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I’m about to take my final exams for the semester and I should be studying for them, but this recipe has kept my attention since the basket ingredients dropped. Anyways, the recipe is a Banana cream pie milkshake topped with nuts. I’ve had bad experiences in the past with banana flavored juice because of a local shop, but this recipe changed my outlook on TFA’s banana cream and everyone’s near and dear friend TFA’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. For the longest time I hated both of these flavorings, but for some reason they came together beautifully in this recipe. I can usually tell if a recipe is finished by having a particular family member try it because their palate isn’t very developed, if they can say what I’m going after without my help then I know I can stop obsessing. I have a Biochemistry final exam in the morning, so this won’t be as elegant as my last recipe description unfortunately.
FA SOHO/FW Hazelnut- I used the nutty and desert qualities of SOHO to give a nut topping, as well as bring a little bit of warmth to the recipe. I’m not very experience with tobaccos and I know that this is a weaker flavoring, but at 4% Fa SOHO gives nutty and earthy qualities to the recipe with accents of tobacco. FW Hazelnut was in here for two reasons, to play off of the nutty qualities of SOHO and to bring out the “malt” flavor of the milkshake.
TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream/FA Vienna Cream- TFA’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is a thick and heavy vanilla bean ice cream flavor. I tried every VBIC I had in my arsenal, but they all fell short to this version. Whenever you go to make a milkshake there is usually one type of ice cream that can be a universal base, which is vanilla bean ice cream. I used VBIC at such a low percentage because it would muddy up the rest of the mix if it was any higher. FA Vienna cream is in here for two reasons, it turns the ice cream into a milkshake and it provides a backbone for the banana cream to stand against the other flavorings.
JF Bavarian Cream/TFA Banana Cream- These make up the majority of the banana cream pie, mostly the pie filling. I found through trial and error that these play off of each other in an interesting way to really bring out an authentic banana cream/banana pudding flavor. Bavarian cream in particular was essential to making this profile work out the way it did because it brings your creams to the front, while adding richness and a layer of complexity to the entire mix.
Steep time: Shake and vape but after a day or two it really starts to come together.
Optional: Koolada to taste for a realistic milkshake feeling.

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Flavor Description: A velvety smooth cheesecake topped with fresh apples, caramel cinnamon syrup, and a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top. Similar to the cheesecake one would get from Carnegie Deli with my own personal twist on it.
Inhale: Fresh apples that are almost candied in nature as the caramel cinnamon syrup starts to come through.
Mid-note: The candied apple drenched in caramel cinnamon syrup sits on top of a smooth cheesecake that’s extremely light on the crust.
Exhale: Fresh apple dipped in whipped cream to finish off on a perfect note.

JF Fuji and CAP NY Cheesecake- This makes up the main profile of my recipe. I used JF Fuji to give a very fresh and realistic ripe apple taste, but in conjunction with the other flavors it begins to transform into an almost candied apple by the end of the vape experience. I found 4% is the perfect amount to keep this flavor going strong throughout the entire vape, any lower and it just doesn’t hold up as well with what I had in mind. I prefer CAP NY Cheesecake to TFA Cheesecake with graham crust because of its realistic cheesecake taste when compared to TFA’s version which, to me tastes like a cheap no bake cheesecake. I used this flavor at 6% to really bring out that cream cheese taste from cheesecake without going overboard into the realm of sweaty socks and sour cheese taste, any lower and it loses its vibrant taste in the recipe.
TFA Strawberry Ripe- To very simply put it, I used this flavor for its ethyl maltol and maltol content. I wanted the sweetness from this flavor to really shine, rather than using it for the strawberry flavor.
CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl and TFA Caramel Original- These two flavors make up the syrup topping on the cheesecake. TFA Caramel original, to me, gives a very realistic caramel syrup flavor and at 2% I found that it really pairs well with the cheesecake to give a drizzled effect. The CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl is a strong cinnamon type taste when used above 3%, but at 2.5% it combines with the caramel syrup in such a way that it becomes a caramel cinnamon syrup. This combined syrup brings out the full flavor of the apple while also transforming it during the vape from a fresh apple into an almost candied apple flavor.
TFA Sweet Cream- This flavor is mainly found in the exhale of the vape. I don’t really care too much for whipped cream flavors because of the waxy taste they leave behind, so in order to replicate a whipped cream type flavor, I found this works perfectly for a dollop of fresh whipped cream. At 1.5% this flavor gives a fresh homemade whipped cream taste that’s not overly sweet, but pairs well with the other flavors to give just the right amount of sweetness.

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