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🏷️ A buttery graham cracker coated blondie with rich white chocolate; sprinkled with warm roasted pecans and finished with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Love and White Chocolate are married together; creating a lightly buttery creamy white chocolate with light hints of vanilla. Roasted Pecans and Cream shares the spotlight with white chocolate; bringing with it a creamy, warm, and nutty accent.

Yellow Cake, Golden Butter, and Graham combine to make the buttery graham cracker crusted blondie base. Caramel Original is used to act as a binder and enhancer to the base; adding a sticky caramelized brown sugar and maple sweetness.

Supporting Note:
Vanilla Ice Cream Blend 3, with its bright vanilla accents and fluffy dairy cream texture finishes off the recipe. It not only serves as an ice cream layer, it helps to add a bit more body to the white chocolate top notes; while simultaneously softening some of the sharper edges found in the blondie base.

🔹Optional - Sweetener (FW) 0.25 - 0.5%
This recipe is sweet on its own however feel free to add a touch of sweetener. I would recommend to start low around 0.25%.

Jelly Belly coconut jelly bean. You can add fruits to this to make it more of a tropical blend but it's nice on it's own.


Blueberry Cheesecake icecream..... not much else to say. You can sub whichever ice cream you like. (TFA, LB, whatever)

Some people taste the bread part of the banana nut bread in this, I personally can't. I just taste banana (real, not candied) nuts and tobacco which was the intent.

This was the winner for Mixin Vixens month 2. It's my version of Starbux's Passion Tea which is a hibiscus tea. It's one of my proudest creations.

Pretty self-explanatory. This was a layered cookie with orange/raspberry jam in between with icing/white chocolate throughout.

This was supposed to be like the Peanut Butter pie you can get seasonally at Outback steakhouse. It has a Nutter Butter crust and a light peanut butter fluffy filling. It's divine IRL. My adaptation is okay.

I've never had a milk tart or even heard of one so be easy on me.

Not my best work, not gonna' lie. Rose ice cream for Mixin Vixens episode

Made for 6/17 Mixen Vixen episode. Happy Father's Day

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