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Suggested by Dr Doobie on the 4/20/17 ITMP. It's an extremely tasty SNV, where the strawberry doesn't dominate the other fruits as it will tend to do.

Cap Double Apple - Of the apples in my collection, this one matched the honeysuckle strap-on the best. Adds that little twinge of sweetness in with the apple that helps round out the pair of strawberries.

TFA Honeysuckle - The intended star of the show, I think this really ends up working as a bridge between the strawberries and the watermelon. Arguably the easiest of the more popular florals to work with, this flavor lightens and brightens up the mix

TFA Strawberry & Strawberry Ripe - Used here in conjunction to give a more holistic strawberry to supplement the wateriness of the watermelon.

Red Summer / Watermelon - Yeah. Uh. This was here because strap-on, but it adds a really nice accent to the back end of the strawberries. This flavor might be bottom bitch in the recipe, but as any pimp can tell you, you're nothing without a strong bottom bitch to back you up.

User: muchafraid Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Total banger, my dude. I've not had Dazcole's yet (fucking FA Custard Pi), but this is super well balanced, even S&V.
User: muchafraid Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
ADV level here.
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