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Mixen Vixen Ep 27
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This is a very sweet fruit candy desert mix of Berry Sorbet. It has all the candy elements with s sweet creamy finish.
FW Blueberry is one of the most candied vibrant blueberry I've ever tried blended with TFA raspberry another candies vibrant berry make a fantastic candied type blend I added a tiny bit of FLV Boysenberry for the darker berry swirls in the mix and only needed a little in order not to muddle the other two berries candies effect. The Cap Lemon Lime combined with Flv Candy roll provide the tangy sweet note that is often found in sorbet fro the citric acid and sweetener combination. I finished smoothing it out with a combination of Vanilla swirl and a touch of Vanilla. Sweetener is a must to keep the integrity of the mix in the candy sweet side of things. Yes all the bad notes you think will be here are here off the shake but after an overnight sit it starts to mellow and within 3 days everything blends in well into one solid smooth sorbet blend. I hope you all enjoy! :) If you like creamy candy mixes this one is yummmyyyy!!!

FA Polar blast is optional but not necessary, I used it at 0.25% just for a tad bit of a chill.

Brief Description:
A profiterole is a cream puff that's frozen. Since its summer and NYC is way too hot right now, I knew I had to make my version into the frozen kind of cream puff. The angel cake and sugar cookie are acting as the pastry portion while the vanilla whipped cream, vanilla pudding, and cream fresh are the frozen creamy center. Using WS-23 at 0.25% is high enough its present but low enough this isn't too cold. Since the vanilla whipped cream and cream fresh are lighter creams, I used vanilla pudding to add some depth/thickness and to build on the vanilla in the whipped cream. Give it at least a week to steep and since this was designed for a higher watt device, if you use anything below 60w I recommend increasing the overall flavor percentage to your liking.

This recipe needs at least 2 week steep because during the first few days there is separation between the Zeppola and the Cupcake but it blends into one solid bakery after around day 5 and then develops the fluffy note around day 10. I don’t find it needs any sweetener but your welcome to sweeten to taste. The tiny bit of almond separates the frosting center from the pastry puff and the small amount of joy plays with the zeppola in airing and fluffing up the cupcake. The milk adds to the lightness of the overall bakery. Enjoy.


Crispy puff pastry with a sweet vanilla cream center. Very tasty but needs a steep due to the vienna cream. HC Eggroll is a delicious crispy fried pastry with powdered sugar. I used Flv Sweet dough to make it a bit puffier tasting.

Creme puff submission for Mixin Vixen 8/12/18.

Optional *add 0.25% VT Light Rum for a Rumchata infused puff.

Blondie A La Mode
Brief Description:
I haven't gotten to have this steeped yet. Off of shake and vape, its this thick maple and fudge covered pastry with light notes of vanilla ice cream. As it steeps, the ice cream should become richer. The white fudge is being used with the yellow cake to act as the blondie. The banana nut bread is backing that up with some spices and also adding that hint of a nut since I don't own any walnut flavors, this was what I had to work with. It actually does a decent job of it. The creme brulee and maple bar are being used as the sauce drizzled on top. I am really looking forward to seeing how this mix steeps. I would give it at least a 2 week steep for the creams to shine.

To me this image shows a cookie cake with ice cream on top and a nice buttery nutty gooey topping.

I used TFA Graham Cracker Clear and Sweet Dough for my bakery component. The FA Graham is a very nice graham cracker cookie, more along the lines of an animal cracker type graham with very little if any spice notes. The TFA Graham Cracker is nice and deep dark golden graham like and the sweet dough moistens it up a tad.

I built the ice cream note out of the new FA Vanilla Ice cream and Cap Vanilla Custard V1. Stay with me a minute because I bet you are wondering why Cap Custard V1 since it is so eggy... well I needed it to play in the mix for my drizzle, so just trust me it works.

FA maple syrup is the perfect maple for this with all the heavy creams and the bakeries involved. It is strong enough to stand up but at 0.5% it folds into the body of the drizzle that is composed of Cap Butter cream and FLV Butterscotch. I used FA Pistachio as the main nut because it isn't a pistachio that taste like pudding, it is more along the lines of a real pistachio nut with the oily aspect and dryness of the real thing. I used Marzipan as a binder for cream notes but it also serves as a separator for the nut part of the recipe. I hope you all enjoy.

This is my response to this week's picture. Its a blondie with nuts and a maple sauce. I left out the butterscotch and white chocolate because having so much going on is super hard to balance and not turn into a muddled mess. If you want some butterscotch as well, this mix is really good with 2% fw butterscotch added to it. As always sweetener is optional, I have added 1% fw or ecx sweetener to this mix with much success.

🏷️ A buttery graham cracker coated blondie with rich white chocolate; sprinkled with warm roasted pecans and finished with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Love and White Chocolate are married together; creating a lightly buttery creamy white chocolate with light hints of vanilla. Roasted Pecans and Cream shares the spotlight with white chocolate; bringing with it a creamy, warm, and nutty accent.

Yellow Cake, Golden Butter, and Graham combine to make the buttery graham cracker crusted blondie base. Caramel Original is used to act as a binder and enhancer to the base; adding a sticky caramelized brown sugar and maple sweetness.

Supporting Note:
Vanilla Ice Cream Blend 3, with its bright vanilla accents and fluffy dairy cream texture finishes off the recipe. It not only serves as an ice cream layer, it helps to add a bit more body to the white chocolate top notes; while simultaneously softening some of the sharper edges found in the blondie base.

🔹Optional - Sweetener (FW) 0.25 - 0.5%
This recipe is sweet on its own however feel free to add a touch of sweetener. I would recommend to start low around 0.25%.

Jelly Belly coconut jelly bean. You can add fruits to this to make it more of a tropical blend but it's nice on it's own.

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