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This is a Creamy gooey butterscotch / caramel dessert with some moist cake notes and some good thick cream.

Cream with butterscotch and cookie layers. Minimal steep needed. Check out Mixin Vixens on YT, Sundays at 6pm EST

Rich, decadent Butterscotch Torte for this weeks episode of Mixin Vixens
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Donut holes covered in nuts and a sweet butterscotch sauce for this week's episode of the mixin vixens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee-nyu2Zn6I&feature=youtu.be The avocado adds just the right amount of greasy mouthfeel to make it feel more authentic. If you like what we do and would like to support us in a fun tasty way, check out our one shots at https://www.diyflavorchaser.com/mixin-vixens

Greek doughnut are fried Doughnut holes drizzled with sugar syrup and a sprinkle with pistachio.
Doughnut recipes are never easy or simple for me because there are always so many aspects of a doughnut that need to be played into a recipe so it doesn’t end up tasting like cake or like play dough. This is a fried doughnut balls so of course the right choice is Zeppola but the body of the doughnut is full so I combined it with Glazed doughnut and Biscuit to thicken up the body and a pinch of pastry zest adds an interesting zesty note. For the outside part, I used avocado in combination with pistachio and kinako soy for a realistic nutty flavor and then the glazed aspect is made out of golden syrup. I didn’t use sweetener but you should Sweeten to taste

Cake donut with light honey glaze and a hint of pistachio. I still have yet to find a true pistachio flavor but it's good none the less. If you don't have or can't get Sesami, you can sub for whichever nut or pistachio you have/prefer.

Tiramisu for this week's Mixin Vixen Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2aEpWI_sVo&feature=youtu.be

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Yellow Cake as the cake note/lady fingers. I wanted to use FW Creamy Sponge cake (Twinkie) or whatever but I couldn't find it. I have heard Mas. Cream from WF needs a long steep so this was made about 3 weeks ago, tested about 2 1/2 weeks in. Not sure if it does anything since I used it low. I used the Mol. coffee for the espresso note as it is a strong coffee and I personally have not liked any of the actual espresso flavors I had tried thus far. Cocoa WF is a nice chocolate so I added a touch of that but the main note is the Irish cream/ cream in general. I used FA because it is my favorite Irish cream, layered with FLV cream and whipped cream. FLV Cream adds a nice bodied cream note without adding any other inherent flavor. FLV whipped cream adds a more vanilla heavy cream note.

butterscotch and butter cream icing covering a fluffy white cake that was infused with sweet creamy Bailys style Irish cream injected through the cake. You can pick out some cookie pieces as you vape this blend but the dominant flavor is butterscotch Irish cream cake.

Banana and Nilla Wafer cake for this weeks episode of The Mixin Vixens:

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