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A sweet fluffy pavlova (meringue-like dessert) drizzled with raspberry syrup.

*I added 0.4 Fe lemon since i like my raspberry brighter. Enjoy!

A damn delicious gooey pecan ice-cream! *WF coconut custard is very crucial here in this recipe and could not be subbed out a really great addition to the ice-cream, while not a custard to me it's a nice creamy coconut if used at low percentages and 0.5% is perfect here since I didn't want much of it.


Wanted to share my all time favourite custard. Got to try its that good I promise. Let it steep try some along the way Enjoy!

*I added 1.5% (TFA) Cotton Candy

I created something similar to the very popular commercial e juice here in Asia that I use to vape but in a better version. Since you already know most asian juices are very sweet and not really authentic.

This is a Straight up mango ice cream without the cone. The star of the recipe is the wf island mango but i added flv mango in the recipe to make it shine even more and not adding a musky note, with the wf island mango alone it is still missing something.
Hope you enjoy!

My ADV, a plain simple strawberry cheesecake that I never get bored.

*If you want more strawberries, add 1% on tfa strawberry or feel free to tweak however you like!

Finally able to post on all the flavours. I will be sharing more of my recipe in the upcoming days.
it's a really delicious cinnamon glazed donut. At first I tried it without the (WF) Deep fried pastry though it's still delicious but not really what I am after for.
it's a game changer and made it really authentic.

* Really love the mouthfeel
Hope you guys enjoy!

User: madChem1st Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
What a great recipe, love it.
User: madChem1st Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
Got around trying this since it's easy to mix and wow I'm surprised at how good this turn out with it being so simple. Loved it and will absolutely be making more. I'm enjoying every last bit of this stuff and please do publish more recipes I'm looking forward to it. Great work man!
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