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******************** Note: this is NOT SC Cohiba. It is FM Tobacco Bastards Cohiba **************************************************

FM Cohiba is a strong cigar even at 3% (recommended use on the website is much higher). It gives a gritty mouth and is almost too authentic for me. So i decided to soften it a bit with vanilla for pipe and a little sweetness from ry4 double. Still very much cigar forward, it has a strong vanilla note with a sweeter finish. This was an attempt to make this flavor work after a poorly planned initial sft at 10% that had me ill like i vaped a real cigar. Designed, developed and approved by Frank, my barber, who said, "It's the bomb". Frank's a good guy and he likes cigars.

Tested mtl


Mixer's Club April Submission - April Fool's: make a tasty vape with one odd ingredient - FLV Arabian

I originally wanted to use LB WCPM to make an odd vape with tobacco. That ended up being a delightful ADV for me that I had no need for feedback on. So when it came submission time for this entry I was out of fresh ideas that I wanted to pursue (and test various failures of). So, I saw some notes scrawled on a post-it note by my computer and I remembered a mix that worked with an idea I had a while back to use FLV Arabian as an accent note to a bakery of some sort.

I have been really lazy mixing during Covid, mostly spending the time doing tests and write ups at the computer over the busy life I generally lead where I can make some tests and not have a chance to vape it until 3-4 weeks later when I next have time. Needed a quick mix one day and decided to try Kokanda's Sick AF. I like SC and MnH so why the hell not? I was struck off the shake how sweet it was and it didnt have a strong singular note that stood out on top of that sugar. I figured this would be a great base to play with and i probably over-complicated it with a couple of flavors I knew would pull it where I wanted. To top it all off, I added a few drops of Arabian and so v0 was born. The current recipe as it stands is a bit pared down. I am currently in love with WF HnC with tobacco thanks to Tesla DelMar and so I opted to leave out the MnH from the original mix. SC could probably go higher if I wanted a prominent 'cookie' vibe, but I didn't. I wanted it to be in this nether region between sweet and spicy, tobacco and bakery, sugar and cream. I chose WF Caramel Butter over FM or FA Caramel or an RY4 because I wanted it to play to the cookie vibe, HnC because good but also to add that nutty creaminess to blend the bacco to the cookie. Decided to see if I can bend the spice notes of Arabian just a bit with a touch of Cardamom. For me, 0.5 is about right but here I'm going for an indistinct blend of warm subtle spice. This is a new addition and I know Cardamom works but not sure if it will poke through enough at 0.15, but fuck it, let's try it. It is taking the place of FW Hazelnut which was there to boost the nut and overall vibe, I just felt it wasnt needed opting for SV for mouthfeel and to match that ry4 vibe. The Cardamom should add to the overall flavor, blend in nicely but also remain a distinct, warm spice that plays both sides tobacco and bakery while highlighting the Arabian spice notes. Not like me to play it light touch and, if anything, I am proud of my restraint.

Do mind the steep. I haven't actually pinned down when it gets best, 2 weeks is a minimum guess, 3 probably better.

Thanks to the support of the gang in MC for being such a cool group and always encouraging me to try new things!

Santa chillin after a long night. This is what his ass vapes.

So, this started out as trying to find a way to use a flavor I really enjoy, LB WCPM. Solo up to 10-12, it delivers flavor, a very sweet, seriously minty, lightly chocolatey vibe. I decided to try to keep this as high as possible and to try to accent it with as little as possible. The first attempt was wcpm 12 / ct shade 1.5 / choc deutch 1.5 and I really enjoyed what was happening. Eventually I sorted it out to wcpm 11 / ct shade 1.25 / CD 0.75. What you get there is a reaaaaaly sweet mintiness that has a dark musky undertone of cocoa tobacco wrapper and a slight choc coconut finish. I liked it and decided to try to balance it all a bit better. I was testing ry4's and got kind of bored and dripped a little of the early version on after and realized it was a much deeper, fuller flavor with the ry4 in there. At first I thought, why not just use the FE with some mint and make a minty caramel until I realized I had the work all done right here and tested the v1 with some FE in it. The flavor, while 'good' and kind of 'what i wanted' just didnt seem to make sense to keep the WCPM so high. It worked fine supa high as a featured flavor with minor accents but it wasn't quite jelling here. Tried a few percentages and settled on this combo as a nice compromise.

This is like a chocolate andes style mint with some caramel to mellow it out. Best after 6 days, but totally SnV for me.
Some notes: This version is the most "tobacco-y" version of these flavors that I liked. I was intentionally trying to use the WCPM as a feature but bring it down enough to where the tobacco is prominent. I had my friend, fieldgreens, send me some feedback and he got a lot of leaf out of it. I vape tobaccos nearly all day, so I don't even notice it. If that's you and you want a non tobacco version of this, I would say the three main flavors work together pretty well: WCPM, CD and CT Shade. So, if you're set on trying it but a tobacco newbie, give WCPM 8-10 / CD 0.75-1 / CT 0.25-0.5 a whirl. Or sub in a less tobacco-y RY like JF/MB/FA

WCPM - A very interesting flavor with a really pleasant mint and a really wide range of % for use. I've taken it up to 12 and it can get sickly sweet but the white chocolate doesnt get offensive, just a little too creamy and in your face. At 7.5, that's the lowest I could get it here and still have it be 'minty' but I can see it used as an accent even lower. Early versions had it much higher and when I want it sweet, I dial it up to 10. (currently vaping a version at 10 as I type).

Choc Deutch - A really nice chocolate with hints of coconut. Early versions had me using this over 1% and that coconut finish was good, just I found it distracting and aimed for lower just to have that add to the creaminess of the white chocolate rather than as its own accent. If you want this sweeter, more chocolate-y, dial it up to 1.25/1.5 max ime and you get a prominent flavor out of it.

CT Shade - Touted as a cigar leafy wrapper, famous for being a bully in a mix, generally used at 0.25-0.5 as an accent in mixes. at 0.25 it's ruined mixes for me. Here at 1.25, it brings those strong hints of cocoa and coffee while still bringing that leafiness and making this an unusual tobacco vape. There's really no filler bacco so all that chocolate and sweet don't let my mind register it as a tobacco mix. I'm also used to it, so it doesnt stand out to me here. The other flavors stand up to it quite well imo

FE Ry4 - I chose this based on tests that gave me a dry leafy almost spicy vibe. I didn't want something wetter or too caramelly. I've tried other RY4's as a sub here and without. I think I like this as a bridge between the white and dark chocolates from the WCPM and the CD so it stayed put in the final recipe.

- The distinct coconut finish that was there with a higher CD is now not there so if you want that, crank that up to 1-1.5
- The mint is mellowed so if you want full on, you can increase the WCPM the same amount you decrease the RY4 or it'll be crack your teeth sweet. Or add some yourself. I imagine Arctic winter in low percents will work with a bit of a steep. ymmv
- You can probably sub the ry4 for another. FE is a bit 'drier' and 'leafier' to me. Fit really well with the mix and the shade specifically. They kind of melded and made the shade notes less distinctly prominent, turning that tobacco base into something much more akin to brown richness.
- Should note that after two weeks the baccos are more prominent so if you dont like that, make only as much as you will vape in a week or bump up the WCPM a bit.

I can see doing a zillion things with this and, likely, probably will. Enjoy, don't be afraid to adapt, comment, or trash it.

safety note: FLV CD is on the Avoid list. idgaf :)


Mixer's Club Submission March 2020: Blue in a bottle of Milk

I had an idea to start with... Blackberry cigar with a hint of milk chocolate. I bumped into AlfredPudding in the MC server and asked him if he wanted to add a submission and I would graciously mix it up for him. He ended up jumping in as a collaboration on the concept and swapped out some flavors for others, suggested some percents and this mix was born. I got pretty busy, so i didnt get a chance to really mess with percents. I really didnt need to. After about two weeks, I felt the tobaccos were still a bit soft and wanted to bump them up. Never got to trying it, and glad I didn't. At about three weeks, they all slide together to make something that is just really interesting to vape. So, i don't know, make of it what you will.

It's nicely balanced, with the tobaccos just laying in the cut providing a base for the rest of the flavorful components. Blackberry at 1.25 blends harmoniously with the berry-like components of Black Cat for Pipe, Dates adds the depth to the dark fruity undertones in Dark for Pipe, and lavender all but dissolves into the mix lightening it up in a strangely delightful way; it's nearly impossible for me to discern it individually. It turned out to be very interesting to me and I hope you like it.

Edit: I kinda threw up the notes quick for MC but wanted to make it clear, Alfred steered me away from the chocolate and brought in the lavender and red dates which make this a unique mix. It's more his than mine and now it's yours. If you try it, I can guarantee it will be worth the wait. And please do wait. The tobaccos end up being very delicate in the mix and need time to level out. Definitely a steeper.


Mixer's Club Theme: Try something new. This is definitely new for me. I wanted to make a mix using those specific flavors to create one profile that wasn't exactly cereal, not quite the berry forward, not too sweet, semi floral. It was more about getting these components to work in a mix that going for any specific real thing.

B- For the berry i went with the daveberry trinity scaled down by a third. It sticks out distinctly as a berry here without dominating the mix.
W- The wheat here is both flv wheat and jf biscuit. wheat brings an almost floral wheat note that biscuit fills in with a sweeter, lightly flaky body. I tried some RF Baked Bread sc but it was a little overpowering and i didn't feel like it was adding to the profile. I got wf frosted puff cereal and wanted to try it in here but it came too late. Im happy with where this is at anyway because I struggled to get a solid almond note I wanted.
A - for the almond I used FA almond. I searched high and low in my drawer for wf almond cookie to see if i could use this in place of jf biscuit but also boost out the almond. Never did find it. I tried a little FA marzipan but it didnt make any noticable difference for me so I left it out. Just kept dialing this up until I liked where it was just under the wheat.
H - I tried flv honey bee for the honey. It was too floral without enough sweet. Decided to give vt a run here. It has a bit of wiggle room between 2-3 % but I definitely wanted it to be both the bulk of the sweet and the almond wheat bowtie.

I think what came out was interesting and not too bad. Hope you like it. outside my wheelhouse so any criticism, suggested flavors, just 'give up' comments are welcome. :)

Been playing with some cavendish and different tobaccos/sweeteners to make mixes that have fallen on the range between straight tobacco and something smoother and sweeter. This combination was developed for an mtl rta and never tested outside of that. I imagine DTL would add more nuance which would likely bring out more complex tobacco notes and sweetness so some adjustments could be made depending on your tastes.

This comes across as a slightly sweet, dark flavored pipe tobacco with some emphasis on the tobacco and a hint of nuttiness to balance the sweet.

Baccos: hs ry1 provides the bulk of the bacco as a kind of neutral ciggie type flavor which gets slightly bent towards the more pipe feel with cavendish. At 0.5%, cavendish adds sweet syrupy pipe darkness without any ash or spice notes. Any higher than 0.5 and that part gets more intense and I wouldn’t take it higher than 0.75-1 if you wanted more of that here.

Additives: Arabian adds a distinctive nuttiness and body to the baccos. It settles down a bit by day 3 but is fairly prominent nonetheless. m&h provides a boost for the sweet and can be reduced for less sweetness particularly if you add more cavendish. I’d drop by 0.25 for every 0.1 of cavendish added if that’s your game. Smooth vanilla is intense at 0.2 so I use one drop (approximately 0.2) per 30ml because I’m too lazy to make a dilution. It’s a subtle amount here that needs about 3 days to come forward. I’ve found 0.02g/10ml to be a bold ass vanilla that needs at least several days to settle, 0.02g/15ml for a strong distinctive vanilla to settle in a few and 0.02g/30ml for the vanilla to creep in after a few days. As this is mostly snv (3 days) I stick with one drop per 30ml and I like it that way.

As always, there’s room to play here. You can sub out hs ry1 for a variety of baccos for different results. Flv Turkish at 1.5 for more spiced notes is my second choice. M&h can probably be subbed for something suitably sweet or even sweet cig at 0.5-1. Vanilla of choice at appropriate amounts. Smooth has some body so I’d probably stay with inw shisha before any others but I can see most any other working if you want some variety.

This one is good as is and is mostly balanced out by day 3. If you try it, I hope you enjoy it. If you change it, let me know because I am always tweaking and like how the parts here can be altered to keep it fresh.

Edit 5/3/20: This was made just as HHG v1 was going out of production. If you have v1, you wont be disappointed in this one.

The theme for mixer's club was Duets. I decided to take my love for Cardinal and try to see if I could get more tobacco out of it. My problem with Cardinal was always that it was just never enough tobacco flavor. So I decided to try it with Brigade 2506 by @ChemicalBurnVictim as like a peanut butter and jelly tobacco blend.

The results were strange. I first just lifted the holy holy grail ry4 and mixed it with BFP and TA CC. That wasn't working so I added back in everything on both recipes until I had a straight mash up of the two. For one tester, I just threw in some Am4a on a whim at 1%. for some reason that mix worked better than the others. The two recipes needed a bridge to pull them together and I'm guessing that the slightly creamy Am4a was able to bridge that gap between the caramelly HHG and the darker brigade flavorings.

Based on feedback from @ID10-T, I experimented with the levels of Am4a to get it right. I sent him some samples to try with Am4a at 0/0.3/0.5/0.7/0.9% His feedback being that the Am4a stood out too prominently at 1.0 and I was inclined to agree. Testing at various levels we both agreed that 0.5/0.7 were indistinguishable.

So, here it is at the 11th hour as Holy Holy Grail Ry4 v1 fades into diy history... Sacrilege (Amped brigade 2506)

Additional notes:
- I do like the 0.9 version as well. It leans more to that creamy bacco side than a mash-up and you can try that out too if you like more bacco and dont mind the distraction.
- just want to take a moment to thank the Mixer's club for encouragement and feedback and to ID10-T for helping me to get the levels perfect and trying out some samples to nail it down.

A group effort from @NordicFlavors @staybert myself and final edits by @ID10-T.

An attempt at a ginger rum lime drink built around TPA Ginger Ale. Not the best way to go since ginger ale has a heavy vanilla cream going on that is not hidden at this high a percentage. It's good, but a cleaner ginger drink built around FLV Ginger is probably in the future... until then, here is a solid balanced drink that gives you an excuse to use your Gingers

Stixx mixx tobaccos are (to me) lovely yet soft and delicate in flavor. They somehow manage to defy description as well. The flavors are smooth at even higher percentages and whenever I complain about the 'lack of flavor' and switch to other brands, I am always struck by how heavy handed they seem. If you are considering trying a NET, I like this mix.

Honduran Liguero from SM: "a great, smooth shag flavor. Lighly [sic] sweet, and very very smooth. Excellent standalone, or with dark berries" It's definitely a medium tobacco flavor with darker notes, not very woodsy but a great mouthfeel and fullness that I could totally see getting behind some darker berries.

So I decided to try it with FLV Acai. It blends in nicely. The strange funkiness of Acai doesn't show through here but the slight berry with chocolate notes blends in perfectly. The softness of the NET leaves room for the chocolatey hints to be forward enough without making it seem like a dessert tobacco and the berry aspect gets fuller from the natural sweetness of the tobacco. I've also tried to add some more berries and at 5% the bacco couldn't hold up. it instantly became a berry vape with a slight bacco back. upon further testing of HL at 10%, I'm convinced that for a more complex berry vape, one would have to go towards the higher suggested end of the range. I tried VT bilberry ripe with the Acai and just got super jammy, I tried another one I forget and was pretty ready to just let it go until now that I realized that HL needs to be much higher to provide balance.

This one was ADV for me for a few months and I don't really do that. Nothing legendary, but a solid mix that is light enough of a flavor to not tire out your tongue and also provides some complexity. If you are looking for ideas, I hope you like or improve on it.

My take on an Arnold Palmer updated with a smoother mix and less angst. While originally created as a concept mix, I did actually enjoy it. This is an updated version largely improved and yet different from original in many profound ways. It is a reimagining of life after being focused on problems, this here is the solution.

Main Note:
INW Plum/FA BC - Not very many recipes use Plum, but I loved its dryness, yet it was just a hair short of full. Plum to me is a bit thin at 1 and at 2 it's at it's limit. I wanted to give it a deeper fruity vibe and sweeten it up so I went with FA Black Cherry, and a touch of FW Sweetener.

FA Black Tea/VT Lemonade Clear/VT Sour lemon - This combo was used to create a lighter tea feel and a less sweet lemonade base to fit the dryness of the fruit. FA BT can probably be bumped up a bit if you want more tea out of it or maybe add a support with something less intense/more forgiving.


FLV Yakima Hops/Pink Guava/INW Cactus - This adds some very slight funk to the whole mix that at these low levels adds just a hint of tropical funk and wetness. It folds under the rest quite nicely to me.

(Optional) Coolant:
FA Polar blast - I also mix this with Polar Blast at 0.4%,

User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Mixed this up as part of my first foray into tobacco mixing. I've found I have a thing for the darker flavors of tobacco, just like when I was smoking. Turns out this sweet jalopy of a vape is amazing. Frankly, I think I have the newer Gold Ducat. I have no idea what the difference is, but I can say I would love to! Gold is a strangely sweet, thick interesting medium flavored vape. Compared to ry4 dessert style vapes, you are going to get an enjoyable amount of tobacco in your mouth. Think of a pancake: bold at the beginning turning into something sickly sweet without the regret and collapse of the structure associated with the breakfast staple. Try this. Update: even better mtl.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
This is one of the very first juices I'd mixed that I really liked. Mixed up a batch on xmas '17 and wasn't into it at first. I put it aside after a few days and it sat in the drawer for another month. While some of the pink has faded, I loved this mix. Not sure what the magic was, but it crept up on me, kind of slapped me around. I think the SB faded a bit and let the raspberry really shine like the hunker that it is, like a solid reach around. I'm writing this now, a solid 7 months later and -- guess what -- yup I found the last 10 ml of this sitting around daring me to mess with it like that tramp you know you can have a wild romp with every now and again. So here I am, the morning after, with no regrets. You should try it some time, have your turn at it.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Smooth and mellow. Slightly sweet, ashy and spicy hints all just humbly deflect compliments as they are shy on the exhale. If you are looking for a first in tobacco, this one is a strong entry point. Also, native and gold can work so many other places at the same time so it's winning entry.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
For me, this is a light cardamom taste, since I grew up with cardamom tea and cardamom pastries. That's off the shake and vape. This is my second 30ml I'm mixing up because I remember it being a light but flavorful base to showcase the cardamom flavor I love so much. I'm tempted to add cinnamon like some others but resist the urge. Cinnamon is a show boater. Let the little guy shine here. If you desperately need some extra add some floral top or something and let cardamom stand on its own feet.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
I loved this mix. I, too, never had the original but this was a winner. Fuji falls back and lends a hand and the whipped cream fluffs it up nicely. I also cut the SS down because I knew I didn't need that much. Mixed this up for a friend who is trying vaping to get off menthols and he thought this was solid flavor. For him, I did add a bit of menthol and some ice and he found the ice intrusive but liked the menthol touch. Either way, this is a solid showcase for Forest Fruit that I've been to scared to take up high and let it feature like it does here. Try this one!
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Wow. First off, I mixed this on a whim because I am leaving on vacation in a week and wanted a strong tobacco to mature while I am gone. I have vaped enough testers to know that I like lovage and what it can do to a profile like this. I ALWAYS try a tobacco off the shake and then NEVER again until the recommended steep time is over. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. Period. I love bold tasting mixes. I loved strong tobaccos when I smoked. I don't enjoy subtle mixes where the wisps and tendrils of a slight bakery mixes with the slight egginess of a fluffy custard. I like a flavor to be what it is and to remind me on every pull. That, of course, doesnt mean that I dont enjoy complexity or magic! This one has promised OFF THE SHAKE! I will be back in 7 days like a boy ready to shoot my eye out on christmas to report how everything has settled into its new role of providing smoky lovage to my palette. Im starting with 5 stars because this recipe is the promise of 2nd base while I was just flirting, hoping it wouldn't run away in disgust. update: been vaping this on and off for a while now but recently settled in and really enjoyed it. After a long steep this is a solid vape. The tobacco is bold and the bourbon sits strongly on top with no gimmics. mix this one.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: about 2 years ago
I'm editing my original review to add my thoughts. This is an excellent vape and I'd recommend it to anyone. Some feedback now that I've finished a fair amount of it: I find the ripple too high for me. I'd keep it lower. Ripple can be funky to me and I think 2% is a much better level. I feel the fuji gets lost after a fade and maybe some more tobaccos that hold up to the heavier flavors.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
If you have these flavors, then you know what each one of them tastes like. I followed the 30 day steep to the minute. Vaping this is hard to explain the subtleties. BFP and GFP are both rich flavors on their own but I always have seen them as so different. GFP is more sweet and almost syrupy to me and BFP is dark and rich and bold. Here they form a strong chain linked from the DNB/BFP to the GFP sweeter aroma to the juicy Fruit but it's all subtle and wrapped up in a blanket of woodiness. I almost wished I had tried it as it was steeping to get a sense of how each flavor battled it out for top dog until they all agreed to settle back. This is a great recipe to try if you are starting tobaccos since BFP and GFP (and even DNB) are both excellent flavors on their own and apricot and cactus have loads of uses outside a tobacco profile as well as Oak wood. Well worth the wait; did not disappoint. nice job, cbv.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: about 2 years ago
I find I am on the fence about Butterscotch Ripple and I like it in this recipe. I think the almond does get lost a bit in the mix but this is a great base to add some pastry. I might like to try this with the yellow cake next time. and there will be a next time.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
Let me be the first to tell you to try this. This is a lovely mix of savory sweet tea and lip smacking lemony bourbon. The coolant here is perfection. i suggest mixing this up as is. Do yourself a favor and do not mix a small amount of this. It will dance on your tongue with a variety of flavors and then get washed down with a bit of chill to let you just want to pull another drag. It really is a great light vape with lots of flavors. I would totally have bought this and adv vaped this when I first started.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
Mixed this up in summer. This is an excellently balanced vape. I originally thought I had FA papaya and only after i went to go remix this did I realize I had mixed it up as is. (What a difference one T makes.) Mix at least 30 of this. You will finish this easily.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
I can't believe I never left a review for this. There are very few tobacco recipes that I will keep coming back to over and over again. There is something lovely in this combination that highlights the simplicity of the mix and gives complexity to the flavor. If you are AT ALL interested in tobaccos and like them, this is a strangely bold and yet mild mix. I think of all the recipes I've tried this is my favorite, hands down. 7 stars from me.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: almost 2 years ago
A simple tobacco recipe that is really quite good. I've mixed a few 30's of this. If you want an easily palatable snv tobacco this is a good one.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
This is a special blend of awesome. I was waiting until I finished my 60ml of this before I wrote this review. Unfortunately (for me) my friend's mom loved it too and got the rest of my bottle! This is all the very best things about an unusual vape. If you like tobaccos, fruits, beers and/or weird amazing combinations, go for it. If you are disappointed, you will still be intrigued. I thought this was amazing.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
This will become a classic. 'nuff said.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: almost 2 years ago
My palate may be too numb to pick up on the doughy parts. That said, this is a smooth creamy satisfying vape. Nothing obtrusive, well balanced, and easily vaped all day long.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: almost 2 years ago
I mixed this with a gang of stuff in the summertime, primarily because I love key lime pie and it was listed as a SNV. At the time, it really didn't do it for me. I was really into tobaccos and summer drinks, so in the box it went and I pulled it out last couple of days to see how it's come along and I was looking for something akin to this profile. Well, look who showed up to flavor town! I'm a fan of cap lemon lime and it really stands the test of time here (4 month steep!) and gives this a pleasant citrus flavor. (At 4% maybe it was a bit high at first, before the creams and stuff could tame it a bit?) The rest have settled into a thick creamy pie base with the lime infused throughout just like I like a slice of key lime pie. The crust is barely there and i like it like that. Any more and it wouldn't feel right to me but I could see wanting crust to offset the sweetness. It's a solid sweet creamy tart citrus pie made with flavors that have all kinds of uses. Worth trying. I suggest steeping it for a while if you don't like it at first. Maybe even making everything but the lime and then waiting a week or two and adding it(or a different lime that may tend to fade more) before vaping? Thanks for this.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: almost 2 years ago
I have tried every which way from Tuesday to like this mix but i just cant get behind it. Is it balanced? Yes. Is it unique? Oh Lawd yes! Does it tickle my fancy? Errr, sometimes? It is definitely an experience, one I suggest you take. I think i just finally found the vape that is simply too weird for me. One second it's creamy smooth, the next its fruity tropics, then it's juicy sour cactus and finally slightly fermented. And all over again in the next pull, but in a different order. If you want to try something that makes no sense at all, yet is oddly pleasant and full of surprises, by all means, this is your vape. As for me, I think I'll marry the butcher's daughter instead of eloping with the exotic dancer who's swung through town on a Tuesday night.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I mixed up a 30 of this and easily killed 15 in the first week. And I'm glad I did. at around one week it starts to change and gets a spiciness to it that isn't bad at all but is just different. if you do mix this up, I highly recommend mixing enough for you to vape straight away lasting to at least one month. This was my experience and I preferred it with less strong tobacco taste (which is weird for me since I prefer strong tobacco tastes usually) and feel like the creaminess balanced with the tobacco was spot on from the beginning. The fact that it changes is a total plus also because it becomes a sort of contemplative vape where you will be returning back to over and over rather than it fading or slowly shifting off balance.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is a fantastic vape. The first few days, I really couldn't decide if I wanted it sweeter like a dessert or earthier like a tobacco. At one week, it is simply something special. The Virginia just dissolves into the apple filling making it a superb combination, like a dry earthy leafy goodness. The pear lifts it all just enough to keep you coming back for more. I adore this in my mtl tanks. I could vape this for weeks on end. It's also a nice break from tobaccos which I usually vape without the shock of going sweet desserts or funky creamy. Truly a masterpiece in my opinion. Not a tobacco vape. Not a dessert. Not anything specific but truly amazing.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
The lord has answered my mulled cider prayers with this one channeled through kindground! I had to sub the fw tangerine so I used cap sweet tangerine and so I didnt mix this 100% but all the proper parts are there: warm spiced apple with accents. I loved the LA/Fuji combo already but have always used it without the support of other apples. This combo here with apple mix and fuji at these ratios is a keeper. it's a bright apple flavor that works perfectly with the spices. Rich cinnamon adds some warmth without getting crazy and the sugar/SS combo just makes this sweet, rich and deep. I think there's probably room to play with the citrus accent here and CAP sweet tangerine at 1% probably was a bit conservative of me for a sub. I only wish I had mixed this in the fall! Thanks, KG.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Was never much for grack but this mix smooths our all the rough edges in all the right ways. This is a fantastic fun cold as shit vape. But even the cold becomes a flavor here. It’s perfect as it is. If grack is evil genius then this is good genius.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
whomever said citrus hurts the throat never vaped this. The lime/lemon combo is on point and yet doesnt overpower the Orange combo at all. doesnt need sweet, doesnt cry for coolant. it's lovely as is and still has room to grow. Next time I may add some grapefruit to take advantage of that lovely perfect sweetness because we can't have nice things like this.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I just realized I never left a review for this. I’m a big peach fan. This is a great mix that showcases peach without any throat itch, over flavoring, or overblending. I also mixed this with jf honeydew and it was lovely. This is coming back in a few weeks when it’s really warm.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
I originally left a review for this that did not do this recipe justice so i'm updating it. I was lacking flavors and was sent a sample by the kindness of Puck and I'm glad he did. I have since purchased the missing flavors to be able to mix this again for myself. The bourbon/ginger combo is fantastic. Ginger's warmth plays well with that bourbon warm sweetness giving it a little spicy bite. When I first sampled this mtl, I really didnt get a lot of 'ginger ale' vibe. In the time since, I've made sure to try it in my c4 and that gingerale comes through very well indeed. There's wiggle room for you to adjust your percentages if you want to bring out the bourbon more or less or just work with the ones you have. (Also was sent to me minus the booze flavors with instructions to add my booze of choice. I can see that as the drink portion here is solid gingerale with cherry and i love the versatility of this.) This profile is right up my alley, and yours if you enjoy sweet bourbon mixed drinks. It is sweet, warm, flavored nicely bourbon with a cherry on top. Excellent work from us booze hounds! (Also, still strong after a month or two steep.)
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Please let me kick this off with 5 stars. This is such a lovely experience. I am partial to drinks, enjoy a decent soda vape on occasion and have been known to enjoy florals if they're done with a little body. This mix has that all. It is light on the body enough to never get too heavy, a very goos nondescript natural sweet from the pear and just the perfect combo of citrus flavor and elderberry/honeysuckle. It is light enough to make you want to take another drag, yet delicate enough that the florals never outshine the soda base but complement each other perfectly. This is by far my favorite drink I have tried yet and I had to force myself to put it down. Mixed a 30 and instantly regretted not mixing more. Another note: perfect level of coolant here. It adds so much to the experience more so than making it seem cold or refreshing. I would have paid cash money for this as an adv if i were still buying commercial and this were on the market. Thank you for putting this together!
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Mixed this up for my brother who likes it sweet and candy. Sampled myself a bit. This mix boosts FF in all the best ways. First it's cold on the inhale with a hint of berry and then the berry rounds out on the exhale leaving you with a sweet, well rounded indistinct berry candy finish. Reminds me a bit of my first commercial juice I liked, Frozen Hulk Tears, minus the sour apple and watermelon. For a guy who doesn't normally like candies, this is perfect since it is sweet & berry which I do like and just a really great way to feature Forest Fruit at 3%. This is Berry Good.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
If you like peach snapple Iced tea but want it in a vape, this is it for me. I wish there was more to say but, this is the recipe for me if I want any kind of peachy Palmer. Great flavor, my kind of sweet (not too much) no dryness. Excellent.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
I mixed this up for my brother who likes commercial liquid candy flavors and I asked around for candy flavors. Puck suggested this one to give it a try. I tried a few pulls and it wasn't for me but I dont really like candy flavors much. This comes a across as a powdery blue fun dip straight up. I was a little distracted by that powdery taste myself, but my brother loved it. I probably mixed him up three blue raspberry mixes and this was his top choice. So, I would suspect this is appealing to candy lovers who want that gritty sugary blue feeling because that's what he loved. Maybe it's not even all that gritty, but I can't get the bottle back from him long enough to test it again to see if I'm crazy. Either way, bro the candy lover gives this a full five stars. You made his half numb taste buds happy.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
I was missing FA Marshmallow but really wanted to try this. I asked Bert what he thought would work and he suggested TPA Marshmallow and off I went! My first try of custard Premium and they hype is real. Do yourself a favor and give this a good steep. At 3 weeks, this is a magnificent mix. Licorice is sweet and candied and soft, custard is strong and complimentary at the same time, marshmallow gives it body and sweet. The whole thing is glorious with no one flavor dominating. I could see experimenting with this more but, why? when it's already great!
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
This is amazing. Yes, you have to like licorice a little. Off the shake, you get so much competition from the lemon and the licorice. I waited 3 weeks after that first week and boy have things changed! The orange now is prominent and my fear of curdled citrus is gone. It's as advertised: a citrus filled licorice rod. Simple but not plain. There's some creaminess that carries the citrus very well up front and the licorice just hangs around the whole thing to give a nice finish. This is a very pleasant vape if you even think you might like licorice at all. I might start here as your first foray if you've even considered it at all. High five stars for an enjoyable vape!
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wtf is this? take this down
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
well i've had cranberry sprite and it definitely is sweeter than this. I love that there's room in this mix to add something else if you want to. And i just about want to after after pull and then simply find myself taking another pull. This is the mark of a great vape to me. It actually isn't overly sweet and sickly like the real thing. It isn't overly tart with the cranberry. It IS a nice blend of three flavors that delivers and makes you want to pull again. This is an excellent simple mix and worth the mix. Glad I finally did!
User: nowar Score: None Entered: about 1 year ago
Can't believe I never left a review for this the way that I talk about it. Admittedly, I'm not much of a bakery guy, but I fell in love with this recipe. The description does NOT do it justice. I really do like sugar cookie though, but have always found it needed some help, I just never knew what, nor had the patience to try things out. In comes Tootsee roll. There's stuff happening here, and all of it is good. Bisquit, Butter and meringue. Hot damn! This is the kind of simple mix that I think new mixers should try. It's completely stealable, swappable, and inspirational. i wouldn't even exactly call it a light fluffy cake, but it's the cake i want. Sweet and rich with a bit of gooey and tooth too. And I never get tooth off a vape, so it triggered that receptor in my brain. I liked Amalfi and Amity from Bigglesworth when I was buying commercial liquid and now, this takes its place. Also, works very well in mtl setups with full flavor. I HIGHLY recommend this one as a learning tool, pleasant dessert, or strawberry lovers (because that part was super well done too, if covered by other reviews). Real star for me is that cookie turned cake base. Fricken lovely, ID. 6 out of 5
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
This is the clove recipe I have been waiting for. It's a perfect application of FLV Clove which can dominate a juice. I've used it to cover up so many mixes and I've just overused it. Here, at 0.3% it's just adding all the right notes, blending marvelously with the spice notes in Turkish for a lip smacking taste, that isn't reliant on the clove for bite. Soho adds that depth and richness to make this all come together into something really easy to vape. Cured keeps it an honest tobacco feel and this is perfection. Not a thing 'off' about this. If you are interested at all in this profile, this is it without any extras. Thank you for this.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: 9 months ago
I get a strong chocolate milkshake with maybe more of a booze flavoring than a booze heat which I was somewhat strangely looking forward to. So maybe don’t expect that. Instead, you’ll get a milkshake that is a thick mouthfeel creaminess halfway between pudding and heavily malted shake with a modest chocolate flavor. It never quite leans either way, which I really don’t mind in the slightest. The only changes I think I would make if I mixed this up again would be to drop the Toasted Almond altogether as it always seems to bring too many unwanted notes for me than the wanted ones, and I’d bump up the FLV Bourbon to bring more of that boozy heat.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
This is a really interesting and unusual variant on ice cream. Light and floral, it sells on the unusual take on an ice cream. I have to say, i enjoy the interplay between the lychee/raspberry combo and the rose/hibiscus combo as complementary yet distinct flavor sensations. My favorite part of this recipe is that it has the right amount of sweetness for me. The heaviness of the trinity can really wear me down after a bit, but the florals here let LB ice cream do its work and poke through just often enough to sweeten up the mix without beating me over the head with IC. That's the real joy in this mix for me as I can see myself taking a good amount of time before tiring. I even get some hints of grapefruit when I pull and Im not sure if I'm just mistaking lychee for GF here, but it's a nice pocket of citrus in the mix.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
I am glad I got to retry this mix. The first time I tried it, it had steeped for far too long (2months) and lost a large amount of the distinctive characteristics of this mix. What I get is like what I imagine a classic apple fritter, fried dough with pockets of grease and apple chunks, would taste like if you replaced the apple chunks and sweet flower petals, never glazed it and instead dusted it with just enough powdered sugar to make it not sweet and not savory. It's somewhere in the middle which works really well to cut the grease but to complement the floral, almost tea-like, component. This is a rather unusual take on elderflower, even if it's a real thing, and i find it is both interesting and falls into my category of profile: fried dough without too much sweet. I would recommend this easily.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: 9 months ago
This combination is definitely unusual. I can see caramel, pineapple and white chocolate working but it's not coming together here for me. I think my problem is that HHG in itself is just too sweet to start and I always like to use it with significantly less sweet flavors. INW pineapple cranks that sweet up to some next level sweetness. Also, HHG has a strong creamy element to it. White chocolate I'm already on the fence about so this portion is not exactly selling me and probably contributing to the sweetness factor. In all, I get a strong sweet pineapple start with a nice medium caramel middle and an overly sweet creamy finish. Not sure what I would change about this recipe if i were to mix it again since it's a pretty unusual combo. Unique, tasty components, just a little too sweet for my tastes. I'd maybe have tried for a more neutral cream like vanilla ruyan custard instead of love and dialed down HHG just a little bit. That or take advantage of the sweet and use a darker chocolate that needs sugar like Australian Choc or just a smidge of milk choc?
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
Never seen Stranger Things, but this is a little strange for me. Not in a bad way at all. It's like you have this clear orange flavor with a light strawberry taste in but in the thickest syrup ever. Homemade syrup that just jellied when it cooled into a delicious oopsie. I'm guessing it's that starfruit that gives it a clean fruit sweet that's just right for me. The only part that I'm less happy about is the waffle layer. I simply want more. If I were to say anything I would change if i mixed this again it would be to maybe crank up the LB a little bit to get that half or the whole portion to catch up to the rest. Some of the waffley spice notes would cut the gummy just that hair to make this perfect imo. But, hey, I love waffle so I'm partial to this profile, waffle and maybe just a little bit of a heavy hand. Clever write up, fo.
User: nowar Score: 4 Entered: 9 months ago
If this had just a little more of a cakey feel, this could be a perfect strawberry shortcake to me. The richness of the ice cream with this really nice strawberry that doesnt come off as too sweet to me (im sweet sensitive) plays my mind into strawberry shortcake memories. I swear, i would swap out the waffle base and just find whichever wf cake combo to give that hint it needed to hit that spot. This is 99% there imo. In fact, I think I like this berry combo without the jf sweet in the mix with the heavier creams in a way more so than the trinity. It mitigates the sweetness which is clearly there with the ice cream and the ice cream washes away with the pull to leave your mouth coated in this nice solid SB flavor. And, I'm not even that big of a SB fan.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
I was a blind tester for this mix and immediately insisted this one go public asap. This mix is a great spiced tobacco blend. Sometimes you will get hints of vanilla, some spicy creaminess, but all over this uniquely balanced blend of tobacco that is never quite anything at once. It morphs quickly from one flavorful morsel to another. If i had bought this as a juice, I probably never would have gone DIY. It's that good. For fans of dessert tobaccos with a medium body and a range of accents that never overpower, shift and morph. Good luck getting tired of this one. I wish I could explain it better, but I can't. Mix this.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
meant to leave a review for this and completely spaced it. I tried this mix side by side with the Puckenade combo LA/FLV/Lem sicily combo. i liked them both but this one by kindground was a bit more about the flavor than the lemonade experience. Definitely tarter and gave me the room to add fruits to it to naturally sweeten it whereas the other combos were sweeter and got me thinking of how to add tart to bring it back down. This is great combo, kindground, and an excellent base for those who like their lemonades more tart than sweet with potential for add ons nand room for balance.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
I got to try this in MC without the knowledge of what's in it. This here didn't present itself to me as a Blue Rice Milk treat per se. What I got was a really interesting blue jam with something in between a muffin and a cake donut covered in a light sprinkle of powdered sugar. Something about how the rice base played off the horchata, mixed with the blend of spices gave me that impression of a slightly toasted powdery treat. And it is a treat. The focus here is on how that boysenberry comes through less like an overbearing filling to the a healthy donut, but rather as blended into the mix and just present throughout. Probably the best muffinnotmuffin mix I've ever had. Made me commit to purchasing flv horchata. Thanks fo!
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
I liken this to one of my first real juice loves, The Milkman Delights: Melon Milk. Except this one maybe even does a better job of separating the HD flavor from the cream, yet somehow making it come across as damn close to a honeydew bubble tea (sans bubbles) that I've ever had. While the existing recipe is pretty delicate as is, I can even see building off this to add a variety of accents to play off that bubble tea vibe: a little black tea, a little green tea, a little spice? For anyone who loves honey dew and cream, you'll like this. If you like honey dew but it's a little too 'in your face' you may like this even more since the creams spedanked the HD into settling down and behaving like a real fruit should.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
This one gets most of its flavor from FLV Tatanka which is a very distinctive flavor. It is incredibly prominent in mixes and here it is well complemented by the addition of FW Butterscotch. The FLV Caramel (mostly a brown sugar flavor) is one of my favorite sweeteners for its granulated sweetness, doesn't present as much as I'd like. I think I'd prefer a less prominent tobacco flavor with more FW to make up for the loss of complexity in flavor that comes from Tatanka. On it's own, this could be a great base with the addition of just one of more stronger tobaccos and maybe just a hair less than 1% of Tatanka (not one of my faves) but I wouldn't lose it entirely. The Tatanka/FW Butterscotch combo is almost too good to lose, despite my lack of love for Tatanka. The whole thing just leans too far to syrup for me and I want a little less of that unless I'm planning to balance it with some drier tobaccos. In all, this is a solid example of an RY4 built from the ground up with Tatanka pulling double duty as bacco and flavor. I bet if you threw 1% FLV Cured or 3% HS RY1 on top of this, it would be complete and a ridiculously satisfying RY4 blend. Thanks for sharing your work!
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
It’s amazing. Plain and simple. It’s that kind of mix that makes me think I should try harder instead of waiting to get luckier. What is this? (1) It is so pink and it sells milkiness in a unique way. (2) It is a truly lovely vape. I’ll try to explain: It’s as close to a ‘sour’ taste as I’ve had up front. There’s a floral element to the pank that comes in strong with a solid fruit base rounding out the body and it’s followed by a light creamy milky undertone that washes the palate clean after. It makes for endless pulls. It’s crazy because it comes across as a strongly floral vape, with sharp high notes in the nose and a really light body, but it is both insanely satisfying and intriguing. Pink guava is in here, but if I hadn’t known, I never would have guessed. It’s a far cry from the fruity mixes I have used it for. I suspect hibiscus is pulling the PG into that floral realm and tying the whole thing together into this one wildly pink ride. I think it’s remarkable how softly the creams show up here as I would have expected them to present more like the HS or even as a more distinct milk. They dont overpower or overcrowd, it’s more the lingering palate cleansing sensation that makes the exhale end so softly. But what’s happened to the PG is really the surprise of the show. It’s like it became a new flavor entirely. You took the pink and mingled the grapefruit into a sour milky tartness that pours down the gullet with a hella strong nose flavor and a slightly candyish sweet not sweet pinky thing going on. Remarkable.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
corny sweetness? Sounds like ID10-T to me!
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
This is a very unusual recipe I was fortunate enough to get to try in Mixer’s Club. I don’t really know how to describe the flavor as I’ve never actually had a paw paw, but this frankly has me dying to try one. The vape itself has a deep creaminess to it that backs up a tropical fruit vibe. Which fails completely to describe it, of course. There wasn’t a lot of actual ‘pie’ crust as much as a really interesting blend of flavors that creates a toasty (not the best word) background for the paw paw and the supports to play together. It’s an unusual mix that isn’t ‘weird’ for weird’s sake. It simply was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. If you’re looking to try something new, this is it. Definitely no disappointment here kind of took me a sec to really get a grasp on it. By the time I did, 10ml was gone from this earth!
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
The parallel here to grack juice is instantaneous, a fruit medley that defies description and is cold af. I was worried about the 1% ws23 as a person who likes ws but rarely ever uses it. I went with the original recipe and was certainly glad I did. Yes, it's cold. That's about all i can tell you without using an analogy of some sort. The fruits have mingled to where I can't pin a single one down. This is my first try with INW Pitaya so, im gonna chalk up the overall funkiness to that and being backed up by some sweet blue and stone fruit. What I get is akin to what I like about inw cactus without the overpowering strangeness. It's *delicate* strangeness, like the pomelo to the grapefruit. A sweeter, milder version that is sort of what you want when you dont want to get beat up by flavor. Yet, there's no shortage of it here and the cold almost acts like a flavor itself, which is by far my favorite part. It seems so perfectly in place, even at 1%. Very interesting and unusual recipe, well deserved of 5 stars, because I would certainly mix this again.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
shoot, i never left a review for this. I absolutely loved this mix. Not only is it a cinapple side dish, it's a great fall recipe. I took it camping in late summer with cabin and a bunch of other stuff. I only vaped this. Simple mix that hits that apple cinnamon note without the bakery element to distract from it. It's got the texture and the flavor im looking for in a profile like this. Thanks, ID for putting this together and sharing!
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
Somehow i miraculously never wrote a review of this recipe. I've been vaping this on and off for at least a year now. I love this recipe for a few reasons. It really sells the profile perfectly, for one. You are going to get raspberry jam on a goddamned croissant in your mouth. End of story. The gravy is that it is delicious, plays into the wf croissant's light flakiness and the toast doesn't ever encroach on it's inherent delicacy. This one is fantastic! it loses just a little bit in an mtl setup to my dismay, the croissant just not being complicated enough but in a single coil atty on up it delivers. this recipe is for the raspberry lovers who want an intriguing, realistic hint of bakery to go with it. This is not an All Day Vape, this is an All Time Classic imo. I love this recipe, mLnikon and thank you for taking all the guesswork out of finding that perfect compliment to wf croissant with the perfect touch.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
I never rated/reviewed this one because I was jealous. This is the thin mint recipe that I wanted to make. It is glorious, accurate, amazing, delicious, fantastic -- everything I ever wanted in the thin mint profile. This is the top spot. The road ends here. Thank you for this recipe and your efforts.
User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
Normally I wouldnt rate a recipe I participated in, but I was a passenger on this ride. This is a berry forward vape, with dark berry matching the licorice wonderfully. I didn't really understand what the vision for this was (despite enjoying it) until I tried the licorice candies this was based on. A great recipe and a fun experience. Thanks for bringing me along for the ride and expanding my palate. An excellent mix for licorice lovers!
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