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I used banana pudding as the "base" and added strawberries. If you do not have FA Custard Premium, you can use TFA Vanilla Custard II instead at the same percentage.

Delicious, sweet English trifle for this weeks episode of The Mixin Vixens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5_xjQ2g8Ag

I used SSA Whipped cream as it is a rich, heavy whipped cream that pairs beautifully with WF Vanilla Cream Extra and VT Sweet Cream as the base for this delicious dessert.

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Apricot and ripe peach combined to make the peach note i added just a touch of the new sweet mango to boost the sweet note in the peach without adding other unfavorable peaches and then using liquid amber at aloe % I gave it the cooked note. Vanilla custard was added more as an emulsifier and for some of those wet center of a bakery that has fruit in it note. The. Adding the appropriate sweetener to add the level of sweetness you get in a bakery. For the bakery part i used sugar cookie and enhanced it with some crumble topping.


A Peachy flakey pastry with powdered sugar on top made for this weeks episode of Mixin Vixens
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Apple strudel that is more heavy on the "strudel", light apple (after steeping). FLV Caramel adds a light "brown sugar" note which compliments the apple and cinnamon very well and adds to a "baked" feeling.

Delicious sweet blueberry tart for this week's episode of Mixin Vixens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrCc_4n3Zkg

Blueberry cheesecake with crumble topping and icing. I do recommend to steep this for a few days to a week (depending on how large a batch you are doing)


I did not want a boring cherry or strawberry gummy because I have done that before. So I tried to think of what other flavor could be a red gummy and decided I would try a punch again. I have tried in the past and was not impressed. However, I really like this mix. I have already made 120ML of it. The FLV Citrus Soda is a bit forward as a shake and vape (which I do not mind) but after a day or so, it starts to blend in and let the other flavors show. It's not super tropical IMO but I would say it's punchy. IMO sweetener is NOT needed and may mute things as it already has several candy flavors in it as well as the Jelly Candy.

As for exactly what it tastes like, it vaguely reminds me of a less sour, Sour punch straw candy type thing.

Simple tasty strawberry gummy bear for this week's episode of the Mixin Vixens.

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Definitely a red gummy chew.
TFA Raspberry has an appropriate amount of sourness to give this an authentic red gummy taste. Enhanced by 27 fish and black currant it’s got a lot of that chewy classic red gummy flavor and then a pinch of lemon lime to seal the deal. I added caramel in as a darkening agent that adds to authenticity of a gummy texture and might even be the note that added that heavy corn syrup note that all candies are known for. I didn’t use any sweetener in my blend because I find it sweet enough but anywhere between 0.25% and 0.50% FW or Capella sweetener might just boom 🚀 this over the top and make it a comercial ready type blend.
I hope you Enjoy this as much as I do.
It’s a good shake and Vape but gets a lot more depth within a day or two and after two weeks it’s not fading so it’s got longevity power.

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