear the lemon comes in the front, followed by a delicious sugar cookie, covered in a lemon flavored powdered sugar glaze. It's a great play on layers, i feel as though you taste two different lemons here, sandwiched around an amazing cookie base. I don't typically vape a lot of lemon or even baked goods for that matter but something about this has me coming back for more. I have made over a gallon of this stuff over the last year or so for me and my friends, it's safe to say this is my favorite most ADV I've had thus far.
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User: robertshawbert Score: 4 Entered: 3 months ago
Wow, love this recipe. Was about to give up on cheesecake as a flavor because for whatever reason I haven't been able to taste it...That is until now. I was afraid that 5% YWC was going to be too much but I knew it was necessary to stand up against INW Rasp - but boy it works great - I'm going to use this cream cheese base and try it with some other fruits. I vaped this straight away and it was very good, but it definitely comes along after a couple of days. To me this is a big bite of really cheesy cheese cake with raspberry syrup and fresh raspberries on top, cheesecake throughout with the INW rasp on the inhale then changing to TPA Rasp sweet on exhale - this is where the magic happens for me and really reminds me of fresh + cooked raspberry. Great recipe it will be competing with Holiday Pie for my FA Custard Premium. Great work thank you!
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