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Peach Pie & Cream is the star of this recipe, It has a great cooked peach taste with a hint of pastry. I added a little Sweet Coconut to enhance the mouth feel, and some Pear to give it a little sweetness and juiciness and to support the peach flavor. Lastly just as touch of Apple Filling to give it a hint of cinnamon to the mix. Sweeten to taste

Smooth and sweet peanut butter cream. You can adjust the Sweetener to tase, but I like it where it is.

Simple shake and vape. Nice cola favor, the soda base adds a bit of effervescence and juiciness. WS-23 cools it down a bit. Comes off nice and sweet but you can add some more if its your thing.

Sweet Tropical Sorbet with notes of citrus, kiwi and cantaloupe, I like the WS-23, but it is not needed if you don't like the cooling effect. Raise or lower the sweetner to your taste.


I recently got FW Grape Soda, and when I did a knuckle test, I was flooded with childhood memories of grape Kool-Aid, and knew I needed to mix up a batch.

Grape soda , I started off at 5%, but the flavor was not strong enough, so I kicked it up to 8. I added just enough Juicy Lemon to accent the grape and brighten it a bit. A little dragonfruit to smooth and sweeten, and Supersweet for the cup of sugar sweetness.

Feel free to adjust the sweetness to your taste , or add Koolada or WS23 to chill it down a bit

Inspired by this Weeks Noted Episode

Jelly Candy and 27 Bears for a gummy bear flavor, Flavorah Sour Apple to add a nice sour apple fruit note, Vanilla Swirl to add a little chew, and Lemon Sicily to brighten the fruit a bit

This spicy and sweet cake is a wonderful coffee-time dessert, especially with the creamy custard sauce

Straightforward attempt at a flavorful cherry bubble gum.

Blackcurrant 1 drop/ 10ml

Inspired by April's Awesome Box. My attempt at an Almond Joy

Mixing up in honor of Saint Patty's day since I cant find any green beer flavoring

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