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My V8 a year after trying Primative's Buttermilk Pie. While this is not an exact clone, to achieve a similar robust dessert vape requires a heavy hand and more than a few ingredients.

To start, I wanted a dense chess pie... and I like mine sweet. The Vanilla Custard with Sweet Cream are at the root of that, complimented by both Inw Creme Brûlée and FA Custard (Inw didn't give me enough of the caramelized top hence the brown sugar & vanilla).

You can do with less frosting (but it levels the mix nicely) or without the Super Sweet but at 0.75% & 0.5% why... this is a zero calorie extravagance.
The Rich Cinnamon, at just one drop per 30 m, is a must... two is fine, don't cry., it won't destroy things.
Another must is the 3:1 Whipped Cream & Golden Butter which are the buttermilk of the recipe.. This key combination was uncovered in 2016 at least.
For the crust I opted for a simple 2:1 which does this recipe justice.

Give it a taste before you dial it down, go back to the original and think, If you were to bake a chess pie, what would you want.

User: mrphilip Score: 4 Entered: over 1 year ago
Jennifer, thank you for suggesting flexibility with your recipe... toss in this pull back that add so dahhh.... 11 ingredients is not the way many others have suggested we go. 'Keep it simple. 2,3. or 4 ingredients is enough.' 'my new adv env... love it" I don't have most of these exact flavors but I can see how to use my brie better having looked here. How does anyone make 120mls of a recipe and go though it fast enough to review anything else? The only thing I make 120 of is a custard base I want to lock away for 6-8 weeks before building from there. Beautiful architecture.
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