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A group effort from @NordicFlavors @staybert myself and final edits by @ID10-T.

An attempt at a ginger rum lime drink built around TPA Ginger Ale. Not the best way to go since ginger ale has a heavy vanilla cream going on that is not hidden at this high a percentage. It's good, but a cleaner ginger drink built around FLV Ginger is probably in the future... until then, here is a solid balanced drink that gives you an excuse to use your Gingers

Stixx mixx tobaccos are (to me) lovely yet soft and delicate in flavor. They somehow manage to defy description as well. The flavors are smooth at even higher percentages and whenever I complain about the 'lack of flavor' and switch to other brands, I am always struck by how heavy handed they seem to me. If you are considering trying a NET, I like this mix.

Honduran Liguero from SM: "a great, smooth shag flavor. Lighly sweet, and very very smooth. Excellent standalone, or with dark berries"

So I decided to try it with FLV Acai. It blends in nicely. The strange funkiness of Acai doesn't show through here but the slight berry with chocolate notes blends in perfectly. The softness of the NET leaves room for the chocolatey hints to be forward enough without making it seem like a dessert tobacco and the berry aspect gets fuller from the natural sweetness of the tobacco. ADV for me. Nothing legendary, but a solid mix for me. If you are looking for ideas, I hope this helps.

This has been in the rotation since I started mixing. It is my go to for a leathery menthol quickie. It's dirty and tough and can be improved greatly by using 'better' flavors, i'm certain. However this is the intro to mixing version that I enjoy even today with better flavors abounding. If you want a more rounded out base, add some body. Lately, I've been adding HS magic mix with some success. DNB for ash. I can vape this just fine.

My take on an Arnold Palmer updated with a smoother mix and less angst. While originally created as a concept mix, I did actually enjoy it. This is an updated version largely improved and yet different from original in many profound ways. It is a reimagining of life after being focused on problems, this here is the solution.

Main Note:
INW Plum/FA BC - Not very many recipes use Plum, but I loved its dryness, yet it was just a hair short of full. Plum to me is a bit thin at 1 and at 2 it's at it's limit. I wanted to give it a deeper fruity vibe and sweeten it up so I went with FA Black Cherry, and a touch of FW Sweetener.

FA Black Tea/VT Lemonade Clear/VT Sour lemon - This combo was used to create a lighter tea feel and a less sweet lemonade base to fit the dryness of the fruit. FA BT can probably be bumped up a bit if you want more tea out of it or maybe add a support with something less intense/more forgiving.


FLV Yakima Hops/Pink Guava/INW Cactus - This adds some very slight funk to the whole mix that at these low levels adds just a hint of tropical funk and wetness. It folds under the rest quite nicely to me.

(Optional) Coolant:
FA Polar blast - I also mix this with Polar Blast at 0.4%,


My entry for mixer's club from the reddit diy ejuice for dec '18. I was surprised by the reception that was positive. This is still a work in progress because I feel like there's still some places I'd like to take this especially based on the feedback I got.

FA Gin & Blackcurrant. This started right out of the box with a pairing of FA Gin and Black Currant. If you want a simple berry cocktail, I'd try FA gin at 2% with Black currant at 1%. I enjoyed this for some time because I felt the citrus notes gave me a grapefruit-y feel and I decided to pursue that in adding the next layers. To me, this has been my base start for all my gin drinks. FA Gin is described as juniper heavy and booze light. I love it. i bumped it up to 3% here because at 2% with the other flavors it just wasn't shining through enough. In simpler mixes, I always keep it at 2%.

CAP Mixed berry & TPA DragonFruit - This was added to give a nondescript boost to the berry flavor in the profile and add a touch of sweetness. DF was added because the whole thing got too dry. You could probably swap the MB with different fruits for a change and DF out with whatever you prefer to use to add juiciness. I went with tried and true and it worked fine enough I didn't feel the need to uncover those rocks.

CAP Sweet Guava - added to boost the grapefruit notes, sweetness and to play off the berries. I think it worked well here and probably wouldn't swap it out, myself. It maybe wasn't as successful in boosting the grapefruit notes as it was in just making this a more rounded vape.

INW Lemon Mix & FA Lime Tahity CP - This ratio (0.25:0.5) is my standard lemon/lime wedge for drinks. It's aggressive and lasts through a steep, (though the lime fades more for me). This is swappable in my opinion. DIY, baby.

Coolant - I felt Polar blast worked well here. Adjust to taste.

Variant: Adding 2-3% VT Botanical Gin and lowering FA Gin to 2% makes this a much boozier vape. Adding 2% VT tonic water for a more realistic cocktail taste but without that effervescent pop.

Enjoy and leave feedback/suggestions as you like. It's always appreciated.

As fall sweeps in, apple is my go to comfort vape. Exploring an apple base, my favorite is clearly Fuji and LA at 2:1 ratio. When other flavors are layered, I find that tweaking needs to happen to boost the apple and how the flavors play so I decided to play with some different bases to keep it simple. One experiment came to be a nice subtle balance for me with the addition of Bourbon. I never did try it with any others and you may find that they work better, differently and more to your liking. Here's a nice, simple, light vape that allows room for growth and play. Enjoy! (Fuji needs 3 days min to meld with the LA and settle IMO. I had this from then to after a two month steep and enjoyed it as it mellowed. YMMV)

Needed a quick mix for low watts. These flavors were just crying out for use together. Works in dtl setups too. I have added 0.5% fa pear to help out with some moist and sweet if you don't like it crazy dry. Needs about 6 days dtl,


My take on an Arnold Palmer. While described as a concept mix, it suits my tastes for real and if you try it, I hope you like it too. This is also a tribute to my now ex wife who, after close to 700 days of her dragging her feet on the divorce, has finally let it all go. I give you this tall dry drink in honor of our time flushed down the drain. Full notes here:

Main Note:
INW Plum/Grape - Not very many recipes use Plum, but I loved its dryness, yet it was just a hair short of full. Which seemed appropriate to describe my ex so, rather than flesh out the insides (because there's none there), I decided to sweeten it up a bit. INW Grape carries some sweet, some purple but fades enough to let the dryness stand but occasional hints of sweetness keep you staying longer than you should. They help you forget this is mostly peel with no juiciness. Like an artificial sweetener that gives a hint of flavor which, at 1%, has no real substance.

FA Black Tea/LA Lemonade/FA Lemon Sicily - Black tea is dry. It needs some love. Here comes LA lemonade at 4%. Guess what? It's not enough. It's just enough sweetness for you to take the next drag, hoping, wanting, fingers crossed... Don't hold your breath. FA Lemon Sicily is that new Italian woman you've been seeing but she's just a hint compared to the baggage of your past. Sure, she's nice and sexy, but 0.5% is all you're willing to chance at this point. Maybe, eventually you'll up her to 0.75% but she shouldn't get her hopes up. She should enjoy the fact that you have healthy boundaries now.

TPA Honeysuckle - This adds some perfumic sweetness to confuse you. It's gaslighting at its finest. You keep saying, "But why are you so dry to me?" The flavor answers, "But I'm right here!" You can sense it, but it's got no mouthfeel -- just an ethereal empty promise of joy.

FLV Yakima Hops - This was the missing ingredient. It is the beer you wish you could use to wash away the misgivings. Instead it has turned to an earthy homage to humility that has brought you to hell and back again. It's there to remind you that you are now the salt of the earth. Hold your head high.

(Optional) Coolant:
FA Polar blast - I also mix this with Polar Blast at 0.5%,a necessary cold shoulder to her narcissism, that slight numbing coolness to wash it all down the drain like a dead goldfish that will become a radioactive monster in the underworld of the sewer system in some B movie. You survived, but there is no hero here. It was all dumb luck. Only time will tell if it was good or bad.

Let's hope the plumbing can handle the strain of the flush.

Additional Notes: This is good off the shake, but after 2 days the flavors all settle in to me enough and the hops begins to lend that slight fermentation hint.

Variations: One version that I liked, maybe a bit more, was with the addition of FA Bilberry at 0.5-1%.

User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 7 days ago
Mixed this up as part of my first foray into tobacco mixing. I've found I have a thing for the darker flavors of tobacco, just like when I was smoking. Turns out this sweet jalopy of a vape is amazing. Frankly, I think I have the newer Gold Ducat. I have no idea what the difference is, but I can say I would love to! Gold is a strangely sweet, thick interesting medium flavored vape. Compared to ry4 dessert style vapes, you are going to get an enjoyable amount of tobacco in your mouth. Think of a pancake: bold at the beginning turning into something sickly sweet without the regret and collapse of the structure associated with the breakfast staple. Try this. Update: even better mtl.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
This is one of the very first juices I'd mixed that I really liked. Mixed up a batch on xmas '17 and wasn't into it at first. I put it aside after a few days and it sat in the drawer for another month. While some of the pink has faded, I loved this mix. Not sure what the magic was, but it crept up on me, kind of slapped me around. I think the SB faded a bit and let the raspberry really shine like the hunker that it is, like a solid reach around. I'm writing this now, a solid 7 months later and -- guess what -- yup I found the last 10 ml of this sitting around daring me to mess with it like that tramp you know you can have a wild romp with every now and again. So here I am, the morning after, with no regrets. You should try it some time, have your turn at it.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Smooth and mellow. Slightly sweet, ashy and spicy hints all just humbly deflect compliments as they are shy on the exhale. If you are looking for a first in tobacco, this one is a strong entry point. Also, native and gold can work so many other places at the same time so it's winning entry.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
For me, this is a light cardamom taste, since I grew up with cardamom tea and cardamom pastries. That's off the shake and vape. This is my second 30ml I'm mixing up because I remember it being a light but flavorful base to showcase the cardamom flavor I love so much. I'm tempted to add cinnamon like some others but resist the urge. Cinnamon is a show boater. Let the little guy shine here. If you desperately need some extra add some floral top or something and let cardamom stand on its own feet.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
I loved this mix. I, too, never had the original but this was a winner. Fuji falls back and lends a hand and the whipped cream fluffs it up nicely. I also cut the SS down because I knew I didn't need that much. Mixed this up for a friend who is trying vaping to get off menthols and he thought this was solid flavor. For him, I did add a bit of menthol and some ice and he found the ice intrusive but liked the menthol touch. Either way, this is a solid showcase for Forest Fruit that I've been to scared to take up high and let it feature like it does here. Try this one!
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
Wow. First off, I mixed this on a whim because I am leaving on vacation in a week and wanted a strong tobacco to mature while I am gone. I have vaped enough testers to know that I like lovage and what it can do to a profile like this. I ALWAYS try a tobacco off the shake and then NEVER again until the recommended steep time is over. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. Period. I love bold tasting mixes. I loved strong tobaccos when I smoked. I don't enjoy subtle mixes where the wisps and tendrils of a slight bakery mixes with the slight egginess of a fluffy custard. I like a flavor to be what it is and to remind me on every pull. That, of course, doesnt mean that I dont enjoy complexity or magic! This one has promised OFF THE SHAKE! I will be back in 7 days like a boy ready to shoot my eye out on christmas to report how everything has settled into its new role of providing smoky lovage to my palette. Im starting with 5 stars because this recipe is the promise of 2nd base while I was just flirting, hoping it wouldn't run away in disgust. update: been vaping this on and off for a while now but recently settled in and really enjoyed it. After a long steep this is a solid vape. The tobacco is bold and the bourbon sits strongly on top with no gimmics. mix this one.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: 8 months ago
I'm editing my original review to add my thoughts. This is an excellent vape and I'd recommend it to anyone. Some feedback now that I've finished a fair amount of it: I find the ripple too high for me. I'd keep it lower. Ripple can be funky to me and I think 2% is a much better level. I feel the fuji gets lost after a fade and maybe some more tobaccos that hold up to the heavier flavors.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
If you have these flavors, then you know what each one of them tastes like. I followed the 30 day steep to the minute. Vaping this is hard to explain the subtleties. BFP and GFP are both rich flavors on their own but I always have seen them as so different. GFP is more sweet and almost syrupy to me and BFP is dark and rich and bold. Here they form a strong chain linked from the DNB/BFP to the GFP sweeter aroma to the juicy Fruit but it's all subtle and wrapped up in a blanket of woodiness. I almost wished I had tried it as it was steeping to get a sense of how each flavor battled it out for top dog until they all agreed to settle back. This is a great recipe to try if you are starting tobaccos since BFP and GFP (and even DNB) are both excellent flavors on their own and apricot and cactus have loads of uses outside a tobacco profile as well as Oak wood. Well worth the wait; did not disappoint. nice job, cbv.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: 9 months ago
I find I am on the fence about Butterscotch Ripple and I like it in this recipe. I think the almond does get lost a bit in the mix but this is a great base to add some pastry. I might like to try this with the yellow cake next time. and there will be a next time.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
Let me be the first to tell you to try this. This is a lovely mix of savory sweet tea and lip smacking lemony bourbon. The coolant here is perfection. i suggest mixing this up as is. Do yourself a favor and do not mix a small amount of this. It will dance on your tongue with a variety of flavors and then get washed down with a bit of chill to let you just want to pull another drag. It really is a great light vape with lots of flavors. I would totally have bought this and adv vaped this when I first started.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
Mixed this up in summer. This is an excellently balanced vape. I originally thought I had FA papaya and only after i went to go remix this did I realize I had mixed it up as is. (What a difference one T makes.) Mix at least 30 of this. You will finish this easily.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
I can't believe I never left a review for this. There are very few tobacco recipes that I will keep coming back to over and over again. There is something lovely in this combination that highlights the simplicity of the mix and gives complexity to the flavor. If you are AT ALL interested in tobaccos and like them, this is a strangely bold and yet mild mix. I think of all the recipes I've tried this is my favorite, hands down. 7 stars from me.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: 6 months ago
A simple tobacco recipe that is really quite good. I've mixed a few 30's of this. If you want an easily palatable snv tobacco this is a good one.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
This is a special blend of awesome. I was waiting until I finished my 60ml of this before I wrote this review. Unfortunately (for me) my friend's mom loved it too and got the rest of my bottle! This is all the very best things about an unusual vape. If you like tobaccos, fruits, beers and/or weird amazing combinations, go for it. If you are disappointed, you will still be intrigued. I thought this was amazing.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
This will become a classic. 'nuff said.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: 6 months ago
My palate may be too numb to pick up on the doughy parts. That said, this is a smooth creamy satisfying vape. Nothing obtrusive, well balanced, and easily vaped all day long.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: 5 months ago
I mixed this with a gang of stuff in the summertime, primarily because I love key lime pie and it was listed as a SNV. At the time, it really didn't do it for me. I was really into tobaccos and summer drinks, so in the box it went and I pulled it out last couple of days to see how it's come along and I was looking for something akin to this profile. Well, look who showed up to flavor town! I'm a fan of cap lemon lime and it really stands the test of time here (4 month steep!) and gives this a pleasant citrus flavor. (At 4% maybe it was a bit high at first, before the creams and stuff could tame it a bit?) The rest have settled into a thick creamy pie base with the lime infused throughout just like I like a slice of key lime pie. The crust is barely there and i like it like that. Any more and it wouldn't feel right to me but I could see wanting crust to offset the sweetness. It's a solid sweet creamy tart citrus pie made with flavors that have all kinds of uses. Worth trying. I suggest steeping it for a while if you don't like it at first. Maybe even making everything but the lime and then waiting a week or two and adding it(or a different lime that may tend to fade more) before vaping? Thanks for this.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: 5 months ago
I have tried every which way from Tuesday to like this mix but i just cant get behind it. Is it balanced? Yes. Is it unique? Oh Lawd yes! Does it tickle my fancy? Errr, sometimes? It is definitely an experience, one I suggest you take. I think i just finally found the vape that is simply too weird for me. One second it's creamy smooth, the next its fruity tropics, then it's juicy sour cactus and finally slightly fermented. And all over again in the next pull, but in a different order. If you want to try something that makes no sense at all, yet is oddly pleasant and full of surprises, by all means, this is your vape. As for me, I think I'll marry the butcher's daughter instead of eloping with the exotic dancer who's swung through town on a Tuesday night.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
I mixed up a 30 of this and easily killed 15 in the first week. And I'm glad I did. at around one week it starts to change and gets a spiciness to it that isn't bad at all but is just different. if you do mix this up, I highly recommend mixing enough for you to vape straight away lasting to at least one month. This was my experience and I preferred it with less strong tobacco taste (which is weird for me since I prefer strong tobacco tastes usually) and feel like the creaminess balanced with the tobacco was spot on from the beginning. The fact that it changes is a total plus also because it becomes a sort of contemplative vape where you will be returning back to over and over rather than it fading or slowly shifting off balance.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
This is a fantastic vape. The first few days, I really couldn't decide if I wanted it sweeter like a dessert or earthier like a tobacco. At one week, it is simply something special. The Virginia just dissolves into the apple filling making it a superb combination, like a dry earthy leafy goodness. The pear lifts it all just enough to keep you coming back for more. I adore this in my mtl tanks. I could vape this for weeks on end. It's also a nice break from tobaccos which I usually vape without the shock of going sweet desserts or funky creamy. Truly a masterpiece in my opinion. Not a tobacco vape. Not a dessert. Not anything specific but truly amazing.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
The lord has answered my mulled cider prayers with this one channeled through kindground! I had to sub the fw tangerine so I used cap sweet tangerine and so I didnt mix this 100% but all the proper parts are there: warm spiced apple with accents. I loved the LA/Fuji combo already but have always used it without the support of other apples. This combo here with apple mix and fuji at these ratios is a keeper. it's a bright apple flavor that works perfectly with the spices. Rich cinnamon adds some warmth without getting crazy and the sugar/SS combo just makes this sweet, rich and deep. I think there's probably room to play with the citrus accent here and CAP sweet tangerine at 1% probably was a bit conservative of me for a sub. I only wish I had mixed this in the fall! Thanks, KG.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
Was never much for grack but this mix smooths our all the rough edges in all the right ways. This is a fantastic fun cold as shit vape. But even the cold becomes a flavor here. It’s perfect as it is. If grack is evil genius then this is good genius.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
whomever said citrus hurts the throat never vaped this. The lime/lemon combo is on point and yet doesnt overpower the Orange combo at all. doesnt need sweet, doesnt cry for coolant. it's lovely as is and still has room to grow. Next time I may add some grapefruit to take advantage of that lovely perfect sweetness because we can't have nice things like this.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
I just realized I never left a review for this. I’m a big peach fan. This is a great mix that showcases peach without any throat itch, over flavoring, or overblending. I also mixed this with jf honeydew and it was lovely. This is coming back in a few weeks when it’s really warm.
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