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Remixed this for the show. I love this version give it a go!


Pebbles donut for this weeks show.

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I have no idea if this is good as I hate tobacco vapes so if someone wants to mix this up and tell me that would be great.


Ooofff I had so much fun creating this one!
I’m a weirdo that enjoys a complex tobacco tobacco with hints of sweet notes and layers.
The following combinations created my cigarrillo
Max blend for the darker tobacco notes
Desert Ship has spicy notes and has a dryer yellow tobacco note
DK Tab brings a nutty aspect with sweet tobacco notes
Clove is a my separator and dances around all the other flavors
Out of all the bourbons out there I picked aged bourbon cream because it serves dual purpose it brings bourbon to the party while emulsifying the tobaccos and blending really nicely with the Honeybee I used for the touch of honey note. Sweet Fig is that surprise flavor I placed smack in the middle of this mix that makes vaping this tobacco quite a unique experience because in this mix it almost taste like a plumb note.
To round out the recipe I finished it off with sweet and smokey tobacco it does exactly what is expected adds a smokey sweet finish.

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Portuguese Tart as a base with sugar cookie to add a "crust" and sweetness. Honey also to add sweeteness and carmelization effect. Kumquat for the fruit note.

This is my orange cake for this weeks profile pic on mixin vixens. I wanted to take this opportunity to use some new wonder flavors. I love how dark and buttery this turned out and the orange compliments it nicely. Inw shisha orange is a very sticky sweet italian soda type orange that I thought would go well with the dark sweetness of the cake and used fa blood orange just to punch it up a bit with some brightness that is also deep.

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Heavy caramel slightly burnt notes covering cooked orange slices over a vanilla based cake.

When I think of Phil I think of that bourbon bronze skin of his and then I know he likes stone fruits so I made a special mix that makes me think of him. 😂
Called it celebrity status because he hates that. 😂

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