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made on discord server percentages are found by me
main flavor is spot on Fa Fuji!
and also peach but it seems waay simpler because the real deal was a bit complex
original recipe was:
%3 fuji fa
%2 white peach fa
%1 red touch strawberry fa or strawberry ripe by tfa i dont really know

but since i am a mute i go this way

lol lol needs sum chars to share

original juice had an slight horse shit smell/taste its better this way

everything was great with beards original recipe (found it spot on @ elr). but that malted milk it was awful so i removed it. cap vanilla custard wasn't perfect @%6 because it took a damn month to actually steep
tweaked all percentages to match the original profile characteristics

if you want it close to the original sub red touch with juicy strawberry fa @ 3%.

you can steep flavors with pg (before adding any vg) without its cap off for a night for faster steeping. it will also taste way clear that way. steeping is complete after 7 days.

if you want you can steep it normal and try that way too.

Basic no description needed. Forest Fruits with grape juice.
Forest Fruits >> medium complexity fruits
Grape juice >> basic but watered down taste

both combined >> watered down forest furits with grape juice

use ws-23 @ %1 instead polar blast for better results

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